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Pretty Little Liars Photo Preview: 27 Stunning Pics from "Shadow Play"

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Next Tuesday on Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 19, all of Spencer's drug use, together with her lack of sleep, will combine to take her search for Alison and answers to a completely different world.

In "Shadow Play," this Liar is transported to a 1940s Film Noir setting that will help her see things in a new light as she struggles to put all of the pieces she's gathered together into a story that makes sense.

What can fans expect from the episode? Simply put: something they have never seen before.

See what we mean via these first look photos:

Pretty Little Liars Photos from "Shadow Play"
Spencer's brain is trying to tell her something, but will she piece it all together?
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Are You on Drugs?

1. Are You on Drugs?

Spencer's brain is trying to tell her something, but will she piece it all together?

Hello? Who is This?

2. Hello? Who is This?

Spencer in lounge wear, answers an old style telephone in "Shadow Play."

Spencer Looks Troubled

3. Spencer Looks Troubled

Who is on the other end of the phone? Watch "Shadow Play" to find out.

Time for a Cocktail

4. Time for a Cocktail

A cocktail after a difficult phone call hits the spot for Spencer in "Shadow Play."

How Did That Get There?

5. How Did That Get There?

When Spencer's sleepless nights and drug addled brain get the best of her, she's transported to the 1940s in a Film Noir world in "Shadow Play."

Toby Looks Dapper

6. Toby Looks Dapper

Toby takes well to the 1940s style of dress that he'll be sporting in "Shadow Play"

Spencer Pouts as Toby Talks

7. Spencer Pouts as Toby Talks

What could Toby be saying that makes Spencer look so pensive? We'll find out next week on "Shadow Play."

Spencer Looks Serious

8. Spencer Looks Serious

Spencer is all business as she talks to Toby in the upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars titled "Shadow Play."

Get A Look at That Dress

9. Get A Look at That Dress

Spencer's dress is simply stunning in the upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars episode "Shadow Play."

Well Hello Alison

10. Well Hello Alison

In her dreams, Alison trusts Spencer enough to meet face to face. Will that same trust cross over to real life?

Alison in Black and White

11. Alison in Black and White

Alison DiLaurentis looks quite alluring in black and white in the upcoming episode "Shadow Play."

Ali Looking Someone Straight

12. Ali Looking Someone Straight

Alison rarely gets the chance to look someone straight in the eye, but she'll get to do that while looking simply stunning in "Shadow Play."

Spencer's Reflection

13. Spencer's Reflection

Fully utilizing the genre, here's a beautiful photograph from the upcoming black and white episode of Pretty Little Liars, "Shadow Play."

Spencer Leans

14. Spencer Leans

Spencer leans against a vanity so we can take in the back of her suit. The details are amazing!

Emily Laughs

15. Emily Laughs

Emily makes us realize how fun it is to put on lipstick when you look as beautiful as she does.

Emily Putting on Lipstick

16. Emily Putting on Lipstick

Emily gets serious about putting on her lipstick. Sometimes you have to suffer to be beautiful.

Hanna in Reflection

17. Hanna in Reflection

Spencer finally sees her friends in "Shadow Play" when Emily and Hanna stop by. Does she have news for them about Ezra?

Beauty in The Mirror

18. Beauty in The Mirror

Carrying on with the business of makeup application in "Shadow Play."

Hanna and Emily Look Stunned

19. Hanna and Emily Look Stunned

What is Spencer telling Emily and Hanna that has so captured their attention? It must be something about Ezra!

Three Friends

20. Three Friends

Emily, Hanna and Spencer look beautiful and would fit well in the 1940s.

1940s Hanna Marin

21. 1940s Hanna Marin

Hanna in capped sleeves and a skirt in Pretty Little Liars "Shadow Play."

Focus on Aria

22. Focus on Aria

The focus is on Aria as the gang drives somewhere. Where could they be going? She doesn't look pleased.

Focus on Hanna

23. Focus on Hanna

Now the focus is on Hanna. Nobody seems to be enjoying this car ride in "Shadow Play."

Spencer in Fur

24. Spencer in Fur

All wrapped up in fur, it's Spencer's turn to be in the spotlight during their tense drive in "Shadow Play."

Focus on Emily

25. Focus on Emily

The fifth member of the drive is featured in this photo from "Shadow Play" and Emily doesn't appear any more pleased to be in the car than any of the others.

Toby Behind the Wheel

26. Toby Behind the Wheel

Toby drives the Liars on a dark and stormy night. Does Spencer learn what she needs to know during her trip back in time in her mind?

Rain Pours on the Car

27. Rain Pours on the Car

Toby and Spencer are featured in the car ride on "Shadow Play."

To find out if she gets the push she needs, and if she finally shares what she discovers with Aria, well... you'll need to tune in.

If you miss any episodes, you can watch Pretty Little Liars online right here at TV Fanatic. 

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