Beauty and the Beast Review: Screw You Gabe

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There are a lot of feelings rumbling round after watching Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 15 - and not all of them are good. 

Specifically, after viewing this hour, it  dawned on me why this season has been so difficult to watch. Not only has Cat been incredibly wishy washy, but she's been allowing herself to be a ball in a game played by Vincent and Gabe. 

If Cat had been strong enough to stand up for what she believed in and not so easily swayed by the power of suggestion, there wouldn't be a game at all. That's what's so frustrating.

Not for one minute have any of us watching believed Cat wanted Gabe or ever fell out of love with Vincent, but for some reason the writers felt it was necessary to force a love triangle up on us (again) as a way to drive the lovers apart.

It didn't work.

The longer the hour played out, the more blatant it became that the writers were pandering to the audience. If anyone is reading, I'd welcome the opportunity to be proven wrong. 

The evidence of this indulgence includes Cat's continued indecision about Gabe, her further wordplay around what has to happen for the two of them to work when she clearly knows it's futile, her short bursts of acceptance that Vincent's beast senses work on their behalf coupled seconds later with nods of disappointment that he has again chosen the wayward path and gone beastly and more. 

Cat started using the phrase "Gabe says" when considering how to handle Sam's case and whether or not to include Vincent. Gabe says?!? What about "I think"? Cat seems to have lost the ability to think for herself and that's why she's become a volleyball being bounced between the emotions of two men -- one who thinks he knows what's best for her and the other who wants what's best for her. 

The only person who doesn't seem to have a say in this equation is Cat, and I'm not OK with that. As a woman, I'm a little insulted that what was once a beautiful love story between a man struggling to find acceptance with the beast inside of him and the woman who was willing to stand by his side and be his strength when he faltered has become nothing more than a cliche. 

Two men are fighting over Catherine and she's going wherever the wind takes her. "Catch Me if You Can" was being touted as a game changer. Does that mean being picked up in Vincent's arms at the end of the hour is the end of this back and forth between the two men? Has Cat made up her mind or has Vincent made up his to fight for her? There is a difference.

A few things could happen. Cat could wake up and say it was a mistake, that she's still with Gabe and we'll all groan and possibly put down the remote for good. She could realize what an idiot she has been for questioning their love, pull herself up by the bootstraps and realize that loving Vincent means loving the beast. 

Despite Gabe's announcement that he's tired of being the nice guy, the likelihood is that he will drop Cat when he learns about her latest adventure. At his core, he doesn't appear to be a masochist.

If all of these things hadn't been so bothersome, it would have been a lot more fun to watch the car accident scene. Being uncomfortably close is a good way to make people question their decisions. It would have been more interesting if I believed for one second that Cat had actually chosen Gabe and not that he had chosen her and she had meekly complied.

This was good stuff:

Gabe: How close are you?
Cat: Ohhh, too close.
Vincent: I think he's talking about Sam.
Cat: Oh. Close!

It's too bad that there wasn't any real tension involved with their awkward game of car crash Twister because the two of them have never been out of love. If one or the other had sincerely moved on and they were thrust into that situation, it would have been spine tingling and breathtaking as we hoped for them to rekindle what they had lost. It was funny, but nothing was rekindled, because the fire has never gone out.

We'll see what happens next with VinCat. If Gabe is still in the picture, I'm going to be greatly disappointed on behalf of all women. You're welcome.

The business with Sam still isn't over. He's behind bars, but swallowed what appeared to be a capsule of the beast formula or blood or something. In any event, it wasn't made out of normal capsule material, because it would have been dissolved long before he chose to perch over the toilet. I've lost interest in what he's doing now. The story was interesting -- then Sam arrived. He killed it. Not in a "cool, you killed it man" kind of way, unfortunately.

Want to relive the best of VinCat? You can when you watch Beauty and the Beast online.

Did Cat make a decision or was one made for her?


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I have always thought it should be cat and vincent together hints the name of the show I think the loveinterest in gave and tori were a waste of time made me wanna put the remote down for good. I think gabe is the reason vincent is in jail. And I personally liked the pregnancy scare w vincent n cat think it would be great idea for a season three??? I really hope it continues and doesn't get cancelled


The one thing of all bothers me most is that Gave was never a good person all along. He planned the whole thing on killing Vincent to save his life not as a beast but as a human. He was working as a DA when he tried to kill Vincent and hurt Cat while Vincent was hiding not only from Murfield but also because he was terrified of hurting people accidently. I just don't get How Cat can forgive and be with Gave when she cannot be with Vincent because of all that humanity-beast nonsence. How can people just forgive Gave's behavior and he goes on his good life? I mean what he did is a crime, right?
This second season is a disappointment. . .what a shame.


So, M. Carissa, I do not think your review was too harsh. I have tried to give the writers leeway for Vincat. But no more! Your review was spot on. After that amazing first season- we all had this indelible idea of this once wonderfull show. The season 1 writers were at times sloppy and illogical with dialogue. But we all fell for the romance, danger and excitement of the show. You were so right. Not only did I NOT buy into the fact that Vincat moved on... I refused to believe it. People walked away from the show because they didn't buy it either. I thought the idea of amnesia, turning Vincent into a killer and bio daddy was cool. If they had left Torie as a pain in the .... It would've been an interesting angle. Instead, we have wasted 75 percent of the season on a stupidly written storyline. Vincat had plenty of obstacles without Idiotic triangles. Just think of all the time could've been used to weave in the beast storyline. There was energy there. .... With coolness there. So where is Vincent's family? If I heard my uncle survived war... I would be seeking him out. I am sure Vincent has other family living in NYC. I am loyal to the show. But frankly, I think CW designed a show for 20'ish folks. But guess what, they caught an older audience. I for one am tired of being pandered to. I expect more. And it's time for Cat to get herself together.

@ Scarlettcmc

VERY good point about Vincent's family! His nephew was interested in his uncle when he saved him from the fire and saw him in the hospital. It's kind of difficult to believe that the two didn't connect when Vincent started the talk show circuit. Darn -- you're good!! That just makes me angry. So poorly done. What a shame. :-|


What has bothered me the most about this season is the way that Cat has been about Vincent being a beast. I hate the fact that she doesn't like his beast side and uses that as the reason she can't be with him. She is willing to love and accept everything about him other than the 'ugliness' in him? I'm sorry... what? Isn't that like the EXACT opposite of what is supposed to be going on here, this being a 'Beauty and the Beast' adaptation and all? It has just totally killed the spirit of the while thing for me, and Cat's spineless wishy-washiness is the sour icing on the cake. :-/

@ Candice

When you consider that Cat's ALIVE because of that ugly beast inside of Vincent that her parents PLANTED THERE, you'd think she'd be a little more considerate. She wants the beast when it's convenient and she can use it to her advantage. She also learned right quick when he wasn't a beast how easily she could have been killed without his protection. Whoops! She forgot all that.


Carissa, I totally agree that for too much of this season Cat has been a tumbleweed in the wind. However, I do think that Cat did make a decision when she gave into her feelings at the end of this episode. It was clear from their final interaction that she did not want to spend time apart from him: even as Vincent explained that he was happy for her and would take a step back, she moved towards him; she admitted they had both made mistakes; and she lingered in a way that was begging him to kiss her rather than walking away. In my mind, that was Cat making a decision for the first time since episode 6 or thereabouts. Do I think her decision could/should have been more emphatic? Certainly I do. Do I think she'll pull the 'last night was a mistake' card? Yep. But does that mean she was a passenger to what happened at the end of the episode? I don't think so. I think she is finally making decisions that make her happy, just perhaps more tentatively than we would like. I have hope our strong, independent woman will come back to us soon! Thanks for a great review.


Agreed about Cat! It has been my main gripe with this season. Despite her being wishy washy and indecisive, when did she stop making decisions for herself? When did she allow a man to decide who she is and what choices she made? And why on earth have we been subjected to the most unnecessary triangles in the history of TV?? This show is not supposed to be about relationship drama. That is not the point here. I just want Cat back. A woman of her own mind and who is not deferring to a man for everything. When Vincent told her not to see Gabe in 120, she called him out on it. But she refuses to speak up or against Gabe. Who is this woman? Just how V needed to do things for himself and not merely to win Cat back, she needs to be her own person. I'm waiting for the real Cat to show up!!


I too am tired of weak, wishy-washy Cat, letting Gabe direct her life.
And what did Vincent do that was so bad to Cat that he has to prove himself to Cat?! BS! All he ever did was risk his life to save her. Cat's mom made him a beast, her dad made him an assassin, and Cat shot him! Seems to me she should be making up to Vincent for the rest of her life!
In Season 1, Cat loved him and told him she accepted him the way he was, a beast. Cat fought hard for her love for Vincent. And vice-versa, he would have died for her.
Sorry to say but Season 2 really sucks. The writers not only changed the story, but changed the beautiful characters with real chemistry we so enjoyed in Season 1. Season 2 writers now have weak, whiny, wishy-washy strangers we don't know anymore. (Cat). They took a beautiful story and made it ugly.


great review!! i love this show! i was ok with this season until they brought tori in. her storyline with vincent was so frustrating to watch and i don't miss her at all. i think everyone who watches the show feels like gabe is a relationship place holder for vincent.


Should we all blame this mess on the change of the showrunner. Everything sounds such a step back for Cat. She fell in love with Vincent and his beast side and she was never afraid of that in season 1. Now she is taking orders from Gabe. If Gabe is feeling so insecure about Cat's feeling why insist in be with her?
Anyway, I loved the ep. ending.


Cat's indecision is because she is protecting herself. Just like her decision to be with Gabe in the first place. She doesn't want to want Vincent because he hurt her so badly. But despite everything she can't help being drawn to him, which is why she started going out with Gabe: to shield herself from Vincent in the hope that she would get over him and start feeling something for Gabe. Obviously it didn't work. I think that you assume that Cat is strong emotionally because she is a police officer and can kick major butt, but in reality she is more like an M&M (hard candy shell surrounding a big gooey mess on the inside) She has never been able to express her feelings to anyone close to her especially about difficult topics. Look how long it too her to talk to her father about her mother, or her sister about Vincent? Bottom line she chose Gabe because she doesn't want to be hurt again by Vincent. Last night's episode was her finally succumbing to her desires regardless of her fears. For once she put the past behind her and recognized what she wanted. Of course she is going to regret her decision because it was made in a hormone cloud of desire, BUT it is a first step towards her recognizing that Vincent IS the one for her.

@ Linda

Nice comment Linda! You have put into words what I was also thinking. We'll see next week!

@ Marianne

Your assessment of Cat is so good, I am thinking about how she talked with the counselor after she was shot in season 1. Her character is complex and I think we let the outward Cat speak louder than her inward. Cat. She has been on a long inward struggle . I do hope her character finds peace with herself.

@ Thelma Jeanette Maynard

Not used to replying very much . I meant this to be a reply at Linda. Glad you agree Marianne :)))))

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

J.T.: What's wrong with your place?
Vincent: Well, I don't have facial recognition software or gummy worms.
J.T.: Yep, that's how I lure the ladies.

Gabe: How close are you?
Cat: Ohhh, too close.
Vincent: I think he's talking about Sam.
Cat: Oh. Close!