Chicago Fire Review: Navigating Red Tape

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Bye bye, Keeler. 

Just like that, Benny Severide (sort of) confessed to making sure Keeler ended up with the fishes on Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 16

What's interesting is Benny's confession to Voight is almost meaningless. Maybe one day Voight will collect on the favor, but in that moment he does not look like a man looking for a favor down the line.

Voight and Benny are talking as fathers and Voight would easily do the same thing for his own children.  

Instead, all Voight wants is for Benny to make sure he's out of Chicago for a little while. It's good advice, as Benny is becoming more distraught about his actions as the episode moves on. 

Jones' father is also ready to see that his daughter is getting a move on out of firefighting and behind a desk. It's understandable he wants to keep his child safe and out of harm's way.

As Jones' shows in the stairwell, she's not impervious to trouble. She lacks the experience necessary to tackle these types of situations, so her danger levels only increase. 

With all this talk about Jones' safety, it will be a shock if she even makes it to the end of the season. Jones is an abrasive character who doesn't really fit in with the rest of the firehouse, but I would rather she get disqualified then potentially getting killed. 

Dawson and Shay's rodeo with the gunshot victim was very intense, but thanks to their eye in the sky, they're able to get out of there relatively unharmed. Sadly, that's not where it all ends, as Victor "Eye in the Sky" Ramsey looks like he just stepped out of his stalking 101 class.

The awkward hugging, knowing when she's back on the Ambo, leading her to safety...they all scream that he watches her way too much.

Hermann's quest to surprise his wife on their anniversary with his news of a vasectomy. There's almost no words to his complete insistence that his wife is going to like his announcement. I was with the rest of the firehouse: she's going to rake him over the coals for news like that.

Yet, after remember than Hermann has five kids, her reactions is probably the greatest news she's ever heard. Congratualtions Hermann you're really do know your wife!

Is Jones going to die?


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I agree that that Ramsey guy will stalk Dawson!


this show is getting somewhat shady, but that may be real life. why no love interest for Severide, what the heck.

Sarah silva

Another fantastic episode!
At the end of last weeks episode I was sure that Benny took care of Kessler and I was sure of that up until the end of this episode. It can be taken 1 of 2 ways. Kelly did it and his dad covered for him OR Kelly new Benny did it when Benny was over for dinner and said what he said to Kelly. I am still leaning towards Benny but we do not know 100% for sure.
Either way there was a point added to the pro Voight column, when he did not arrest Benny.
I thought Victor Ramsey was creepy and I think he too will stalk Dawson.
I had a feeling that Hermann's wife would like that he got a vasectomy.
It is interesting how Casey can go from being super hard on Jones to being one of her big supporters this week.
Shay and Dawson's conversation while eating the cake was super funny.
Otis is having a really hard time with things this days and I hope he feels better soon.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I think Benny and Kelly did it together. Benny commented you never go ice fishing alone, which gave the impression they went out on the ice, and dumped him under it so he won't be found for a while if ever.

Sarah silva
@ bustson

Very true, I did think of that is a possibility too.

@ bustson

As for Otis, and this is going to sound weird but he was supposed to "the night" when he last saw her. While it was a ploy to not talk about NY yet, I wonder if he feels like that was taken from him. Is he maybe a virgin and this was his chance to be with someone he loved and to finally go that route? I know it's a very off chance but the way he is acting....


I think everybody knew that Benny was the one who took out Keller. Kelly and the guys would have scared him and beat him up but they would not have killed him. I don't think Voight will use this againt Benny because they are the same guy. If and When he asks Benny for a favor it will not be anything bad. I still have to say I did not care for this storyline. I really like that Kelly had a sister and her dating sorry forgot his name and loved that Cruz had his back. I did not like bring in a sister for Kelly, beat her up and rape her and then send her off to Colorado. Why? It would have been for interesting to see them develop a brother and sister relationship since this is what this show is all about..relationships. Jones tries way too hard and what is up with the secretary all of a sudden. Also Dawson only wants to be a firefighter because everyone is telling her not too because she is a woman. Why can't women be firefighters because they love the job not because they want to prove something to their father and because they want to prove to men that they can do the job. Yes eyes in the sky will be a stalker. Also the guys where trying to talk Hermann out of having a vasectomy because they don't ever want to be in charge of birth control. They think it is the woman's job not to get pregnant not theirs. I knew along with most women that Hermann's wife would love the fact he got a vasectomy. The only thing was I would not have told everyone at the party about it..TMI! I also would not have gave my wife that stupid cake that Jones got. From the preview of next week it looks like that might be the epi where Jones dies.

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