Chicago PD Review: Protect and Serve

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The Intelligence Unit showed signs of fracturing as Stillwell dug his claws deeper into Voight on Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 9

Voight's grip on his team isn't as strong as where he left it even a week ago, as Stillwell quickly established that he's not to be messed with.

Picking up Voight, putting him in cuffs and giving him an ultimatum - help him or head back to jail - Stillwell showing some major signs of distrust in Voight... and ultimately of his entire team as he begins to narrow his sights on Jay.

Jay's not the squeakiest of everyone on Intelligence, that honor belongs to Antonio, but he's usually got a reason or motive for whatever it is he's doing.

Sometimes they're good intentioned, but as he delved in deeper, things begin to escalate. It's what happened to him when he investigated Molly's and slowly brought his danger to Dawson. 

Now, that same principle is beginning to show in Intelligence with Jay's continued harassment of Radigan. Jay suspects the man is a pedophile, but with no proof Jay had been left with empty threats... until now.

With Radigan's body on ice, Jay turned into the top suspect. Voight is already on thin ice with Stillwell, yet he still wants to keep all of his team safe. It echoes back to the time Voight mentions that to best do their job and stay safe everything has to go through him. He will lie for them. 

Is Voight willing to keep that promise as the handcuffs bind his wrists even tighter? 

Ruzek and Burgess took a small step back with each other as Ruzek dropped that he's engaged. The reaction from Burgess was immediate, as her face completely shifted from having fun and being happy to one of sadness and loss.

She's got a thing for him and he's not admitting his feelings either. But, more importantly the interactions between Ruzek and Burgess are different from Ruzek and his wife. There's more argument and a lot more proselytizing. 

The case, albeit mostly boring, had a much greater human element to it than previous ones. Olinksy risked his own career and the unit's to keep her safe and they're all willing to do so without blinking: Tearing up officer notes, going over the gang unit and jeopardizing the case to keep Lexi safe. 

Is Jay guilty?


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Sarah silva

Every week I say this was the best episode and I said that again last night!
This show is fantastic and I am so happy that I saw that it and Chicago PD were renewed!
Halstead did not kill Radigan. I say his father killed his son. The look on the dad's face when Halstead told him what his son bought was one of shock eventhough he told Halstead he had to leave. I really hope Halstead does not take the fall!
I love Patrick Flueger, who knew he could run so fast!
Stillwell wants Voight to do what he says or else, the same thing that other lady wanted him to do.
Side note: does anyone besides Stillwell use a flip phone these days? :)
Ruzek and Burgess will get together.
I know Olinsky wanted to protect his daughter but and the unit does do things that sometimes fall in the grey area but I do not think he should have torn up Atwater's notes, like Atwater said: he could have gotten in serious trouble if he was ever called in to talk about what happened and then Olinsky said that was his problem! Lexi made the right choice when she said she wanted to help and catch the killer.
I laughed when Voight called Ruzek in to his office to talk about Burgess and then Voight was okay with it once he heard the reason and then he told Ruzek to leave BUT then also told him that he did not say no....that was a sweet moment.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I agree with you. The father is the killer.

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