The Vampire Diaries Review: Bitter Party

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Recycling is great for the earth, but storylines and ratings? Eh, not so much.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 brought us a lot of what we've already seen before. Will it continue to be enough to keep viewers enticed? You decide.

Caroline, bless her non-beating heart, gets an idea in her head and goes after it with every fiber of her being. If you are Caroline Forbes' friend that means you are going along for the ride. After the epically awkward moment in The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 when Tyler found out she slept with Klaus, Caroline is done with men...for now. 

Enter the "Bitter Party," a dance for singles to purge the memories of their exes and move on with other heartbroken souls. Since Katherine is adoring her new life as Elena, she has a hard time pretending she's all that upset about Damon.

But when she sold it to Stefan that being with Damon had changed her and she wasn't sure if she liked that person anymore, it actually kind of worked.

Do you like who I am or do you miss who I was?

Katherine [to Stefan]

The thing is, Stefan is just genuinely worried about his brother going off the deep end. He's seen it before and he's seen how much better Damon was when he was with Elena. That's what made him get over his jealousy of them being together.

Deep down the Salvatore brothers love each other and would do anything for each other. It just seems like they are perpetually saving each other each time one of them goes off the rails.

Also, honestly how many times has Jeremy been kidnapped and killed. Bonnie's whole desperate plea had me rolling my eyes like Katherine. This again? Can't they find a more creative way to get what they want?

It's like Jeremy's whole purpose on this show is to be kidnapped and used for leverage...or show his abs. The only amusing part of that whole scene was Damon's quip that if Elena killed him, he would start a baseball team with her dopplegangers on the other side.

This whole story is just a variation of something we've seen before. Caroline gets an idea in her head and tries to control everyone and everything.

One of the Salvatore brothers has a meltdown and goes on a killing spree while the other runs to Elena for help. Bonnie is dragged into it as the resident witch, and Jeremy's presence is used when Bonnie is feeling stubborn. Am I right? Also didn't they also use the song "Say Something" like three episodes ago?

Does Damon even want to be saved this time? Or is Stefan right?

I mean I've seen Damon at his worst Caroline and I actually think he enjoys the way it makes him feel. It's like the more pain he can cause, the more reasons there are for people to hate him. He wants to confirm everyone's lowest expectations of him.


Stefan called his brother predictable at the beginning of the episode, but there was one twist we didn't see coming. Wes has travelers on his side and now he's turned Damon into one of his vampires who feeds on other vampires. Even Enzo knows that this is bad...really bad.

For me, the most interesting part of the episode was that Tyler made himself useful and figured out that Nadia was incredibly shady. After warning Matt and getting his neck snapped, Tyler's part in the storyline was pretty much done.

But Matt, ol' Matty boy Donovan, he figured it out. He knows that Katherine took over Elena's body. I have to give props to our favorite Mystic Grill bartender for figuring it out first. The only question is, what can he do with that information?

What did you think of the latest installment of The Vampire Diaries? Are things in Mystic Falls getting repetitive? Vote below and sound off in the comments!

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Also, I hate when shows made common mistakes just to create drama to move the storyline. For example, when Tyler asked Matt at the alley and Matt wanted to tell him there and then. Nadia is a vampire. Just because it looked like she left, doesn't mean she really left and I thought they knew vampires can hear them? Why couldn't Matt just wait till they got home and see if it's safe to tell Tyler? Write it down on a paper or something. If this is season 1 and 2, it's forgivable. But its the 5th season and they deal with vampires on a daily basis. Especially for Matt since he's a human, shouldn't he be extra careful and know when to take precautions?


I'm not sure if anyone has pointed this out cause I haven't read all the other comments or google if anyone has pointed it out. But...
If Katherine died, she had to go through Bonnie - like Bonnie would literally felt like Katherine went through her with the pain and all. Just before Katherine died, Bonnie saw her which means she is supernatural right? And then Katherine went back to life cause she was fighting the death, but she didn't go through Bonnie. Katherine didn't go through Bonnie cause she didn't die and Bonnie didn't feel that cause Katherine didn't die. If it's a question about supernatural beings, I think Katherine is still supernatural. Why hasn't she figure that out yet? It feels a little bit ignorant and strange.
I love TVD. One of my favourite shows and I don't want it to end. But honestly, I thought this week's episode at least Bonnie would point that out and they'll have some sort of drama or debate around that and not about Damon went over the deep end.

Sarah silva

This is still one of my favorite shows, but I do not want to go the rest of the season with Katherine being in Elena's body.
Matt already figured it out but he has to keep it to himself. I really hope he smartens up and goes to the gang so they can formulate a secret plan to get Katherine out of Elena's body. I also hope that Elena can still be put back in her body.
When Stefan was talking to Kathlena in the dorm, I so wanted to be real Elena hearing those words. It is sad that the real Elena will not hear what he said.
However I found it odd that Stefan really did not think things with her were a bit off, the real Elena would do anything for anyone without hesitation. However when Stefan said he wanted to go find Damon and help him, Kathlena said she would go with him but just for him.
Caroline never liked Elena and Damon together but yet she also does not like seeing Elena try and get Stefan back. Caroline wants Stefan all to herself.
I am sure Stefan and Kathlena will rescue Damon before he does too much damage.
I am sure the new witch will be the one that brings Elena back, now Bonnie has a purpose to train a new witch.


I feel little bit sad about Elena Cuz neither of her friends, her boyfriend or even her brother couldn't find out difference between her and Katherine.
Anyone can see that the when Jeremy was in danger, Elena would had really really different kind of feeling. she would just straighter way cry hard and say "Ohhh gosh Jeremy"and slap Damon's face. I don't understand simply why these people can't recognize her just looking at the expressions on her face.And the biggest mistake is why any doesn't suspect Kat's daughter Naida.

Spindae 2o

This wasn't the best episode of Vd, but it had it's charm and interesting development. I agree the recycling is a part of Vd but this is a complete turn over.
Stefan doesn't want Elena at least not for her. This is more over brotherly love, wanting for each other to be happy. and if Elena comesback to Stefan it will be later on cause they have eternity for that matter.
I loved Liv's interaction with Bonnie, Bonnie would be a good mentor she had her fair share of magical issues. I believe Liv will be the sister of the new gay character who will be Caro's new Bff.
Sloan and Wes teaming up was the biggest surprise of the day, with her being a Travler put things on a new level.

@ Spindae 2.0

In the preview of the next episode it looks like Katherine/Elena and Stefan are getting hot and sweaty....
I don't think Elena would forgive him if he slept with her being Katherine...and I mean Elena is still in her body but trapped by the spell and Katherine's memories.

Spindae 2o
@ Di

That is pretty much a big tease & Kat is the one leaning into the kiss. Yeah Stefan isn't pulling away either but I think he won't go there especially after the the speach he gave in this episode.


Katherine in Elena's body is cool and it's funny but I really hope it doesn't last to long because I just want Elena back and it's surprising how no one has noticed she's different I mean Matt what the first to figure out what happened yet he hasn't been with her all day liked the others and now he's with Nadia so who knows what will happen. The best part for me was the ending where we found out that Damon now feeds on vampires and I agree with Enzo this is definitely not good. Can't wait till the next episode I really want to see Damon killing vampires.


STELENA I just love them together, there is a sweetness and real quality to the chemistry in that delena doens't have, thsi couple makes me smile, thsi couple makes sense and feels real. Clearly, Katherine is the voice of reason in this show as she seems to be the only one to realize Damon sucks and Elena has changed for the worst. STELENA
or STEFARINE, anything but with Stefan

@ A old are you?
So you think a person that took over someone else's body and life is sensible? Stefan and Elena are cute, yes...but like a high school romance is cute.
Plus I don't even know if Elena is gonna want either of them...Stefan is so desperate to have Elena back...he disregards how much like Katherine she's acting. And Damon is so scared he is not worthy of any ones love that he believes Elena fell out of love at once.
And plus I love one deserves a girl like Caroline more than selfless Stefan.

@ Di

I am old enough to have my own opinion and to know that whether you agree with it or not, you must respect it. I don't know how your high school relationships tunred out to be, but I am certain that a person who respects you, values your opinion, protects you and has fun with you sounds like a very solid and healthy love option. Now, what makes you think that messing around with your best friend would end up well? That sounds very inmature, and desperate.

@ A

What you are using A is called BIAS

@ A

A, you are SO extremely right!! I can't believe how people still love Damon. He doesn't want to be saved. If he only wants to be good so he can be with Elena, then he's not a good person, and he shouldn't be treated as one. Stefan is one of the best characters I've ever seen on any show. He is just such a good person, and Elena, the way she used to be, deserves him, and he deserves her. I love Katherine, and I enjoy watching her so very much, but she doesn't deserve Stefan, because she's not a good person either. Katherine and Damon should be together, that way they can both hurt each other over and over again..

@ Muki

I dislike Damon because I find him boring, reptitive, incapable of self-improvement (faking being better to please someone else IS NOT SELF-IMPROVEMENT) and extremely inmature, like a little child crying for attention all the time. I like Stefan because even though he has his own issues, he succesfully deals with himself and has made of himself a well rounded man, capable of being selfless. I, however, dislike Elena very much, she changed for the worse and doesn't show a great capacity to judge people or situations, is also extremely self-absorbed and selfish (in a non-evident way, which makes her more stupid to me, she really just doesn't know herself and well, is pretty clueless about everything in fact), and her train of thought always seems erratic/incoherent to me. Katherine is entertaining, and I love her for that. I see more reasons for trauma and "assholeness"in Kat and Klaus, for example, than in Damon. Yet I realize she is also an ass, so I guess she is better off ending up alone, as well as Damon. But as this show "needs" to have a couple, I "vote" Stefan and Elena (the least worse option)

@ A

Um not to hate on Stefan because I like the character but the main reason he is so able to go off the deep end is because he doesn't deal with things. He just closed himself off to his vampire side and now can't control it. Damon, in reverse, closed himself to his emotions because when he first turned he so much anger and hate and probably still love for Stefan and Katherine despite feeling betrayed. And Damon didn't care about Jeremy just for elena. Or else he wouldn't have tried to hide that Jeremy almost died earlier in S5. He would have bragged to elena that he was the one to save her brother. The regression is just writers trying fill some bad plot.

@ Muki

You guys act like Stefan has never gotten off the deep end...
Damon is Damon....we love him for who he is...the sadistic bastard that is just plain evil
He lives for her...she is his life, his light. He is evil...we know that and we never forgot that! But she makes him worth loving! Isn't that the whole point of love...meeting someone who makes you so happy that you don't need the darkness anymore...

@ Di

Oh, there we have it, a Delena fan. "He lives for her", "the point of love is not needing darkness" you are certainly confused about love and life if you think that "living" for someone is healthy or remotedly smart, or that "darkness (aka: being an asshole) is excusable or romantic. Damon is not evil, he is an inmature ass, but one of those who can not grow up, he has had over a century to do so and look at him, running in circles on his pathetic persona. We all know that he is a despicable bastard without credible reason or trauma. The ones who sympatize with his personality perhaps share some of similarities with him, and that's ok because to each their own.


Originally, didn't like the body switch story...but Katherine is way more interesting than Elena any way. It is interesting to see her fake care...and her other reactions. And I actually feel for Katherine. She has never had the good life Elena had, so it makes sense she was colder, manipulative and a surviver. I am interested if she will begin to care now in someone else's shoes. Also, can't help it...I REALLY MISS STELENA! Scenes like this make me miss them more. Please bring them back!


it is boring, and it has been boring for a while...sadly!
Kat's daughter is seriously annoying and she does not make any sense at all...babysitter...great character ...amazing...woah!!!
Elena and Stefan or Demon...please...can we move on already?!!!

@ Fra

I like Nadia a little, but I think she needs to have more to do than to wander around Kat. The love triangle is boring, that's true, I prefer stelena but I am also starting to think that they all would be better off alone

@ Fra

thank you!


can someone please answer why the characters all sudden forget (even Damon himself) that he was already murdering people while with Elena only this time he wasn't hiding it? Happy he finally acknowledge he fake a changed though. Also Stefan being delena supporter is dumb, leave him out of it writers just because Lauren Cohan is busy don't make Stefan the Delena cheerleader, its reaching.

@ cacherr1

Oh, it's because Julie Plec has an infatuation for Ian Somerhalder so she keeps making up excuses to make Damon the lead, she's basically living through Elena's character

@ A

Isn't Jeremy supposed to be some Vampire Hunter or something with extra strength or did I miss the episode where he lost that ability. Also, how many parties does this town/college whatever have. I swear if there wasn't a party there would be no show. Lets drop the parties for awhile and let the characters interact on a normal day to day basis without planning, having to get ready or going to a party.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

I happen to like my old sadistic self?


So Elena breaks up with you and your first instinct is to go on a killing spree. Could you be any more predictable?

Stefan [to Damon]

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