Grey's Anatomy Review: The Panty Police

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Can you imagine Grey's Anatomy without the romance? Well, I could never either.

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 explored just that... well, almost anyway.

After the anonymous complaint on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13, Owen enacted a non-fraternization policy that essentially banned romance between our favorite docs.

While all relationships between superiors and subordinates were strictly prohibited and also all relationships with coworkers discouraged, the board had the right idea in mind. They wanted a safe work environment with focus solely on the patients and believed that could only be achieved without all of the relationship drama.

So, how did the couples take it?

Jolex, my favorite couple lately, totally pulled off an over-the-top fight scene right in the middle of the hospital. I had a hunch it was a bit rehearsed, but Jo's tears nearly had me fooled. I seriously love these two together and thought their fake fight was kind of brilliant.

In the end, they were exposed and the board (also known as "the panty police") expressed that they wanted Jolex to keep their relationship strictly professional at the hospital.

I could definitely understand why Alex stormed off and was utterly pissed. I'm crossing my fingers, though, that this only makes Jolex even stronger. 

As for Japril, they tried their best to keep their marriage a secret. However, they eventually had to spill the beans when they were caught getting busy in the supply contest. Technically, they weren't breaking any rules since they are married now. 

Meanwhile, I didn't really care for the Owen and Emma (plus Cristina) storyline. So, Owen talked about moving in with Emma in the beginning of the installment... only to end up breaking up with her by the end of the hour all because of a night with Cristina. Call me crazy, but I like Crowen better apart than together. To me, their story was finished. 

As for Calzona, I still think that a new house and now a new ring are doing no good for their severely troublesome marriage. Something tells me that this pair's marriage woes are far from over.

Lastly, I really liked that Richard was basically in charge of the residents as they all worked together on a cancer case. He's always been an amazing mentor. I was shocked when the residents' ideas and realizations didn't come together quickly enough so that an attempt could be made to try to save the young patient's life.

It was heartbreaking.  

Other Thoughts:

  • Major props to those who totally called it last week and knew that it was Leah who filed the anonymous complaint.
  • I said it before and I'll say it again: I really like that Ben is back and am glad that he's getting in with the other residents. He's a great addition!
  • How many of you loved that Meredith and Cristina are back and better than ever? Finally!
  • I've always loved MerDer and thought it was entirely realistic how frustrated Meredith was in regards to Derek's involvement with the POTUS. It should be interesting to see how his position on the advisory board affects their marriage and family life.

Overall, "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" was a solid installment and has me excited to see what's in store for the remainder of this season. 

Here's a look at Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 15:

Should Crowen get back together?


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I love Chris and Owen too. But his speech to Emma sounded stupid to at the beginning he got a divorce because Chis didn't want kids, he couldn't handle this, then they slept together and now, voila, epiphany! he doesn't want what Emma is offering, and he realizes like that???!!! give me a break...that storyline is more apt for a soap opera....not Grey's....


Episode was AWESOME and AMAZING!!!! LOVED Alex's speech and Jo's reaction to the new rule. I totally agree with Alex when he said that they were ALL hypocrites and if they are going to implement a non fraternizing rule it should be for everyone, I mean how fair is it for everyone else to hear about their happy little lives when other people can't. I loved how they all looked so guilty. Plus I hope that Alex finds out about Christina and Owen because he broke his own rule. What a hypocrite. Again Great episode loved it.

@ ryden20

Owen did not break his own rule as they were outside of the hospital. What happens outside between anyone is no problem or anyone's business
And I agree with Alex. They all needed a reminder that they all started the same way

@ ryden20

Owen did not break his own rule as they were outside of the hospital. What happens outside between anyone is no problem or anybody's business.
And I agree with Alex's speech, he said what they all needed to hear


Oh, you have never liked Crowen, "reviewer." Why do you bother mentioning them? You never have anything nice to say.

@ Denice

Maybe because there isn't anything nice to say about them!


I figured it was Leah who complained, or possibly she and Steph together. And Japril getting caught in a closet??? I love any excuse to see Jesse Williams without a shirt on!


Loved the Owen and Cristina scene! I liked Emma but when you love someone else you can't move on with somine who is willing to give you everything you thought you wanted. Loved the Jackson and April scenes! They have amazing and I hope they stay happy with no lingering feelings if guilt for what happened at April's other wedding. Callie and Arizona used to be one of my favorite couples but I really think Callie deserves better. Merder weren't really interesting in this episode so I hope theor story line gets more intriguing. I hope Alex and Jo can find done way to be together without getting into trouble and can they please get rid of Shane, Leah and Stephanie. They're useless and all they do is whine.


I absolutely love Japril, they have great chemistry and are adorable together. Loved Jackson saying how proud he was that April is his wife.


I absolute love Japril, it felt like an eternity for them together and now it is all the sweeter because they're married.


jolex and japril are cute . crowen scenes are hot as always as well as calzona and merder come on EMMA IS SO BORING thankfully she is gone , if that boring character stays then Owen will be boring too.. CROWEN MIGHT BE WEIRD BUT THEY are HOT many still likes them...let the crowen fans enjoy the remaining moments of crowen

Doe rae me

I don't blame Alex for his reaction when called before the board for his relationship with Jo. He was exactly right to call them all hypocrites. There wasn't a single person in that room who hadn't secretly slept with another person in that room present! As for Leah being the one that filed the complaint, that shows how crazy she is. As in Fatal Attraction, or Single White Female CRAZY. Her behaviour is quite vengeful. The only reason anyone at the hospital even knew she was involved with anyone at the hospital is because she went bananas every time she got involved. First it was Ale,x then it was Arizona.


I think it's time for April and Jackson to leave the fact that their happy to ruined some one life

@ Michael

It's called life. You get hurt and you move on instead of sitting around moping. If anyone should leave it's those residents (except for Jo). Plus, the majority of the viewers love April and Jackson together. That's why Shondra put them back together. Ratings.

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Meredith: I have wine.
Cristina: I'll be there.

So, you're the panty police now?


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