The Originals Review: Sister Act

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When we last left our favorite residents of New Orleans on The Originals Season 1 Episode 13, Rebekah was attacked by werewolves, Klaus was deeply daggered and Sophie was killed.

So no way could The Originals Season 1 Episode 14 possibly be any crazier, nuttier or holy-hell-did-that-really-just-happen... er, right?

Except: Holy Hell, did all that really just happen?!?

An incredible hour of television, "Long Way Back from Hell" was as focused and as revealing as any installment of this freshman drama to date. 

It told a simple story: Klaus and Rebekah were both held hostage by Genevieve and Celeste, with the former's mind connected to her brother's via her weakened state and some fancy witch spell.

As a result, anything Rebekah saw - via flashbacks to 1919 implanted by Genevieve - Klaus saw as well. And what they both witnessed was a treachery unlike any perpetrated by members of this family throughout their long, sordid, complicated history.

Which, when it comes to this family, says a whole lot.

In order to live freely and happily, Rebekah and Marcel used Genevieve. They forced a friendship, they had her conduct a spell to bring back the one person who could do away with Klaus forever (Daddy Not So Dearest) and, when Rebekah had second thoughts, she killed both Genevieve and her friend in an especially painful manner:

An outbreak of influenza that bled them dry little by little.

But this friend was actually Celeste in a former life and now she's brought Genevieve back for revenge, to alert Klaus to his sister's deception and to have him kill Rebekah once and for all.

It was a riveting episode, highlighted by performances by Claire Holt and Joseph Morgan and also by the construct that has worked so successfully throughout The Originals Season 1:

Forget spells. Forget enemies. Forget convoluted storylines or outside villains.

What has made The Originals such a powerful series has been its focus on the relationships of its main characters. Even here, when it seemed as if Celeste would serve as the season's first true Big Bad, she really just served as a conduit through which the Rebekah/Klaus connection was once again flipped upside down.

We all know that Klaus' biggest fear is that no one loves him. He lashes out and he takes control and he kills quite often... but it's all out of loneliness and a worry that he'll be betrayed by those closest to him because that's exactly what happened when his father learned of his son's hybrid nature.

And that's exactly what did happened almost a century ago.

Is it easy to see Rebekah's side back in the day, that she wanted to wake up everyday next to the man she loves without concern that her brother would intervene in the most violent way possible? Yes.

Is it easy to see Klaus' side nowadays, that his very own sister conceived a plot to kill him? Yes.

Two contrasting sides, two outstanding characters, two terrific performances and one hour told in a cool, trippy style that toggles between eras and states on mind? That's the recipe for a nearly perfect episode.

All that - and we saw Daniel Gillies shirtless! And Hayley got to get in on some action for a change. Take that, witch bitch!

And take this, TV Fanatics: Where could the family dynamic possibly go from here? Elijah has kept the peace, but for how long? And will he now experience Klaus' wrath for essentially taking Rebekah's side?

Another twist has been thrown into the mix, another layer has been added to the Mikaelson turmoil.

Ponder where things could go next as you watch the promo for The Originals Season 1 Episode 15:


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Ellijah annoys me...he acts all bad with others but when is comes to Klaus he acts likes Klaus' B... Bex presented loved the fact that she was fighting Klaus back...I wanted her to take Klaus' freakin head off . I also love the fact that Marcel will go toe-to-toe with Klaus in spite of the fact that his powers are no match for Klaus. I think Klaus respect that of Marcel. Klaus has NO respect for his sibling and until Bex and Elijiah earn them creds...Klaus with continue disrespecting them both. Far as Iam concern Eliiah can keep that shirt on until he man up and go toe-to-toe with Klaus. Team Bex and Marcus.


It was a good episode but it's make me really want to see the day that Mikael come ,it was that bad? I hope we see it in the next episodes .
I don't think Klaus want to actually hurts Rebekah, but he got so mad for discover her betrayal ,and Klaus with angry and mad that is not good combination,and I am not saying that to defend him but we've seen angry Klaus before and how he becomes after he calms,when Kol died he got really mad and he want to hunt all tvd's characters to their ends and after day or two he was totally calm and he forget about his revenge.
I liked what hayley did to Celeste and I want to see Hayley more than just baby carrier.
Claire Holt had an incredible performance this episode.


I get both sides grief, but let's keep it real, neither side is as innocent as the other. Although I do not agree with the things these two had done to each other; they are both responsible for their happiness and pain. Being Rebekah had several chances to walk away from klaus and she didn't. The only person truly responsible for her pain is her own. I do not agree with the things that klaus has done to her, but if she wanted to escape his wrath she could have. Her problem is she keeps coming back. She doesn't know how to live with out neither of them and yes, she allows them to treat her as a weak link. When she has proven, she is a force to be recking with. The one thing I took from this esp, is she is capable of finding happiness; but she always chose her family. Even when she is the one causing torment. Remember in the beginning, she wasn't even there in NO, she only came to find Elijah. She could have left after she found him, but chose to stay, even when she was miles aways. I do agree that in the end, the original will come together, and see that they are not each other's biggest enemies. Also, I think the reasons that klaus doesn't want her with marcel, is because he never fights for her, when it matter. Marcel had several chances to save Rebekah, but he never does. When it comes down to it, he always chose himself. If marcel really wanted to prove that he should be with her, then he need to stand beside her, and not run when the heat starts to burn. Remeber Rebekah did had success when it came to Matt.


I was hoping Klaus would forgive Rebbeca and actually turn the twisted plan of the witches upside down. Now that would be a perfect turn. The Original Family sticking together. It was time for Klaus to actually show different side of him and burry the past. That would be more mature and that would be an action of a "KING".
Now its the same story again. How Klaus is betrayed all the time and how Rebecca deserves happiness and how Elijah is in the middle of it:( and its time Caroline came to the Show:)

@ Nini

I agree. They missed a chance by taking the predictable direction. Maybe they will surprise us next episode.


This show sure just gets better and better. And my, everything you said about Claire Holt and Joseph Morgan is absolutely correct, especially Joseph! His acting skills are just amazing! Though I'm a little confused, what happened to him now that Elijah stabbed him with that again? Does he have to wait for someone else to come take it out for him again? It will be interesting to see how he reacts to everyone when that happens. I also really thought this episode gave us a much deeper look into Rebecca and Marcel's relationship. So now I'm really rooting for them. She was willing to sacrifice herself to save Marcel from Klaus's wrath. It's time for Bex to finally be happy! Can't wait for next week!

Sarah silva

This was such a great episode!
The ending when Elijah daggered Klaus to save Rebekah was fantastic.
I did feel bad for Klaus seeing that Rebekah and Marcel brought Mikael to town, but Rebekah did change her mind and wanted to stop Genevieve, but it was too late so Rebekah killed Genevieve and what we found out was Celeste. However Klaus had already done many horrible things to Rebekah and if he did not try and keep her and Marcel apart then she would have had no reason to summon her father.
Plus we go to see Daniel Gilles without a shirt! Joseph Morgan too, but we have seen that before.
I am glad that Hayley finally did something useful and hit Sabine/Celeste over the head, but it was for her own purpose but still it was good that she did something.


The way Klaus is with rebbekah being possesive and not letting her have any lover implies that he harbors romantic feelings about her, his obsession is totally incestious, he has no reason not to let her be with someone , especially marcel who he claims he loves him as a child, now Klaus is going to have a child of his one so he will get plenty of love and other way he can end up with Haley or Camille or Caroline ,and he can find love but rebbekah isn't supposed to? You who support Klaus 's behaviour would you liked it rebbekah killed every girlfriend of Klaus , including Caroline? After a thousand of years is clearly that klaus has incestuus feelings for his sister at least unconciously because i can't imagine any other valid reason for his behaviour which never change. The world doesn't revolve around Klaus and deffinetely not his sister's life

@ s

This had definitely occurred to me too... but eventually I came to the conclusion that what it really comes down to is Klaus's abandonment issues. It's the same reason he killed Celeste really, and surely has a lot to do with why he'd flip out if Elijah and Haley got together: he simply cannot stand the idea of not being the most important person in his siblings' lives. (Also, if he really does regard him as a son it's possible he'd be just a little bit squicked at the notion of Marcel and his sister... but that's definitely not the main issue here.)

@ s

Klaus wants to squash all of Elijah's relationships as well. It's not incestuous as much as it is he doesn't want anyone else happy if it doesn't include him. He's a selfish child who uses violence to get his way. With that said, he's also very sexy, so he can get away with it. LOL
Personally though, I don't think he should get mad at Rebekkah. He's done horrible things too. He needs to get over it.


Klaus is so full of it. How many times has he hurt Rebekah and she is suppose to forgive him and when she does something to him he wants her to pay. Grow up Klaus. Klaus should have attacked the witches instead. I starting not to like Elijah. He is suppose to be a good and honorable man but he isn't. He puts Klaus ahead of Rebekah all the time. Elijah and Klaus both think Rebekah is just suppose to do what they say and she is not suppose to have a life. They are both jackasses! I am over Elijah. Ok what is the deal with Marcel? Elijah talks down to him like he is slave or something, Klaus loves him but doesn't want Rebekah to be with him. He says he has his reason but he needs to say why already. Rebekah and him love each other why can't they be together? What is the deal? Where is Divina? Bring her and Josh back already. Ok is just me but does Haley look pregnant one minute and then the next no. She should be showing more by now. I am ready for this baby to come already. TO is so much better than TVD.


i know what rebekah did was worng but klaus would not let her be happy with any one!!!!!! i am so poor klaus no loves me act. that is on him


Klaus has robbed Rebekah of love multiple times. It's borderline incestuous. He has also daggered her and stolen years of her life. She plotted to have Daddy come kill his ass I was not surprised by this at all. I thought the show moved very slowly to reveal a predictable ending. I love this show but this epi disappointed me. A real fight between Rebekah and Klaus would have been great. Instead he beats on her while she is weak from wolf bites and Elijah has to save her. She would have lost but a fair fight would have been a great scene. She's stronger than how she's being portrayed. She should have told him off and said yes damn u I plotted your death. You're an a hole.
PS I love Klaus...but not as my brother. Lol

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