Twisted Review: Second Chances

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It seems like Danny Desai is always running and protecting himself from something. Only now, we know the truth about most of his secrets.

However, just when we thought he'd catch a break, Danny burdened himself with a brand new secret in Twisted Season 1 Episode 13.

Well, technically Danny's new secret came about at the end of Twisted Season 1 Episode 12 when he let his father fall off a cliff.

I think we all need to get something clear right now, especially because you know Danny is already torturing himself with blame.

Vikram attacked Danny and then chased Jo through the woods. He attacked Jo and hit Danny again and Danny pushed him back in self defense. When Vikram started to stumble toward the cliff, Danny reached his hand out to grab him but couldn't grasp him.

I'm not a lawyer but I believe this would be a case of self-defense or involuntary manslaughter. The best thing they could have done was tell Kyle Masterson. Now it's too late. Danny is already beating himself up over what happened and believes he killed his father. 

Everyone's been treating me like a killer for so long and now...


It's ironic, isn't it?

After all of these years of people thinking Danny was the killer, we find out that he really wasn't. Just as his conscience is cleared, the incident with Vikram and the cliff happened. Since Danny's not talking about it, there's no therapist, lawyer, cop, parent, anyone to tell him to stop punishing himself. The only saving grace in this situation is his friendship with the girls.

Danny will do anything to help Jo and Lacey, anything to make them happy. He will keep his mouth shut because he thinks it's better for everyone. I must say that I agree with Rico when Rico said that even though Danny has been through a lot and seems so resilient, he's still just a kid.

Now onto the major gossip of the episode: Marilyn Rossi killed Regina Crane.

She probably didn't act alone but she was definitely involved. Gloria Crane was also having an affair with Vikram. Seriously, was there anyone Vikram wasn't banging? And did each woman really think she was the only one who knew he was alive? Bitch(es) please, Vikram was a sociopath!

Good work, Chief Masterson! It was truly a collective effort between everyone and I for one am glad that Danny's name is cleared in Regina's murder. Even though Danny doesn't believe that he deserves this second chance, I believe he does.

Of course, there's still a ton of questions, but for now I want to know if you all think that Danny deserves to have a clean slate...


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Spindae 2o

Ohh didn't know, I didn't mean to be offensive. I just assumed. And yes Ivan basically didn't aged a bit just some wrinkle her and there(still pretty hot).

Spindae 2o

I'm sad they lifted the mystery around Danny so fast. I mean it was obvious Danny didn't kill his aunt but the show played so well around his devious eyes and weird reactions that even though you were cheering for him you wasn't sure if he is really innocent. PPL writers should've taken some advice from these writers as they reveal secrets.
Charlie seems like a devious character and it will be funny to see what he and Danny did in juvy! A new dead person would keep the show interesting!
An other big question : Is Danny Ivan Sergei's son? Would be a nice twist but where would Danny's Latino roots come than from?

@ Spindae 2.0

Vikram is South Asian so it'd be hard for writers to retcon Danny's heritage. But yeah, Ivan seems like a nice guy.

@ James

Oops, I meant "Jack" not his portrayer that is hehehe. (Speaking of Ivan, he didn't age much since I last saw him in Charmed).

Sarah silva

Another great episode.
Last week I thought the mystery person was Jack. However this week I do not think it is him and I still am not convinced it is Charlie. Now we know that Charlie and Danny were cell mates, at least that is what is revealed next week. I wonder who the mystery person is.
Danny should have told Kyle Masterson, he acted in self defense and as mentioned above tried to reach out and grab Vikram. So Danny did not kill his father, it was an accident. It will become a big issue when the truth comes out as we all know it will some day.
I knew Marilyn Rossi was bad news! I am glad we found out that it was her that killed Regina.
Not shocked that Vikram was sleeping with multiple woman, he was a bad guy on every level.
I hope Jack is the good guy I think he is, Danny needs a father figure and as much as I can not stand Denise Richards, Karen Desai deserves some happiness.

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He's super agile and crafty, and you know he has that long thick hair so that'll keep his ears warm.

Rico [about Danny]

Jo: We should go get help.
Danny: No one can help us.