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NCIS Spinoff Adds SOA Star, Former JAG Actress

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The NCIS: New Orleans is coming together.

Shortly after CBS announced that Scott Bakula will lead the NCIS spinoff pilot, the network has now confirmed two more casting additions:

  1. CCH Pounder (Sons of Anarchy, pictured) will portray an eccentric/intelligent medical examiner named Dr. Wade.
  2. Zoe McLellan (JAG) will play Special Agent Brody, a Midwestern native who arrives in New Orleans seeking for a fresh start and a safe haven.
CCH Pounder on SOA

The NCIS: New Orleans pilot will air as part of an upcoming NCIS Season 11 episode, with Gary Glasberg and star Mark Harmon serving as producer.

Look for at least one more role to be announced in the coming days.

And look to watch NCIS online right now if you need to catch up on the original.

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I am really looking forward to this as we say goodbye to NCIS

@ Michael

You're free to stop watching any time... In fact, I encourage you to stop watching. And commenting on it.

@ KeithH

You do know Season 12 is the last season right?

@ Michael

Like you have any clue about anything. I don't think so.


Me to.


And Zoe McLellan... PO Coates from JAG... I liked her on JAG...


"Look for at least one more role to be announced in the coming days." -- I hope CGIS Special Agent Borin jumps agencies. :)


Well, damn. Bakula got my interest. I'm all in, now.

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