Blue Bloods Review: A Public Service Homicide

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The "Knockout Game" was all the rage on Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 17 and it lead to a six months pregnant woman losing her baby. 

I kept wondering if this case was going to decide whether the assault would also be considered murder because of the unborn child but it never got that far. 

Danny throwing Willy Hayward in his trunk and performing his own version of a lie detector test made me laugh, especially when he yelled out "squirrel" and swerved. Danny always has had his own way of doing things. 

I was surprised that Mike hadn't brought his own gun when he went to confront Moses. I really believed that if he took the time to track down the man who ended the life of his unborn child that it would be to kill him. Going there simply to make some punk, drug dealer understand what he did to his family felt completely unrealistic. 

Back at One Police Plaza, Frank was having an ethical dilemma and after last week's conversation with Jamie, I wondered if he was the one up for promotion. Instead, it turned out to be the son of a drinking buddy of Henry's.

Frank refused to promote Timothy because of that relationship but was that just as wrong as holding him back if he were actually qualified?

As much as I disliked Henry's way of handling things, I appreciated Garrett's comments to Frank in this Blue Bloods quote

At some point in your life you went up the mountain and you came back down with your own tablets of what is and what is not the right thing to do written in stone, which allows for certainty but not always wisdom.


Garrett's ability to to tell Frank when he's wrong is one of his greatest assets and something that makes their relationship so enjoyable to watch.

I also appreciated that Frank was willing to re-evaluate his own assessment and come to a different conclusion.

The only one I was truly disappointed in was Erin. 

Jack certainly wasn't the person I expected to see in her shower but I kind of liked that they were having a fling. It looked as though they were having fun and I didn't see anything wrong with that. 

It felt like Jack wanted to take it to the next level, meaning openly dating instead of sneaking around. When Erin appeared to agree the man was obviously over the moon. He really cares about his ex and things seemed to be going well.

And then Erin pulled the rug out from under him. Instead of dating she wanted him to move in. It was a set up to push him away. She said that they'd already been married and accused Jack of only wanting the fun of dating instead of the responsibility of a serious relationship.

The way she dumped him after their dinner together simply felt mean. Would dating really be so bad? They've been divorced for years. Nicky's about to leave for college. What would be so wrong about the two of them getting to know one another again and having some fun in the process? 

And even if Erin felt differently, she didn't have to blindside the guy to make her point. 

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Was Erin wrong to break up with her ex the way she did?


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Sarah silva

So Jamie had a storyline last week, now he is back to just being in the dinner scenes! URGH
I am not sure what the point of showing us that Jack and Erin were still carrying on their fling was, if they were just going to have her end it. I forgot that they hooked up earlier this season until I realized before he opened the shower curtain that it was Jack.
Garrett and Frank have been butting heads a lot this season, hope Garrett sticks around. I still find it funny that Garrett has photos of himself on his desk, just of himself not with anyone else.
Frank was not going to promote Timothy and he got mad at his dad and at Garrett, but after Timothy comes to take to Frank, he gets promoted soon after. I find that interesting, I guess Frank realized he was a good cop and deserved the promotion.
When Danny went to Mike and basically told him he was going to cover for him and not arrest him I was shocked, but I am glad that he changed his mind and arrested him. While I did not want to see Mike go to jail he did shoot the guy and it was an accident. I am glad that it all worked out in the end.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Erin has a storyline next week about speed dating. They probably had the jack Erin thing to get ready for the next storyline. To be honest, I saw jacks name is a previous eppy in the promo and he wasn't in it at all. I wonder if they filmed this earlier, like right after the hostage situation. Lol about Garrett. I will have to watch that part again. I love his character!!!!

Sarah silva
@ Guest

Thanks for the info as it makes sense now, I never seem to get the previews of the next episodes! LOL
It is super funny the photo of Garrett! You do have to watch again and see it. Yes Garrett is great.


iPhone changed words. Sorry. I meant Danny wouldn't have taken him to the roof at the station. But I still do love the show and the message each episode sends out (or dilemma it poses).


Frank's story is always so well written. The banter between Garrett and Frank is pretty top notch. Sometimes, though, the rest of the casts' stories seem as if something is missing. I personally thought Erin was a little mean also. Sometimes it takes dating for awhile to get to know the person again. However, being divorced I also realize it's very hard to trust your ex again. So I think Erin's behavior is realistic also. They did start back up do to the hostage incident so she might not be very convinced he changed. As for Danny's case, I had mixed reviews. I think it's hard to sufficiently go through a procedural story in the time they have. His stories seem rushed sometimes in expense of getting the message out. I think Baez would have noticed the orange paint. And him telling the guy to dump the evidence seemed unnecessary. They could have made the point without that part. And the guy admitting to the first knockout back at the station seemed unrealistic. Not like Danny would have taken him to the food. Oh well I still live the show and the message was great.

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Let's appeal to the sense of pride in the professional criminal.


At some point in your life you went up the mountain and you came back down with your own tablets of what is and what is not the right thing to do written in stone, which allows for certainty but not always wisdom.