NCIS Review: All Part of the Job

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The probie hazing has at last begun.

NCIS Season 11 Episode 15 gave us the story of a gun show owner who was doing double duty as a contractor for the recycling of faulty body armor.

Only instead of recycling the armor, she was re-selling it to families of soldiers... who in turn were sending them in care packages to their military sons and daughters in Afghanistan. 

The NCIS team spent the episode figuring out the origin of the armor, determining the veracity of the manufacturer's protocol for handling defective armor, attempting to contact the Afghanistan military operations in order to warn them and determining the mastermind of the operation.

Throughout most of NCIS Season 11, Bishop has taken much of the point for the team, which is understandable, as she was the expert on Parsa. Now that he's out of the way, she's taking more of a back seat and finding out what it means to be the team probie - to the delight and satisfaction of Tony and McGee. 

You had to wonder at the quality of her weapons training, given the fact that she stood rock still when trying to get a bead on the machine-gunning perp. 

She made herself into a perfect open target, while the rest of the team was hunkered down behind their cars, firing madly into the trailer. I would think that such a mistake would warrant at least a refresher course: she put not only herself in danger but her team as well. Maybe no one saw her mistake.

It was fun to watch Tony and McGee putting her through her paces, responding with "it's part of the job" to her constant questions about whether she was being hazed. The only person who told her the truth was Delilah.

Speaking of Delilah... what a pleasure to see her back.  Man, she really brightens up the room, doesn't she? 

It seems that her adjustment to life as a paraplegic might not be as troublesome as Tim's. His fumbling around with her on the elevator, and his hypersensitivity to her plight - as evidenced by his outrage at Tony over the "who can name the most number of disabled movie characters" game - projects an insecurity about her condition. 

More specifically, it broadcasts his own discomfort in his relationship with her as a disabled girlfriend. This is probably something he hasn't figured out about himself yet, though we can be sure she sees it perfectly.

They'll get through it, though. Their relationship seems strong: his question to Freddie Linn about how long it took him to get used to being a paraplegic showed his intense interest in learning about the condition. That, together with his idea about introducing the two of them - Linn and Delilah - shows a maturity and thoughtfulness that will bind them closer.

The best news of the episode: Jimmie and Breena Palmer's birth mother has signed the adoption papers!  Too bad he's so worried about jinxing the deal.

In the final scene, Delilah dared McGee to join her in a skydiving session.  We don't know if he agreed.  Would you have gone up?


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Hi guest, guest here, too! I agree, there really is a lack of energy. Everyone seems lethargic and unfocused. I don't know if the cast and writers are just trying to find their footing as they adjust to the cast change or what. But yea, they all seem to be calling it in at times. Last weeks episode was a step in the right direction-hopefully that momentum will continue this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


the show's energy seems really low, what are the writers aiming for????


It seems that they have taken Tony's personality and boldness back to pre-NCIS times. Considering the undercover cases of the past, and running the team when Gibbs was abscent, his charachter now seems very passive...Too much of Bishop, as if she is up to par with the others.


michael---you are without a doubt a very sad person,you cant stop bringing up ziva,does it make you feel good to keep bashing her.,i think you need to pay more attention to watch it is your watching--you can like bishop all you want thats your choice--& if you think she is so good .then why compare her to anyone,........................................your boring & dony not make sense at times, get off your horse michael its had its run. mic


So after the 250 we get the two part to NCIS NO then we get the season final this season has gone by fast;

@ Michael

There's one more episode between 250 and the Intro to NCIS: NO

Drama llama

I loved the angle the writer took with the tried and tested faulty equipment. Made it feel a little different to others I have seen done. Delilah is really flourishing and I hope they keep her around. That end scene was so sweet. I wish we had had her for all of season 10 before the trauma they chose to inflict. But that said it finally seems the show is starting to send out some very good messages. Delilah seems to be a go-getter. Marathons, Abseiling and many more scary times ahead for McGee, I feel. Bishop was not the centre of attention and that was so nice to see. I like what as a Probie she can bring. The chat with Gibbs about being a sniper was lovely something the writers could not have done with Ziva or Kate. Her issue with guns can be explored but hopefully her first kill and fallout is in the very, very, very distant future. Perhaps she should stay in the car more. Glad to also see her long list of quirks has been cut. It was getting tedious. But can she please stay out of interrogation! Mentoring Tony is all good. But I kinda miss the fast paced dialogue. The back and forth that used to happen in the bullpen. NCIS has lost some of its magic for me. Still some very good stuff on offer.


Unfortunately, TPTB don't read the comments on these pages. And if Cote de Pablo is happy with her decision, nothing will probably
convince her to come back anytime
soon. The only thing that will make
the people at CBS take notice is if the
ratings drop significantly. I don't
believe that there are enough people
who dislike Bishop to cause that
change in the ratings. For example,
only 17,000 signed the petition to
bring back Ziva. 17,000 out of 20
million viewers is like spit in a tub. No
one is going to notice the absence of
17,000 viewers. I don't know how
many people don't like Bishop enough
to turn off the TV. We tend to stick
with something that is familiar. If
there's nothing better on, why change
the channel? It's like comfort food-
you know it's not good for ya but you
still indulge in it! We give the show the
benefit of the doubt because we are
loyal and it entertains us. Even though
I love Ziva, I do not expect her to come
back anytime soon. If people are
unhappy with Bishop and want her
gone (and realize that does not
correlate with the return of Ziva) then
they need to turn NCIS off. I am still
watching because I have faith in this
cast and I hope that Bishop will begin
to mesh soon with the cast. This
episode was a step in the right
direction. However, the only power
that the viewers have is in ratings.
Unless viewership drops by like 5
million CBS isn't going to care. Even
with ALL the hate for Ziva, the ratings
increased and stayed strong for all 8
of her seasons. I am sure they will
continue to stay strong despite
Bishop and how some people feel about her.

@ guest

I appreciate your insight here, and I know deep down you are exactly right. Wish I could snap my fingers and make the powers that be listen to me, but you are so correct, they listen to ratings. But really, rehashing the things Kate and Ziva did by having Bishop follow Tony into the mens room and then getting saved by her vest like what happened to Kate just before she was killed was noticed by long time viewers. Makes you wonder if the writers think that we might like Bishop more for following in their footsteps? Sorry, it didn't work for me, just made me feel even more resentful, if that is even possible. Not sure I agree that the ratings will stay as strong in the future if Bishop stays around.

@ Sally

I totally agree with you. I don't think the fault lies so much with Bishop, but with the writers. I stated earlier that the whole terrorist obsessed with an agent
was already done and better
with Ari and Kate. I didn't feel
any chemistry or an
overwhelming obsession
between Parsa and Bishop. I
think the writers are worried so
they are taking these little
moments that endeared us to
other characters and trying to
create them with Bishop so that
we feel a connection with her.
She draws like Kate, she's smart
like Ducky, she is awkward like
Palmer, she is a tech nerd like
McGee, she's a hugger like Abby
and so on and so forth. There
was the episode when she was
first on where she got the vest
with a hole in it just like Ziva got
the hat with a hole. She corners
Tony in the bathroom; Gibbs
calling her kid. The writers are
trying to force these things that
happened organically with Kate
and Ziva over years to be
already present in the relationship between Bishop and the rest of the team. I really
do hope that a balance will be
created and interactions
between all the characters will
start to feel more natural. I will
give them the rest of this
season to work the kinks out and hopefully when season 12
begins everything will be more

@ guest

If I could just stop cringing whenever there are scenes with Bishop and the flashbacks of good scenes of past years involving others. I am afraid that the ill effects may linger for me. Looking forward to Tony's dad episode, but a little afraid of how he will react to Bishop. If it is even remotely like his affection for Ziva, I am out of here.

@ guest

YES ! NCIS #1 !


Bishop is still around. What more is there to say? After the two or three week hiatus, I thought they figured out how to get rid of Bishop. She could have gotten one of the defective vests, for example. Kate and Ziva brought something special to the show. Bishop brings nothing. The producers need to find a solid female character to add to the team and that doesn't mean bringing Ziva back.

@ Zack B

What did Ziva bring beside her daddy issue and her childish behavior he suck as a team player throw a fit after Tony uncover her killing that ice agent and try to blame it on her boyfriend even though everything was found on her laptop. She lie she was a bully to Tony demand that gibbs step down as team leader because he was her bitch now so unless you like bullys I really am glad Bishop add Something other then hate to the show

@ Michael

Did you even read his comment? He was saying that the producers need to get a better female character WITHOUT bringing back Ziva.


Feel nice getting to watch NCIS again feel like months since we had it. I just wish we could get rid of this family crap.


I miss Ziva. That is all. :)

@ ksw

Go back to your chopping board Ziva nut i'm sure there are newborns that need disembowelling.

@ ksw

Right there with you about missing Ziva,. Some other folks have pointed out interesting things. Bishop is just not qualified as an agent, bottom line. Honestly though, it would have been hard for me to accept anyone. Wish they had not filled the spot this whole year, just had Tony and McGee. It might have worked better, at least for me...

@ Sally

I'm not one who misses Ziva at all but I'm with you on wishing they had left it as a 3 member team. I liked the chemistry with Tony and Tim during the in between time and they actually had some screen time which hasn't happened a lot in quite some time. Some visits by Dorney now and then and I'm good. I know they feel like they have to have a female for demographics but I'm female and I'm not remotely unhappy with just the boys. It works better IMO.

@ Easton

But Im not gay so why do I want a all male cast

@ Easton

Agree about Dorney, he is just so goofy, you have to love him and the humor he brings to the show! I have total respect for those who don't want Ziva back, I agree to disagree on that point, but don't you think with all the posts on this site that the powers that be would pick up on the fact that most want the Bishop character to be sent back to the NSA or anywhere else, just gone from NCIS?

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 15 Quotes

Bishop: Bruised ribs. Can't breathe. Part of the job.
Gibbs: No it isn't. But the paperwork is.

Delilah: Agent Gibbs, do you mind if Tim gives me a ride home?
Gibbs: No. Make him take you to breakfast first.