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Community at PaleyFest: Six Seasons and a Movie?!?

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The full Community cast and its beloved showrunners stopped by PaleyFest in Los Angeles last night, talking to an enthusiastic crowd about the departure of Donald Glover, the future of Jeff and Britta - and, yes, whether they actually will squeeze six seasons and a movie out of the series.

Scroll down for a few key takeaways from the fun panel:

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1. A vital scene in the two-part Community Season 5 finale teased a big step for Jeff and Britta, for Dan Harmon issued a warning:

“If Community’s been adamant about anything, it’s that relationships mean nothing. Emotions mean everything, and sometimes emotions get exasperated by other people."

2. It was sad to say goodbye to Glover, but at least everyone knew the exit was coming. Harmon said the “straightforward” way the sitcom handled this loss of a regular allowed for “energy to tell other stories," while Danny Pudi added:

“That was the best, because we could send him off in a good way. It was nice to be able to grieve on set as characters and as friends.”

3. Joel McHale served as the middleman between Harmon, NBC and Sony, working hard to bring the creator back because Season 4 just wasn’t the same. McHale also felt like Community “wasn’t worth continuing unless [Harmon] came back.”

4. An animated spoof of G.I. Joe is coming, as teased here:

5. “It’s happening,” Gillian Jacobs screamed of the show getting six seasons and a movie, with Harmon also feeding the hopeful fire and adding:

"We’re on our fifth year of near-cancellation. The only thing weirder than getting a sixth season would be not getting a sixth season."

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