Blue Bloods Review: Holding Out Hope

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A child being kidnapped outside of her school had Danny remembering a similar case from seven years ago on Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 15.

If Danny's own memories of failing to find Allie weren't enough, he had to contend with Allie's dad showing up and still holding out hope that his daughter would be found.

I give the actor who played Joseph credit. Even as he thought and acted rationally he always had that haunted, half-crazed look in his eyes. It was the look of someone who'd been forced to walk through a living nightmare for seven years.

I loved the Reagan family dinner as Danny changed his mind about allowing his young son to go off with friends overnight to see a basketball game in Philadelphia. It's a scary world and although some might consider it an overreaction I respected Danny for canceling the trip because he didn't know the other parent well enough. 

Of course the kids had a different take on it but as Jamie pointed out in this Blue Bloods quote

Jamie: Some times people don't appreciate the way you try to keep them safe.
Henry: Until something goes wrong.

When Erin came home to find Nicky with a boy in her room I was very surprised that she didn't have a discussion with her daughter as soon as Ben left. I found it very odd that Nicky was the one who prompted the conversation some days later. 

However, once they finally started talking I did agree with most of what Erin said. She can't control what Nicky chooses to do but she can try and guide her in the right direction and set boundaries for proper behavior in their home. 

Erin's case of the week wasn't all that interesting. The psychiatric expert was a pompous ass and it was good to see Erin put him in his place. 

Frank's story line was fascinating, I only wish we could have found out more about the International Liaison Program but then the need for secrecy was the point of the story. 

I love that the NYPD is the only police department in the country that has its own international intelligence gather operation.

As Frank pointed out…

Being safe can cost you something but it beats the hell out of the alternative.


As someone who spends time in NYC and was in the area during 9/11, I agree that the alternative is terrifying. I appreciated Kelly wanting to make sure there were checks and balances for the program but I was equally happy to know that Frank would go to jail to protect it.  

But the one light hearted moment of the night came from Garrett who offered to get Frank a disguise to avoid a possible subpoena…

I'd buy you a fake mustache and glasses but you've got that covered.


Small moments like that remind me why Blue Bloods is one of the best ensembles on TV.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Do you think Danny was right to cancel his son's trip?


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I think he is doing what a father should do he souldn't let him go needs to be with the family


(Part II) Evidently they don't want to bother with the Catholic element when it's hard, i.e., dealing with sexual morality. Frank hops into bed with a woman on the occasions she comes to town; Jamie sleeps with his ex-fiancee; Erin sleeps with her ex-husband, and now Nicki is just expected to lose her virginity whenever she "feels ready." I don't expect every character to be a saint; those of who are Catholic fall short more times than we can count. But if you're going to make that faith and it's beliefs a significant part of this show, than play fair. At least *present* that it matters in questions of the heart and sexual morals. Why couldn't Erin have reminded Nicki that her religious faith teaches that sex outside of marriage is wrong, and that she was putting her human dignity and the respect due her as a woman at risk? Maybe Nicki wouldn't listen (and she's been a brat all season), but surely someone who believes in her faith would try very hard to pass it on to her child...? Just my 2 cents....

@ TriciaS

Ideally, you make a good point. However, I know many Catholic families much like Frank's (including my own family) who cherry-pick the parts of the faith that suit them. In fact, I don't know of a single Catholic family who - for example - don't use birth control. I get the sense Frank's family is fairly representative of many Catholic families. Also - we can assume Erin made sure Nicki was aware of Catholic teaching as she grew up, but recognized that as a young adult, she now has to make her own decisions. I think the way she handled that discussion was beautifully done.


(Part I) I was very disappointed in the writers for this episode. I realize that this show does not exist to teach its audience about the Catholic faith. However, they have chosen to make that element of the Reagan family a significant point. We see them say grace before meals, attend Mass on Sundays and even go to confession for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They talk about their faith, when it helps and when they have doubts. Even if they weren't Catholic, but a family living out their faith as an unshocking and basic part of their life, I would appreciate it. But this latest episode has demonstrated to me that this Catholic element is only window-dressing.


That pompous doctor reminded me of a pathologist Canada, who was tried and convicted of doctoring all kinds of evidence in order to obtain convictions. His name (for those interested in googling him) is Charles Randal Smith. His "evidence" managed to put away all kinds of innocent men and women for the death of their children. The Blue Bloods doc seems patterned off of him, especially with his statement to Erin about being counted on to bring convictions. That should have set off warning bells right there.


Jamie had some big stories the end of last year when his partner was shot and he always seems to get involved in complications that eventually involved the PC, his father.... Donnie is the top billed star besides Tom... What can they really do with a patrolman anyway... they've had him go undercover and now they've killed off his partner.... what else dramatic can happen??


I can see why Danny changed his mind, especially since he didn't know the father. What he did is a very common thing that parents do with daughters - especially for someone in danny's line of work. Sean feeling trampled was funny, and Garrett's glasses and mustache comment was hilarious! I agree that i was expecting erin to talk with nicky right away, but nicky probably wasnt going to be giving out lots of info. Nicky is at a tricky age. Almost out the door, but not quite. I liked what Erin said.I wish they would have more stories with the whole family interacting, but then that would be even less realistic. Hopefully one is coming up soon.

Sarah silva

My one constant complaint about this show is lack of Will Estes.
I know people think that Erin is not on enough either but over the 4 seasons of this show, Erin has had more screen time and story lines than Jamie.
I new the custodian took the girl, and when Danny and Baez showed up at the house I had a feeling that Allie would be alive too, seeing her reunite with her dad was very suite.
My husband and I laughed out loud when Garrett said the disguise thing to Frank.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I so agree with you it's time for Jamie to more screen time . I love this episode am glad Allie's kept on holding on to hope and give Danny the stuff on case he kept to also to help Jenna. glad they put together and the janitor lady was the last person to see both and Baez having that thing janitor give her. Am so happy Jenna and Allie were both alive.

Sarah silva
@ Tania

Hi Tania
Yes I too was happy the girls were alive.
I am glad someone else agrees we need more Jamie!

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Kelly: Even the FBI and the CIA are subject to Congressional oversight.
Frank: That's their problem.

There's a lot of bad people out there.