Spinoff Showdown: Which Has You Most Excited?

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The current TV season has already given us Ravenswood, The Originals and Chicago PD.

But that's nothing compared to what's potentially on tap in 2014-2015:

AMC has confirmed Better Call Saul, a spinoff centered around Saul Goodman, and is also plotting a Walking Dead follow-up.

CBS has ordered How I Met Your Dad to pilot, while The CW has done the same for The Flash and NCIS: New Orleans is already putting together a cast.

Which of these proposed spinoffs has you most psyched? Click around and decide now:


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The only one that could possibly interest me is NCIS, although I still have mixed feelings about NCIS: Los Angeles. NCIS:LA killed off some of the best characters; for me, it's all about the team. (If I'm only a guess, how come you have my name and email already?)


The Flash without John Wesley Shipp is not worth watching............just saying,,,,,,,,,,


Only 3 of the shows I am looking forward to in said order:
Walking Dead
Supernatural Tribes
The Flash
And that is pretty much it.


I'm really looking forward to the Flash. I honestly didn't care about the NCIS spinoff until they said Scott Bakula (my heart...)


In order:
1. Better Call Saul
2. The Flash
3. The Walking Dead spin-off
4. Supernatural: Tribes


Well since Breaking Bad was one of the best tv show ever, it's only plausible that Better Call Saul is the most promising spin-off of this tv season. I'm not really interested in any other than the original NCIS and How I met your dad seems like another try by CBS to make money with standard comedy. Hence HIMYM should't have been dragged out for 9 seasons. Definitly will check out The Walking Dead and Supernatural spin-off.

@ Logan Leigh

Amen to HIMYM remark ;)
CBS already did an attempt to another spinoff (NCIS:RED) and it failed. Hard to say they learned their lesson.
I'm slightly worried for Supernatural spinoff - show is slowly loosing its level over last seasons. So hard to say, I'll definitly check it out thou! :D


How I met your dead? Last time i checked it was Dad!

@ Sara

It's set in the zombie-verse, of course.

@ Dreamrose

Actually sounds better than "How I met your Dad" imho ;)

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