The Walking Dead Review: Adventures in Babysitting

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The rest of the gang has arrived.

While The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 was all about Rick and Carl bonding, Michonne finding her way to the father/son team and pudding, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 gave viewers a glimpse at various other characters in the aftermath of the prison’s destruction.

There wasn’t much new here to explore, but it did allow for movement towards the next step in the characters’ lives. And, sure, whether there is hope amongst all the despair.

At this point, all of the “safe haven” locations have fallen (the farm, the prison, Woodbury) and with them a number of people. If those didn’t work out, what will?

I did find that the structure of the episode was unique (although, I guess not everyone gets to have a full hour to themselves) in that the timeline wasn’t linear and often certain camera shots were replicated between groups to illustrate the crossing of paths at different times. And I like that the mix-up of character partnering wasn't who we might think would normally be together.

And clearly, The Walking Dead wants us to know that when it comes to kids, they can be pretty difficult to deal with.

It’s got to be a very different experience for someone like rough and manly Daryl to suddenly be watching over/teaming up with Beth. And the same could be said for Tyreese and the girls (who frankly, I could care less about).

Luckily, Carol arrived conveniently in time to help save Mika (who couldn’t move when walkers were bearing down) and Lizzie (who remains crazy in her antics from killing bunny rabbits and suffocating covering Judith’s mouth).

Oh, right. Turns out, Judith is alive, and the whole bloody baby seat in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 was a trick for the audience. A bit disappointing that the show just didn’t stick with what the audience was supposed to believe, especially after Rick and Carl’s heartbreaking reactions to her “death.”

It will be interesting to see how Tyreese handles being with Carol, no matter how contrived the reunion was, because he still has no idea she killed his love. What was her name again? But I'm pleased Carol is back.

It is good to see Bob and Sasha bonding, and Bob trying to convince the group to make intelligent decisions. Except those two got stuck babysitting emotional Maggie. So, how did everyone on the bus become walkers? Wait, and how did Glenn get off?

I was worried Glenn would get killed off, and sometimes I feel he’s been relegated to minor character that we haven’t gotten to know much more about him... but at least he was able to regroup and storm out of the prison like a badass. Even his pairing with Tara was a nice twist in that she was playing for the opposing side before.

But I am still curious how the heck he got off the bus and on top of the broken bridge? I guess we just have to believe like he and Hershel did.

A lot of characters, despite the separation, were holding on to the hope that the others were still alive. Which is good, especially after all they've been through.

But wow does it remain frustrating watching pretty much any non-main character on this show and their levels of incompetence. You know, like the randoms at the train tracks. Did you ever fear for Tyreese getting bit? Beth? Maggie? Probably not. For the people we have no clue who they are like that baseball swinging guy? That old man telling them about a safe place down the tracks? Sure, walkers, bite away on the easy obvious prey.

Even if a newbie doesn’t last long, I’d like to feel like they’re some semblance of a character and not just someone for the walkers to eat because you can’t kill off the main characters every episode.

The same could be said for all the “good people” on the bus that Bob mentioned. It just doesn’t hold the same impact when we have no clue who they are.

That said, I hope that these smaller groups allow for some character exploration as The Walking Dead Season 4 continues. Certainly, the prospect of a new place to head towards is a also good one.

There was something eerie and haunting watching Glenn move through the prison one last time, but I’m glad the show is moving on from there.

Of course, thanks to the introduction of new characters, including actor Michael Cudlitz from Southland fame, this prospect of a new phase for the series and characters keeps that appealing notion that things are just getting started and the best is yet to come.

Were you surprised baby Judith was alive?


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This episode was a complete mess. It was probably the most boring, pointless episode of the season. Last week was a much more put together and thoughtful episode with some great emotional moments. The end of last week was probably one of the best in the series, as it is so rare to get a moment on this show when the characters and the audience genuinely feel happiness.This week was awful and convoluted in the worst way. The characters were dull and most of the acting was sub par. I really hope next week is much better.


The car seat thing was kinda obvious because if you looked at it, it wasn't bloody in the way it would have been if she had gotten attacked in it.


I'm completely oblivious to the new people at the end and have no clue as to what they might bring to the show..........I haven't read the comics or novels.............. Glad Carol was back but thought it convenient she showed when she did. Also, like a lot of people, I don't understand them not discussing a rendezvous point if they ever got separated....but I suppose they never thought the prison would come under attack like it did. I also thought Glen was going to die and was wondering, when he was first shown, how the hell was he still at the prison. It does make sense that he got off because of Maggie and of course neither had any clue as to what the other did......... Lizzie is a long before she really hurts a person?


A few things
1.) I'd much rather have a baseball bat than a knife because you can swing away from a relatively far distance. Beth or Tyrese or anyone didn't think of grabbing it by the train tracks?
2.) I found it humorous how Sasha couldn't hold the door to the bus anymore, and then they come lumbering out slowly, she had least two oppurtunities to close the door but she just stood and watched. That was awkward and funny. All in all in a decent episode. I love Beth for some reason, she's so cute, it is good to see her maturing...well she did cry a bit after telling Daryl she doesn't cry anymore, but other than that there is growth in her character.


I didn't catch the bunny killing at first. I say Lizzie doing something but hadn't noticed the bunnies in the scene with Daryl. She needs to be walker food. I agree Carol had to see her smothering Judith. Daryl got stuck with a weak link. Beth has never done anything much but baby sit. I think he will track the group this mysterious place that can be nothing but bad news.


I am pretty sure Carol was covering for Lizzie and she was really the one that murdered those two at the prison. Carol might have dragged the bodies out and burned them to cover it up but I guarantee you we'll find out Lizzie killed them.

Mrs cleaver

Sean must have missed the line where Glenn says "I jumped off the bus to look for Maggie" (or something like that) to explain how he was still at the prison, as Sean seemed confused on that.
I thought that someone on the bus had been bit@the prison and turned which is why the bus was stopped and full of walkers.
Beth is lucky she ended up with Daryl, she's not too "walker savvy".
SO GLAD Judith made it & I was happy to see Carol back like everyone else. So few "regulars" left it feels good to see them. I didn't take the poll as I wasn't sure about Judith and there wasn't that option.
Lizzie's muderous actions seem to indicate the "rat killer" at the prison was her.
Interested to see how the new "Army peeps" play out. So happy WD is back!

@ Mrs. Cleaver

My thought on the 'walker' bus situation is this: the back of the bus was full of bullet holes. One or two people were probably shot dead on the bus and came back as walkers and attacked everyone else.
And I agree with Brandon that Lizzie killed the two people and Carol is covering for her.

@ Mrs. Cleaver

I guess with "But I am still curious how the heck he got off the bus and on top of the broken bridge" Sean meant the fact that Glenn, when we last saw him, was very, very weak. Still suffering from the illness, barely able to walk alone. So even if Glenn was able to "jump" off the bus - how did he gather enough strength to get through all the walkers, dodge the attackers, climb up to where we found him?

Mrs cleaver
@ San

Thanks, makes way more sense from that view ;o)


Hate to say it but I'm ready for Lizzie to become walker bait. I was really thinking she was gonna kill Judith, so much so that I was yelling at the TV. And Tyrese was stupid in my opinion. Leave 2 little girls and a baby to go off and protect/help adults, come on man!! Adults can defend themselves better than 2 children and a baby can. Thought that was irresponsible. Glad Carol is back though. Seeing her was a relief. And did Glenn look different to anyone else? He just didn't look the same at all to me. I was second guessing it was Glenn the whole epi.

Mrs cleaver
@ Kat

I agree Tyrese was stupid to leave the kids alone in the woods (Sophia anyone?). My thought was he ran off cause it sounded like a woman screaming and he thought it was his sister Sasha. He'd walk thru fire for her.
Glenn did look different, has he gained weight? His face was really full. Glad tho he was kicking butt again, sick as he was. He's been SUCH a wimp since he fell in love with Maggie.


Have to admit I'm quite surprised they never thought of some safe meeting place in case the prison is attacked. I mean, after the first encounter with Woodbury it should've been common sense, no?! Absolutely glad Carol is finally back :) I think her group is the most interesting with Tyreese still not knowing the truth, the sociopath-girl, a regularly Walker-attention causing baby and a destination to walk to. So my guess is Glenn and Tara might be brought to the same destination those four (five if you count Judith) are heading to. While Michonne/Rick/Carl, Beth/Daryl and Sasha/Maggie/Bob are kind of lost, though that surely will change soon enough.


Glad Carol is back.

@ Fudgefase

Season 4 is sooooo disappointing! The new writer or whoever needs to be fired asap!! Why is the pace so slow ??!!The show lacks excitement and has some terrible dialogue.
And let me add I am A HUGE fan ...I LOVE the show but this season is making me die a slow death . Please don't spoil a good thing ...Go back to the basics with Rick at the center of it all and exciting progression. PLEASEEEE : (

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