Chrisley Knows Best Review: Does He, Though?

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USA Network got into the rich-person-reality-show business this week, taking a pretty big step away from fare such as Suits and Psych with the premiere of Chrisley Knows Best.

The series kicked off last night and focuses on flamboyant self-made millionaire Todd Chrisley, whose wife and kids live in a 30,000 square-foot house that - Todd is happy to tell you - is in the same gated Atlanta community as stars such as Usher and Chipper Jones.

Where does Todd stand on the Obnoxious Wealthy Person scale? Above or below such Real Housewives as Teresa Giudice?

Here's a rundown of the premiere's most ridiculous/irritating/entertaining moments:

  • Chrisley brags that the family spends over $300,000 a year on clothes.
  • The meticulously organized bedroom closet is bigger than most apartments. And some actual homes.
  • Chrisley's choice quotes include: I approve every piece of clothing that our children wear,” along with describing his oldest daughter as “beautiful,” “smart” and “bitchy.”
  • His 15-year old daughter proudly dresses like Pamela Anderson. Her words, not ours.
  • Chrisley places LoJacks on his children’s cars, reads their texts and tracks their Internet usage, tossing one of their computers into the pool at one point.
  • His 17-year old son gets pedicures.
  • His seven-year old son likes Hooters. (“I wanna see some hot girls," the firs grader says on the way home from school.)
  • Chrisley is starting a department store and is aghast at selling anything over a Size 6. “I understand,” he tells his buyer, “that we have to have a certain amount of those sizes that I don’t particularly care for.” 

So, is Todd Chrisley the next big thing on reality TV? Does he really know best?

And will you be tuning in for Episode 2?



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I find this show monumentally stupid and mind-numbingly boring. If it has a redeeming feature it would be that it presents a pretty good example of the dumbing-down of America.

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The show is funny, but most importantly, Todd has an iron fist on his kids when it comes to obeying the house rules. And he really shoves the I'm this millionaire label aside--he focuses on his family first. They're not like the Kardashians at all--they don't boast or flaunt about their wealth at all. They don't want the kids to be privileged too much at all like the other rich families on TV--they feel that the kids have to earn it first. Todd can overdo it a bit with the overbearing, but he just doesn't want his kids to be around the wrong friends or influences as they get in their late teens. He should ease a little bit and let them know that they'll face mistakes in life. I would love to see Chase and Savannah get after school or summer jobs so they're not living on that Range Rover or Mercedes. Hopefully this year when they tape the 2nd season. But this is a breath of fresh air--most of the long running reality shows have been lull or stagnant and this Chrisley show is so addicting and infectious. Like the moral at the end as the Chrisleys head to bed--very influenced by Cosby show too.


If he knows best, how does he not know he's gay?


I like this show !!! I don't agree some comment below ! Poor or Rich ! They all liar too ! Special kids ! They liar because they scare ! Just a nature human ! Everyone learn from mistake ! That how the parent try to teach them ! They still young better than adult know a lot and still liar and manipulate


I like this show is better Keeping up with Kadashian ! If you live in richest family !!It hard to control the kids !!! He make money then his family spend it !!! Really fun and some good point , not bad at all . I don't understand why people so crazy about reality show Kimkadashian family ??? Nothing there to see ??All fake and greedy ! Why do some good thing for socially ????? I like this show better


I love this show, it's not easy raising kids with a lot of money, they really do get spoiled. I believe he's trying to raise a decent bunch of kids but we all know, rich or poor it's not easy. I find him and his wife refreshing, no nannies! Love it, can't wait for my next guilty pleasure. #MFPGrowsit


For once a multimillionaire family whose not allowing their kids to run wild. Have to say the little one needs to curb his mouth but I like the show. Just maybe they will grow up to be responsible adults and a asset to society. Hopefully this is not fake for ratings.


Not sure who this show is supposed to appeal to. Every time the commercials came on I wanted to throw my TV through the window, so needless to say i was not looking forward to the premier.Tried watching and couldn't stand the "richer than thou" attitude. Why do I care how rich some random family is. Big deal. Most rich people I know don't need to advertise it as much as these guys. Tacky. If you can tell me why I am supposed to care, I will try the show again.


What do you you say about a family (and a show) like this? Really? This family is the embodiment of everything wrong in today's society. The entitlement that those kids have is mind-blowing! 50K cars are handed out like candy. Do any of the teenagers have jobs? Those parents may love their kids - but they have done them (and the rest of society) an incredible injustice. How sad...

@ rkgray

Horrible show. I try to instill in my middle school students some dignity and self worth as well as learning to "give back" to society. These kids swear at their dad, lie, treat others like dirt including their siblings. Where is it funny that a first grader wants to go to Hooters? Where is it funny that a man who has a clothing store doesn't want anything above size 6? (Hello Hollister). I could sell the clothes in just the parents closet and provide my students with water, snacks, technology for my classroom that I should have but don't. Really, nothing about this show is funny or good. If this is what society wants; I truly have a difficult time believing it.

@ Rebecca Lynn

Maybe they will give your school a donation, it's always worth a try. If you're in the south he might just do it! I agree that your class rooms need whatever it is your hearts desire to teach our future! Thank you for all you do!

@ Rebecca Lynn

Rebecca Lynn, You're awesome. Spot on with the comments.

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