Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: What Will Cristina Decide?

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Will they or won't they?

On Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 17, Cristina and Owen will have a very heated discussion as the issue of children is brought up once again.

The former imagines two distinct paths for her future. With a major decision to make, which will she choose? Yes, this is the much-hyped Cristina What-If installment.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Dr. Hunt has another issue: A patient must decide whether living under certain circumstances is worth it... or if it's okay to decide to die.

Check out these photos from "Do You Know?" scheduled to air Thursday, March 27 on ABC.

Two Paths
With two paths in front of her, Cristina must decide which to choose.

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Do we have to go there again. She already aborted one baby by him - I think that makes the message quite clear.


Hope she sends him to the curb and chooses her career. At least her career don't screw another woman and cheats on her.


Don't care , kicked this show to the curb, years ago .....most annoying drama cast on TV


Come on, this again?!? It's perfectly okay to not want kids.