Days of Our Lives Round Table: Wedding Worries

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It was an exciting week on Days of Our Lives as Will and Sonny put out an In-Law Alert as they dealt with the finishing touches for their wedding. As the day looms near, we wonder if there's any hope that it will all go off without a hitch.

Our TV Fanatics Christine Orlando and Nick McHatton are joined by André from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate whether Aidan should look for love with Hope or Kayla, if Eric and Nicole have a future, and who will make a scene at Will and Sonny's wedding.


Would you prefer to see Aidan with Hope or Kayla?

André:  I'd really rather see Aidan with Hope. If Bo were around, that's a different story. But, as it stands, he isn't, and I feel Aidan and Hope should be together. I know it's a tad cliché with the whole hate equals eventual love interest, but I kinda like the idea of these two getting together at some point. I'm actually looking forward to it, if it happens.

Christine:  Surprisingly, I liked the bit of chemistry we saw between Kayla and Aidan in their one scene and since Hope is still married, I'm uncomfortable with anything between she and Aidan happening. Has anyone else noticed that we never see Kayla's son Joe? Wouldn't he be about 6 now? When Kayla said she'd been "on the shelf" she wasn't kidding. I'm for anything that gives her an actual storyline. 

Nick: I'm ready for Hope to move on from Bo since it's clear he's never coming back. I like Hope and Aiden together as they move from enemies to something more. There's been a good buildup and I hope to see it continue.

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Do you think Eric will ever commit to Nicole?

André:  I doubt it, and I actually hope he doesn't. Eric has only been out of his position as a priest for a relatively short time. Naturally, he's going to have some reservations about hooking up so soon, no matter how deeply he cares for Nicole. The reason I don't want him to is just the way he treated Nicole in the past. I know Nicole's ready to forgive and forget, but Eric was pretty terrible to her. I don't know that I'd be willing to get together with someone like that. So, in short, no, I don't think Eric will commit to Nicole.

Christine:  Ugh. I feel bad for Nicole. I know she hasn't been completely honest with Eric but it feels like he's jerking her around. First he accuses her of rape, then he begs forgiveness. Then the moment he thinks he can't be a priest he's professing his love to her only to turn and around and say he won't sleep with her. Then he practically proposes marriage only to realize he'll probably never marry her because the church won't approve. I kind of wish he'd move back to Africa and leave the poor girl alone. 

Nick:  Maybe, but Nicole has her own problems right now with the evidence, and until that comes out from hiding Eric will never commit to Nicole. 

Who do you think will cause the biggest scene at Will and Sonny's wedding?

André:  Probably Nick. If he comes, I can just see him making a huge scene at the wedding. I wouldn't be surprised if he reveals to the whole church on that day that Will and Sonny knew about the incident at the river. I can't really think of anyone else that would make a scene at their wedding. Unless, of course, E.J. and Abby come to the wedding and their affair is revealed. I think the Nick scenario is more likely, though.

Christine:  Oh so many possibilities. Nick. Sami and Adrienne. Justin and Lucas. Maybe EJ and Abby. But I expect this wedding to be more humorous than shocking and I've got my fingers crossed that it turns out to be a beautiful day for Sonny and Will.

Nick: I think the speeches more than anything will be the biggest tear jerkers, and I'm hoping Nick makes an appearance to screw things up just a little bit. Boy has a knack for interruptions.

Were you surprised that Theresa chose Brady over the Basic Black job in Europe?

André:  Not at all. Theresa isn't just addicted to drugs, she's addicted to making trouble and bringing others down with her. Maybe she really does like Brady, but I think it's more likely that she is just using him to score more drugs. In my opinion, she sees Brady as another source to get what she wants and be a rebel. If she were to take the Basic Black job, her favorite source of drugs and sex wouldn't be as accessible.

Christine:  I was shocked. I doubt she'd have trouble finding the drugs she enjoys in Europe and if she's as into the finer things as she appears, then the right job doing something she likes could be a step in the right direction. Plus she hates her job and most everyone in Salem, other than Brady. I don't think she really cares about him but perhaps she likes the idea of a sugar daddy more than a career. 

Nick: Theresa is always looking for love and acceptance for her poor behavior. She first finds it with JJ, and now she has it with Brady. So its not surprising at all that she's choosing him over a relocation package. 

What was your favorite scene or story line of the week?

André: Definitely the Sami and Kate scenes. Those two are hilarious together! After years of hating each other and wanting to be rid of each other, they're approaching something in a similar vain to friendship. They work better as a team than as enemies, in my opinion. I hope we get more scenes with those two in this light again.

Christine:  I agree. Sami and Kate as allies and almost friends has been a lot of fun to watch. For whatever differences they have, it's their similarities that bond them. They're both a little crazy and will do absolutely anything to protect their children, including murder if necessary. Heck, they'll even joke about it afterwards. I'm really loving these two. 

Nick:  All the scenes leading up to the wedding. Asking all of the important people to do take part. I really loved Lucas and Justin toasting their sons to living out and proud. Caroline visiting and being so loving of Will and Sonny also tops the list. Oh, and Marlena officiating. So many awesome scenes this week.

What was the most annoying scene of the week?

André: The scenes with Brady. From the way Brady's downward spiral was described, I thought we were going to see a much darker side of Brady. But, much like the past several weeks, all we see Brady do is yell at everyone and sleep with Theresa. Not exactly the downward spiral I was expecting. I hope we get something a bit more substantial and darker for Brady in future.

Christine:  It was Abby going off on EJ for not having any restraint. Was she kidding? I seem to remember her launching herself at him in that cabin and then sneaking into his shower at the health club. Restraint?!?  Talk about revisionist history. I just hate it when Abby whines and paints herself the victim. It's incredibly annoying. 

Nick:  JJ and Paige aren't exactly fun to watch. I'm hoping it heats up or quickly fizzles out. It's a snoozer between them.

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If the writers spent as much time writeing a good story for Ari/Nicole as they do on Kate/ Abby they would have one He-- of a story and some great acting I don't always care for Nicole but you have to amitt Ari is one of the best actress on the show.


I just fast forward through all the gay agenda crap on this show.


Aiden running into/bumping into people has gotten old already.


Just for the record I am straight and a female. I love the will and sonny storyline, although I do not think the new will fits right with sonny. Abigail is annoying, She plays the victim too much. She went after austin and she new ej was engaged. She knew exactly who EJ was and he hasnt shown her anything different but she claims he led her to believe he was different almost sounding like EJ seduced her. Although EJ is no victim and I do not know where the writers got this story line from. EJ was alwayz after Sami even when he was with others. Thats been his M O since he was first introduced to days. Although I never liked that they protray him as being sami's age. EJ was born when Sami first started going after Austin.. I am nervous to see how they let Sami exit. She is my favorite character. I do love her interaction with kate. I alwayz thought lucas was better with her. Jennifer is getting annoying as well. I dont like her and Dan together they seem not to fit right. Nicole and Eric have alwayz been doomed. I think nicole wants love so bad that she sees with anyone she gets close to. Eric was easy way for her to keep herself from doing that with someone that would hurt her because Eric was safe. As a priest he wouldnt see her that way and she couldnt tell him so no way to get hurt or end up hurting anyone else until kristen came along. Nicole has become to whiny as well. So far the only strong woman on here now a days are Sami, Kate and Hope and Maxine. Speaking of Maxine I am so happy they are bringing her more into the story line. I like her character as well. I am still not sure how her abe will fit as a couple, but theo does need a mom around. Gaby and Nick that is so played out. I have a feeling Nick is going to kill gaby and end up back in jail or he is going to kidnapp her and take off to some unknown location. I'm just curious how the baby will be in this storyline at all or if she will just end up with will and sonny.


I can't stand the new Will. No only is he not a good actor, he is not cute. I just don't think he and Sonny mesh. Also, there is No Way Ann and Teresa would get away with their crap at a real hospital. How unrealistic. But I am LOVING Abe and Maxine. I love that lady!


Will and sonny are disgusting. The soap has gotten carried away with this story line. If it was necessary to be politcally correct, it could been accomplished without the kissing and definitely without the marriage.

@ mary ventiere



I'm so ready to stop watching this soap. I am repulsed to see two guys kissing. Why can't you just leave it at they're gay without the kissing. Not everyone is ever going to accept this life style. If you think you have to put it in your story line do it without showing the kissing. Love Nicole, such a great actress. Getting a little tired of Hope without a Bo. Also, people always after Jennifer. Just let her go at all liking her. Good to see Abe & Maxine getting together. Fire Ann & be done with her. Bring back Daniels daughter in Europe & Phillip.

@ rita rose

Aiden "running into people" and vise versa is already gotten old.