11 Recent TV Deaths We May Never Get Over

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This has been a particularly dangerous time to be a character on television.

It seems no one is safe anywhere on the dial, as several of our favorites have met surprising, untimely and tragic ends over the past few months.

From the ones we expected to those that had us completely blindsided, they've all left us reeling. Some caused very real tears and, hey, we're not afraid to admit it!

As we struggle through the five stages of grief before finally arriving at acceptance, break out the tissues and mourn some of the most shocking demises in recent TV history here:

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Yes! James had me balling my eyes out and Will on The Good Wife just floored me. I never saw it coming.


Little creepy there, Lee. I'm getting kind of a Kathy Bates vibe from you. They're just stories.


well at least I would say these characters are better off dead, because we still have to watch these shows that the writers and producers have brainwashed us all into believing our favourite characters would have a happy ending. jokes on us...

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