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Vikings Cast Talks Season 2, Evolving Relationships, Homewrecking & More

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In anticipation of tonight's Vikings Season 2 Premiere on HISTORY, TV Fanatic had the opportunity to participate in a series of conference calls with members of the cast.

Below, you will find highlights of conversations with George Blagden (Athelstan), Alyssa Sutherland (Aslaug) and Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok).

The actors discuss how their characters have changed, what it was like to get back into character after the hiatus, key moments from Season 2 and why modern audiences still find Vikings fascinating and more...

This is Ragnar. He is the lead character from the History Channel series Vikings.

If you were one of the 4.3 million viewers that tuned in to Vikings Season 1, you’re no doubt aware that the show’s characters change dramatically over the course of nine episodes.

Our hero - Ragnar Lothbrok - starts off as a family man/farmer, becomes a warrior and eventually leader of his community as Earl.

Travis Fimmel, who portrays Ragnar, explained that getting back into character wasn’t difficult for him at all: “The sets and the costumes are so good, that they really help put you in that world again.”

It was a different experience for George Blagden, however. The young actor who plays monk-turned-Viking, Athelstan, struggled slipping back into his character’s shoes.

“I think the big thing for me was trying to pick up the character of Athelstan when he was in a way, halfway, over the hill on an arc that Michael [Hirst] had written for him," he said. "It was quite hard for me to kind of re-plot in my mind the arc that the character had been on and think… okay, here we are now."

Unfortunately, audiences didn’t get to spend much time with Aslaug. The Gotaland princess appeared in just a handful of scenes in the first season’s finale. However, her relationship with Ragnar has serious repercussions throughout Season 2.

Many fans of the show were quick to label Aslaug a homewrecker (or several other colorful words too nasty to print).

“It's a real testament to how invested [fans] are in Lagertha and Ragnar” said Alyssa Sutherland, who portrays Aslaug.

The actress is quick to come to her character’s defense, though, explaining that series creator Michael Hirst never discussed ulterior motives for Aslaug: “We were actually talking about Aslaug and Ragnar feeling like they were destined to be with one another and having this feeling that this is destiny and fate.”

Another interesting bit of information Sutherland dropped is that Aslaug believes herself to be a “seeress.” Therefore, aside from their initial attraction, the character honestly feels Ragnar is the man she’s destined to be with. She’s seen it.

When discussing Lagertha and Aslaug, Fimmel pointed out that Ragnar’s relationship is very different with both women this season.

“Lagertha seems to be chasing a bit more power now. She wants to be Earl and it's not about our community, she's had a bit of a taste of power and she's more about that now. Aslaug is more about our family and taking care of our four kids.”

It sounds to me like viewers may warm up to Aslaug this season, and perhaps look at Lagertha differently as well.

Athelstan and Ragnar’s relationship has also changed from a complex master/slave dynamic to more of a deep, trusting friendship. Athelstan has now fully integrated into Viking society; he is even training to raid England.

Blagden shared his thoughts on the evolution of this important relationship: “I think as we move through Season Two, you really do understand how much these two men are connected and how important they are for each other, and what choices they make to make sure that they are always a constant in each other's lives.”

Sutherland talked about how welcomed she felt coming on to the set last minute for her scenes. She also mentioned how great it is to work with both Katherine Winnick and Jessalyn Gilsig.

"They're both smart, funny women and I really respect that. It's awesome to be able to work with women that care so much about the show and for all of us to have that same purpose, to want the show to be such a success. I can't speak highly enough about them really.”

Last season, Lagertha and Siggy were both forced to deal with a very emotional moment of crisis. Sutherland assures us that Aslaug will have two stand-out moments herself this season, which are very relateable to audiences.

Speaking of emotional moments, Fimmel delivers an outstanding farewell monologue to his daughter Gyda.

“I think that's the best scene Michael Hirst wrote in the whole series. Every scene is great with Michael, but that one, Michael's got children and he really hit the nail on the head with that speech. It's more of the writing than me that made that work.”  

Another wonderful scene in the premiere takes place when Ragnar asks son Bjorn where he learned the goal in life is to be happy. Again, Fimmel credits the show’s creator/writer Michael Hirst.

“Yeah, that's actually amazing writing. It's very true, in our life nobody says you have to be happy, you just try to be happy. Especially back then, it was a very difficult world. People died, you lost loved ones and I played that scene after my daughter dies. So I think Ragnar's very sad about that. His life hasn't worked out the way that he exactly planned it and he really misses his daughter.”

While that’s very unassuming and humble of Fimmel to say, it’s the actor’s delivery and performance that moves us to tears. Without the actor, those would simply be words on a page right? Let’s give credit where credit is due. Vikings is a show that does several things well, but the strength of its writing and acting towers above the rest.

The Viking Age and its famous warriors like Ragnar Lothbrok, and his son’s Björn Ironside, Ivar the Boneless, Halfdan Ragnarsson, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye continue to fascinate us.

When asked why he thinks modern audiences are still so drawn to Vikings, Blagden said: “What Michael [Hirst]'s brilliantly done with the show is he's showed you the real human side to them [Vikings] and the family drama that we've created over the course of now two seasons....

"I think being able to show that to the public has kind of brought about an amazing response in people going, Oh my god, wow I never knew that sunstones existed, I never knew that's how they sailed west, I didn't know that women were regarded so highly in that culture.

"All of these things that Michael [Hirst] has been able to introduce is what keeps people coming back week after week. And of course, the complex relationships you develop throughout all of the characters. It's really exciting to be part of it as an actor. It's a real gift.”

Vikings Season 2 premieres tonight at 10/9c, exclusively on HISTORY. Please check back for my review of the premiere right after it airs.

Henry A. Otero is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.

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Aslaug didn't die in childbirth gat nam it! I hope Lagertha slays her. She's so annoying.


Love Aslaug. She is absolutely beautiful and I love her character. I think she is very interesting. Hope to see her on the show alot.

@ debb

Hate Aslaug ! she sucks no chemistry between them , Ragnar loves Lagertha he just wants children . Lagertha can have him anytime she wants !!!!!


love the show


love the show


love the show,Travis Fimmel is a wonderful actor.


my child, my child! Ragnar's so concerned about the new one to be bothered to fight to keep the old one (and Lagartha) in his life. Hot air, Ragnor, hot air.


I don't like Aslaug and I will never like her. She is a weak character who is too soft to be Ragnar's mate. And how can you try to portray Lagertha as a power hungry person. Im so disappointed.

Jay zee
@ lori thompson

I agree 100% Lori Thompson................she is just useless and not a very good actor...............let her have the kids and get rad of her

@ lori thompson

Well Travis Fimmel is speaking as someone who has filmed season two and has some insight into how the characters evolve. Personally, I think each character's journey is going to be very interesting. I look forward to learning more about Aslaug. To me, she's not weak at all. She traveled all that way to tell the guy that knocked her up, take responsibility. She grew up without a father and doesn't want that for her child. It's going to be a great season!

Jay zee
@ Henry A. Otero

she is absolutely useless...............bad acting, nig teeth............time to go Aslaug

Jay zee
@ Henry A. Otero

Ragnar is a egotistical, vain, chauvinist male who wants eat his cake and eat it reason to insult Lagartha the way he did............he could take care of the new child without giving up in his wife...............let this Aslaug give him the kids and then let her die she is useless and not a very good actress; after all history is not being followed so why not keep Lagartha and kill Aslaug


"I never knew that's how they sailed west, I didn't know that women were regarded so highly in that culture."
They were, but I think this show takes some liberties to make it palatable for modern audiences. Lagertha's righteous indignation at Ragner's sexual indiscretion and subsequent leaving Ragnar is something a Viking woman would not have done, if, as she stated, she "must do what is best for [her] son [Bjorn]".

@ Aaron

It's a tough balancing act because Michael Hirst needs to present "history" in a way modern audiences will relate to it. The Viking love triangle, is something people have been talking about throughout the hiatus. While Lagertha did leave Ragnar this episode, she eventually returns and we don't know where things pick up from there. I think, audiences need a bit of "soap opera" drama otherwise the show would be more like a documentary.

@ Henry A. Otero

If Lagertha returns to Ragnar, then I know for sure I'm done with the show. You can't give the audience "a bit of "soap opera" in the dark ages. These two don't go together. Sure you can take some liberties, but for the love of little puppies, don't ruin your strong female character in doing so. There are so few shows on TV with strong female characters, Lagertha was a nice surprise.


Still do not like Aslaug after seeing the first episode.She is and will always be home-wrecker no matter how many sons she gives Ragnar. Lagertha does what only a self respecting woman could do at that time. Yeah she will be power hungry this season but what are her options to waste away in the shadows? This is a woman scorned. she is one heartbroken and pissed off Shield Maiden. Everyone needs to watch out because Lagertha is gonna do what she does best and that's to kick some ass.

Jay zee
@ Mary Maarry

I hope Lagartha

@ Mary Maarry

Personally I don't think of Aslaug as a homewrecker. As we see moving forward, she was quickly attracted to Ragnar and went with it. Sure she didn't stop to double check his marital status but it takes two to tango. He is the married one. Besides this is the dark ages and we tend to judge those times with the morals of today. I have no doubt some interesting twists and turns are coming in the next few episodes.

@ Mary Maarry

1.Historically vikings did have multiple wives and lagertha was an exception.
2.Lagertha in legend was completely loyal to Ragnar even after this.
3.She does become a war lord and once saves Ragnar from the edge of defeat. Finally, long live home wreckers,I love them,I hope the world is full of them and may god always put them on top.

Jay zee
@ donnyy

donnyy, if you like them so much, you must also be one of them................remember KARMA..............what goes around comes around


I can't wait until tonight!

@ Dalkir Shieldcrusher

I've seen tonight's premiere and it is phenomenal. Probably one of the best episodes of the series so far. I'm sure you will really enjoy it!

Vikings Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Who needs a reason for betrayal?
One must always think the worst Ragnar, even of your own kin.
That way, you avoid too much disappointment in life.


I wanted to step out of your shadow.
You understand that, don't you?