Shameless Review: Child Endangerment

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Mickey Milkovich (sort of) saves the day! Yep, you read that correctly.

Ian, so desperately in need of help, seemed to find his knight in shining armor on Shameless Season 4 Episode 7.

Frank is Incapacitated

While Ian and Mickey don't totally fit into the episode title ("A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, and Parasitic Twin"), their roles were equally important.

In a way, Ian - or "Curtis" - has gotten to a point of non-functioning. Some fans and myself think it is possible that Ian is bi-polar like Monic. And, while that's still possible, right now he is just strung the hell out on drugs. 

Mickey is a closet case, so thank goodness Mandy laid down the law on him. Lip is smart enough to find Ian, but Mickey is the guy with the attitude and temper who is going to fight other people off and bring Ian back.

Only time will tell what will happen now, but I think we can all say we're happy to see Ian back home and hopefully getting clean.


Fiona's judgment day came in this week's episode. Not only did she have to defend herself in court, but against her own family.

Lip was rightfully extremely angry with her. I just wonder how long the discord will last between them. Fiona knew she had to plead guilty in court and she felt guilty at heart. She just wanted for once to worry what was going to happen to her because she's spent the last 20-something years worrying about everyone else. 

Yes it's about me! Because it's never about me and I'm finally making it about me!


Unfortunately with two deadbeat parents, she just doesn't get that luxury.


Frank gets worse and worse each week. If Sammi weren't around, would he already be dead in a gutter somewhere? Also, she kept up the rules about no weed but then gave Frank heroin? Jeez, there's no questioning her genetics with that move. Glad Lip kicked them to the curb.

I'm not going to lie, Frank's blog/memoirs actually interests me. He did live a crazy ass life. I wonder if he'll write them online, kick the bucket and then posthumously something will happen like someone wants to produce a story about him and the kids can benefit.

Totally just running with the idea. Anyone else think it's a possibility? 


This was Lip's episode. Shameless season 4 started off with a little confusion about what Lip's role would be off at college. However, he always steps up when it comes to his family. Lip is strong and he is picking up the pieces. It's admirable to see him like this. I was happy to see Debbie help him lay down the law without Fiona and Ian around. 


Speaking of Debbie, good thing it only took one cut to snap herself out of her teenage rage! Her friends are horrible influences. I know, I know - it's old news.


Carl got teased on the bus about what happened with Liam. Those boys deserved those bloody noses after calling Liam "retarded." I'd like to say rise above it, but this is Carl we're talking about. He broke Frank's leg for fun. Leave it to Carl to turn something he's upset about into something he takes advantage of. He seemed pretty happy riding the other bus at the end.

Parasitic Twin

So basically one of Veronica's babies ate the third twin. Alrighty then. Hey, it happens and the other two babies are doing just fine. They'll still have that third baby from her mother! It just feel impossible to protect your kids on this show.

Kev got robbed and everyone was surprised he lived on the Southside with no gun. Great scene when he whipped it out at the bar and everyone whipped their own pieces back at him. Guess you gotta just work with what you can when it comes to protecting those you love, right?

This episode felt very centered around the theme of child endangerment and I don't just mean the court case. But if Fiona didn't feel guilty enough at the end after pleading guilty, Lip's comment about how guilt she was should do it.

Ghetto chick leaves her drug addict boyfriend's coke out for her 3-year-old brother to eat. Half a gram in his system, yeah you can win!

Lip [to Fiona]

So... do you think Fiona's punishment was fair?


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gotta say, Frank storyline is very boring...I want him gone for good! I loved the way Lip kicked them out, he was so strong...and in control, although very mad at them! Way to stand up for your family! I think Lip will resent Fiona for a while...I honestly cannot make up my mind about the fact that yes, it was an accident, but hey, she should know better, even though I get she is young and all! But if you choose to be a parent, you stick with it, you can't act like that anymore. Someone should be taking care of Debbie...she needs guidence, NOW!


Hoping Ian can get better and help Fiona since she's a felon and it's going to be really hard for her to work. Also, wondering if he'll get jail time for trying to steal a helicopter and if not while Svetlana and the baby change the dynamic of his and Mickey's relationship.


Lip was really awesome in this episode! It was great to see him acting like a complete boss and handle the family while still putting in (or at least seeming to put in) better effort at college, despite needing an extension on that one assignment.

Leigh r

it looks like next week Lip is going to continue bashing Fiona unfortunately

@ Leigh Raines

She deserves it!

@ Leigh Raines

I don't blame Lip. Even though an accident, Fiona signed up to take guardianship of the kids. She should know better! That being said, Robbie wouldn't have thought to take that with him seems odd. Makes you wonder if that was a set up to prove his point that we are all addicts to a degree. Of course, Fiona isn't a drug addict, but she opens herself up to it when those opportunities arise.


"So basically one of Fiona's babies ate the third twin" I think the author meant Veronica. So help me out, Fiona got jail time? How much?

Leigh r
@ delphincik

crap, typo. fixed it thanks!

@ delphincik

She avoided jailtime in favor of 3 years probation and 100 hours of parenting classes. She is also on house arrest until further notice. The judge at the hearing didn't think she would benefit from sitting in jail, and her lawyer made a point before the hearing that they wouldn't want her taking up space in the jail anyway.


I really love Lip AND Fiona but Lip is being a hypocrite....Fiona has given up her LIFE for her family and Lip got to be selfish and go to school....She took care of Lip before he was able to take care of himself. They have ALL messed up MAJORLY before. I'm pretty sure just LAST episode he was handing Carl a beer out of the fridge. You can't chastise someone and then turn around and br incredibly irresponsible yourself. He had a right to be pissed but I honestly don't think he cold have taken care of the family better than Fiona he would have fucked up WAY before her. He could barely handle the 2-3 days Fiona was in jail....Fiona fucked up BIG time but I don't think she would be treating him as shitty if roles were reversed....She did fuck up but that is his SISTER! I feel so conflicted cause I feel so bad for them both but I wish Lip wouldn't be a hypocrite...

@ jackie

I agree 100 percent. Just days before the accidental overdose, Lip was running around campus destroying cars. Not comparing the two in terms of a human life and property damage but what he was doing was not an accident. It was deliberate. How about getting involved with Mandy who ran down his old girlfriend who he really loved (she was damaged too for the record) and left her a vegetable for a while and recently had sex Mandy. I could go on and on.... Come on Lip, Ye who cast the first stone.

@ Bennington

Strange how Lip was never caught doing that after going back to campus, when basically a dozen or so saw him smashing the windows. Or campus police catching up to him later.

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Sort your shit out.

Lip [to Fiona]