Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review: Lady Sif to the Rescue!

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Finally! Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D. finally had an hour that lived up to all the hype. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 15 was the first time that the series had a character crossover from the movies in any meaningful way. Sure, Director Fury showed up once for a minute, but that was a cameo without real purpose.

After the events of Thor: The Dark World,  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 8 began with the team on clean up duty and then they dealt with an Asgardian artifact. The hour was only connected to the movie series in a peripheral way.

While the writers tried to make connection between the television series and the larger Marvel world, Agent Coulson and his team never really felt as part of the same universe until now.

Instead of dealing with alien artifacts, the team came face-to-face with an Asgardian villain and worked along side an Asgardian ally to captrue her. The introduction of Lorelei and Lady Sif set up the best Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode so far. It felt fresh and unexpected with real consequences.

Lorelei's ability to influence men provided a unique ability that was destructive out in the world and to the S.H.I.E.L.D team. When Agent Ward was taken under her control that changed everything. The seemingly unbreakable, strong agent was corrupted. He followed her lead, slept with her, and then turned against his own team.

Wow. His "casual" relationship with May was broken by the event too. It wasn't that he was controlled and not even that he pulled the trigger of a gun pointed at May's head. It was that Lorelei revealed his true feelings for another. Ouch!

Of course, May played it off like she didn't care and they weren't "together" anyway, but she was clearly hurt. Her romance with Ward opened her heart just a little. The truth didn't break her, but it did cause her a little pain. I'm not so concerned about how Ward and May work together going forward. They are professionals and it will be fine, but will it change how Ward mentors Skye?

Coulson allowed Ward and May to explore a personal relationship. I doubt he would be comfortable with Ward and Skye if he knew the truth. It will come down to whether or not May clues Coulson in or not. She's likely keep watch of the situation for now and keep quiet. She has other things to worry about.

In particular, Coulson knows the truth about  the alien nature of the cure and he shared that with Skye. People died to protect that secret. Is Fury willing to kill to protect it? There's a huge difference between the two, especially since he used the alien cure to bring Coulson back.

Though, it's always possible that it wasn't about saving Coulson, but that they needed a candidate in his condition. It's further complicated now that Skye has been healed using the cure as well. The mystery of Tahiti and Coulson's recovery took too long to be revealed, but it's a great story point now that it's out.

This episode was by far the best in story, reveals, manipulations, and fight scenes. I loved the fight between Lady Sif and Lorelei. The close quarters and the sword made for an entertaining battle. And I wasn't sure how it would end which added to the enjoyment. 

Sif was victorious in the verbal battle too when she muzzled Lorelei with the Asgardian artifact. It was the perfect ending to Lorelei's story. The two Asgardians were the best guest characters so far this season. 

I'd love to see other Marvel universe characters make their way to the show. It will allow for a better developed world, cases, and mystery. There's a key area where Arrow has succeeded and S.H.I.E.L.D hasn't.

How would you grade the episode?


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Is there no new episode until April 1st?
What's with the breaks?
This is a great show but the breaks are SO annoying!!

Paulette andria hamilton

agent May the queen of ice is a double agent, and why would coulson be so stupid to talk out loud to skye so people can over hear, the secret why make high command of shield so dubious as the good guys.

Paulette andria hamilton

ok stop the hate on Skye, she does bring the interesting, long story and Simmons is saved for clairvoyant Tripp or is she with Fritz who knows? I agree no soap opera crap and don't worry the show is written by same people who did Buffy and Angel oh wait then there might be a love triangle but I doubt it. Yes the integration of Marvel supper hero will be needed but only when a new marvel movie is coming out that includes the agents of shield so by that logic captain America is coming out in April or may this year watch for a tie in with that. the alien tech will work on Skye because she too is Alien, and who is the alien it looked like mr blue from the Watchers. Also on Team Skye all the way...


I dunno why you don't like her, but I think she's great! she really brings something to the group.
She knows her way around Fitzsimmons and makes Ward smile(!)
I'm really glad she was saved.
I think Skye and Ward will be a great together.
Also, Lady Sif and Lorelei were awesome!
I hope they can come visit soon!


As always, I loved the episode :) I'm absolutely curious whom May reported. And Fitz was hilarious while unser Lorelei's spell, Simmons great as always... fantastic! However, I hope they will NOT introduce a love triangle or 'Ward's comlicated love story with an O84'. I guess it's just me, but I'm really tired of these romantic dramas in every TV show lately... if the writers want Ward with Skye, fine, but don't turn it into a soap opera, please.


Great episode,, not fond of the Skye character... really could do without her. Best episode all season, except maybe the pilot. I want more like this one


I always thought Skye and Ward would get together somehow. Just the fact that he was so cold to her in the beginning made me think the writers were going to find a way to flip that around. Although I never saw Ward and May coming so who knows what they will come up with. In any case, Skye is a cutie and I am glad she is back.


Is it just me hoping that maybe Ward is in love with Simmons? SkyeWard is so boring. And I just roll my eyes at them. I love FitzSimmons but I wouldn't mind WardSimmons either.

@ CJ

Nope, you're not the only one ;) I favoured Simmons and Ward since that 'tree climbing scene' at the beginning of the season (as I favoured Skye and Fitz when he was so clearly into her), but I really think the writers will put Ward with Syke...


I totally agree this was the best episode yet Carla. Actually, I stopped watching the show live but binge-watched this year's episodes before last night's show. The creative team has slowly found their groove.


I thought we got rid of Skye, honestly if this is gonna be some kind of Skye/Ward/May love story, cancel this series before it embarrasses itself...and all Marvel fans.


Sadly sex is the only way some people can watch tv

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