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Reign Picture Preview: Francis is Back!

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Francis is back and he's ready for some heroics!

On Reign Season 1 Episode 12, while he's graciously (and perhaps stupidly) stepped aside to allow Mary her wish for a royal engagement to his older brother Sebastian, Francis is still a gentleman who wants to protect a girl in need.

This time that girl is Lola!

It seems Lola's (incredibly hot!) brother Frederick has some debts that have gone unpaid and Lola's attempt to intervene get her into a bit of trouble. Francis steps in to get Lola out of that predicament and the two grow closer in the process.

Is there a quadrangle on the way?! 

Although we get barely a hint of it in this set of photos, while Francis is daringly and dashingly looking out for Lola, Clarissa gains enough confidence from Mary's kindness that she steals away with Queen Catherine's and King Henry's youngest sons.

Whoops! It looks like Catherine needs Sexy Nostradamus' help. 

Reign Photos from "Royal Blood"
Exactly who is Maurice? Perhaps the person to whom Lola's brother is indebted. Lola doesn't look happy to be shaking his hand.
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Lola and Maurice

1. Lola and Maurice

Exactly who is Maurice? Perhaps the person to whom Lola's brother is indebted. Lola doesn't look happy to be shaking his hand.

Francis Faces Maurice

2. Francis Faces Maurice

Francis is back! He doesn't look all that worried about whomever this Maurice fellow is. A gambling man makes sense, given the money on the table before them.

Welcome Back Francis!

3. Welcome Back Francis!

Francis looks spectacular upon his return to the castle, doesn't he? Don't leave us again!

Francis Confronts Maurice

4. Francis Confronts Maurice

Francis isn't playing "games" any longer. It looks like he means business as he takes this Maurice fellow to task!

Lola and her Brother Frederick

5. Lola and her Brother Frederick

Hello Frederick! Lola has a handsome brother. Perhaps he has a gambling habit, but what's a little debt with a face like that?!

Catherine Questions Nostradamus

6. Catherine Questions Nostradamus

The Queens young sons have been taken by her elder bastard daughter. Is she seeking her friend's visions to help her find them?

If you need a refresher on all things royal, don't forget you can watch Reign online catch up and relive the most romantic bits.

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    This is the dumbest storyline yet! Why you have based the characters on real people is beyond me. Rewriting history and doing a very bad job of it at that!!!

    @ Christine

    agreed, who cares about Lola or her brother?

    @ Christine

    i have to agree, i liked it and deal with the fiction based on reality but this is getting ridiculous. mary married francis, then he dies and then elizabeth cuts her head off. bye

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