Dallas Review: Liars in Lingerie

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Emma Ryland was "Playing Chicken" in her own naughty way on Dallas Season 3 Episode 3. But her version involved barely their bikinis and dueling lingerie. 

The girl really has no shame, and thank goodness for that. Watching her torment John Ross is so much fun, but the girl certainly doesn't play fair. She may have outfitted Pamela with the same green outfit but it didn't have the garter belt and stockings.

You can hardly call that a fair fight. 

Maybe the lingerie incident was enough of a shock to set John Ross straight…but I doubt it. I also doubt Emma would let him walk away even if he wanted to. 

I have to say I was proud of Annie when Sue Ellen told her she suspected Emma and John Ross were having an affair. Most mothers would immediately defend their daughters but Annie now knows her child well enough to realize the type of trouble she's capable of.

For someone with such a devious brain, you'd think Emma would be smart enough to take the warning about her own safety. Perhaps someone can explain to her what happens to people targeted by a Mexican drug cartel. 

After Sue Ellen's dinner with Baum, I had no doubt he'd break. He truly cares for the family and the guilt was just too much for him. I can't wait to see how Sue Ellen handles Emma. It should be a lot of fun. 

In other South Fork news, Bobby fought John Ross with a Lesser Prairie chicken. It's not exactly a cock fight but it'll get the job done. 

I'd hoped that Rhonda would call Bobby after Nicolas' visit to her salon and I wasn't disappointed. I was also relieved that Baum had covered his tracks with the security footage at the shooting range. The Ewings are not amateurs at this.

Poor Elena was feeling down and almost ready to give up when pseudo-brother Nicolas stepped in to boost her spirits. Since the two were raised as almost brother and sister that definitely made me cringe. And as if that weren't bad enough, he's got a wife and kids back in Mexico. Weasely bastard.

When Christopher noted in this Dallas quote that…

Lack of integrity is a chronic condition. People aren't unethical only once, either in business or in life.


He wasn't kidding. 

Thankfully, Christopher's trip to Mexico gave him more information on Nicolas' past, or at least the knowledge that he's hiding it. I can't wait for him to uncover the connection to Elena's family. 

But it appears there's a wedding on the horizon. Will John Ross and Pamela actually make it to the altar? Will Emma try to get in the way? Will there end up being a fist fight in the pool? We'll have to wait for next week to find out.

Your turn, TV Fanatics. Who do you think looked better in the green lingerie?


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Nice mid season cliff hanger! Yes, the show is a stretch but its what got us all watching night soaps in the first place. Love the shockers with Judith snorting coke and Pam and Emma's scene with Jr JR! Yes, a given its not a family show for the kids but with the nostalgia link to one of the original guilty soap pleasues, it's got more interest I've seen since the hay days of Desperate Housewives and we get to see Ann now! ;)
The new characters are getting interesting but bring on the great links to the past (Gary Ewing and Abby X-Ewing would be great to conflict Bobby and Foe Judith).


mickey elena lived with u ewings since she was nine years old, the story of her and nicholas is prior before she met the ewings and before her father had died.If I am folliwing this story accuratley this is all prior before the ewings. I am loving this season, we have to keep up the ratings Dallas is the best!!!!!!


I'm confused. During the first season it was emphasized that Elena grew up at Southfork with John Ross and Christopher. This season they have repeatedly said that her family took in Nicholas, yet the Ewings don't know him.
Also I want tough Pam back. Surely the daughter raised by Wiley revenge seeking Cliff Barnes is more capable than sheltered pill popping debutante Emma!

@ MickeyG

I think they are probably referring to "Nicholas" and his younger days....................in the time before Elena and her family came to Southfork..........


great episode. Sue Ellen rules!!!


We've been shown how devious Pamela can be so I am wanting to see what happens when she finds out what John Ross is doing..........AND SHE WILL............there's no way she won't.............. Emma has been sheltered and is now breaking out of her shell..........will Grandma put her back in her place?

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

You can either get your men and hop on board my train or you can get run over.

John Ross

I learned the hard way that cheaters are almost always liars too.

Sue Ellen