Star-Crossed Review: The Atrian 7

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It's safe to say that The CW does well in the supernatural game, so it was only a matter of time until we had an alien Romeo and Juliet on our hands.

However, Star-Crossed is really much more than just your average love story.

Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 1 introduced a new take on the spectrum of political issues that America has been facing for hundreds of years now. 

As noted in our Star-Crossed preview, the show tackles social and racial issues that drive a lot of American politics.

There's a lot of commentary on the way our society as a whole reacts to people who are deemed "different" or minorities in general. The Atrian's first day at school has drawn comparisons to what it was like when Brown vs. Board of Education took place.

The way the Atrians walked off the bus and into the school surrounded by the guards and protestors felt eerily familiar.

The story here is nothing new, but it is being told from a fresh perspective: aliens from the year 2024. Of course, there are going to be people on both sides of the fence.

There's Julia, played by Malese Jow (The Vampire Diaries), who is fascinated with everything Atrian. Then you have Eric, who plays that stereotypical high school bully; he's hotheaded and immediately takes to disliking the Atrians. 

Then there's the love story because... well, duh, this is The CW!

New girl Emery (Friday Night Lights Aimee Teegarden) is finally attending high school after a four-year hiatus in the hospital. When the Atrians start school, she immediately takes notice of Matt Lanter's Roman and is reminded of the boy she tried to save in her family's shed 10 years ago on arrival day.

Emery thought he had died protecting her, but by the end of the episode she realizes that it's Roman after all.

Roman hasn't ignored the fact that Emery was not only kind to him 10 years ago, but still is today. During a party scene where Drake (Greg Finley) - a tough guy Atrian - goes to make a statement and stand up to the bullies, the cops are called and everyone flees.

Emery had a chance to run off with hottie human Grayson (Grey Damon) but didn't want to leave Roman to fend for himself against the police.

Unfortunately, the police tend to get a little trigger-happy around the Atrians. This goes for the people in the SEU who are supposed to be trying to keep the peace between the two species.

Emery's father ends up accidentally shooting Roman's father Nox, who was actually a leader among the Atrian community. You could say that things just got a little more complicated for Emery and Roman's relationship...

There's a lot to learn about the Atrians and the Star-Crossed pilot was really only a preview of what's to come. There are healing powers, as we saw at the end of the episode when Roman used a mysterious herb called Cyper to cure Julia's cancer. If the humans were to realize this existed, the Atrians would be locked up and used even more than they are now.

I'll admit, I was mostly drawn to this show because of its casting. There are a truckload of alumnae from TVF's favorites such as The Vampire Diaries, Friday Night Lights, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Secret Circleand 90210.

However, I think there is a lot to offer here. Star-Crossed could really take off and I'm interested to see where it goes.

What did you think of the series premiere of Star-Crossed? Will you tune in again? Vote below and then sound off in the comments!


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Paulette andria hamilton

AIMEE IS PLAYING A RECENT CANCER PATIENT SO HENCE REALLY GAUNT LOOKING AND SKINNY. since it is suppose to be based on romeo and Juliet we will see how far the show goes on Shakespeare type plot. sort of like Roswell but not and yes CW always has to have star crossed romance will watch first season and decide if it is worth to be DVR I hope the writers have an end game bible and the script is tight.


The only thing that really bothered me was how much Emery reminded me of Elena Gilbert, even her voice, god that was annoying.
On the other hand the cure thing was really cool. And for once in a CW show it was nice to hear someone questionning what is so great about the so called "humannity".

@ Cece

I completely agree with you. She has the exact same mannerisms as her. It was distracting!

@ Amy

I watch the show mainly for the hot guys. Emery is too distracting. HD is not that girls friend. Its not just the lines around her eyes and mouth, but her eye balls- the CW really needs to crack down on her. She was supposed to take Roman's breath away, instead she looked like she had been partying all night with bloodshot eyes.


Did ANYONE notice that in the scene where they were saying The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, they left out One Nation Under God??? I was EXTREMELY offended and changed the channel. I don't care to watch a show that refuses to acknowledge God.

@ Suz

Don't pay attention to these bums, CW are just being liberal pricks. It's the first step towards socialism.

@ Suz

First reaction to your comment: Bwahahahahahhaa!! Are you serious?! Second, Which God (there are plenty to chose from, Christian god, Jew god, muslim god, spoiler alert: they're all the same, and then you have the hindous' godS, the Greek gods, the japanese god, and so on and so forth, so the second question (goes with the first) is whose God? Finally, you have your faith, I do do respect that, but religion is a personal opinion (yes, opinion) so it shouldn't be plastered all over a show which primary target is the 15-30 yo, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including the one where they believe what is written in a 1,950 YEARS OLD book in which the planet is flat and the sun a deity....
Let that sink in.
And if you don't want to watch the show, then don't, go watch the hunter's reality show, it'll be of your intellect level

@ Didine34790

Thank you! Someone finally speaks some sense for once.

Leigh r

I gotta agree with you guys about Aimee. I was SHOCKED at how skinny she looks. I know she has grown up since FNL and shed the baby stuff but she looks gaunt. And remember that they're even skinnier in real life than we see on TV, it's crazy!


I do agree that Aimee looks kind of ridiculous right now... I mean, I just watched her in Love and Honor which was released last year and she looks WAY healthier and WAY younger. I kept doing double takes to make sure it was the same person.


i liked it


I'm soooo glad I am not the only one that noticed that A. Teegarden looks waaaaaaaay older than a 17 yo!! She's got wrinkles around her eyes for pete's sake!! But aside from that, I liked the rest of it.
but they should fix the problem saying it isn't high school, but more college! even if not enough!
but it's the CW, so anOther teenage drama!


Very cliché characters and really predictable, we've seen it all many times before. I liked the ET reference but subtle it wasn't.. It would have been much better if they had moved 20 years into the future, then the ages of the actors would be much more realistic and it wouldn't be yet another high school love drama. I'll watch the next episode but suspect I'll loose interest soon if it doesn't take a dramatic turn into the unexpected.

@ Anoonymous

Very good idea, make them age appropriate, and get them out of high school. Enough teen high school dramas and in a more adult and interesting setting.


I thought is was pretty good and am interested to see what happens


So tired of 25-30 year old teenagers. Really...there are no 18 year old actors who do not have any work limitations to play 16 year olds. Aimee looks 30 for gods sake!!!. I know she is not, but she is so thin, she looks haggard about the face. She looks like she is the one with cancer or more likely anorexia. I do not mean to bad mouth her but she does not look healthy and it is a bad role model for teen girls who compare themselves to her. Anyway I will reserve judgment on the show itself, as any show needs time to develop or not.

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