Grey's Anatomy Shocker: Isaiah Washington to Return!

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We have an update on the impending departure of Dr. Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy.

And it's a doozy.

With a special, What-If episode already planned for Cristina on March 27, Shonda Rhimes now confirmed that Isaiah Washington will reprise his role as Preston Burke for an episode in May.

The actor left the show amidst controversy over a gay slur he aimed at then-colleague T.K. Knight and his character exited by leaving Cristina at the altar to conclude Grey's Anatomy Season 3.

I Have to Let You Go

Said Rhimes in a statement: “It’s important to me that Cristina’s journey unfolds exactly as it should. Burke is vital to that journey - he gives her story that full-circle moment we need to properly say goodbye to our beloved Cristina Yang.”

No word yet on how Burke will re-enter the picture, but... WOW. We did not see this coming.

Sandra Oh announced prior to Grey's Anatomy Season 10 that she would be leaving the series in May.

React now to this shocking news and pay tribute to Yang below:

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I am thrilled that Burke is back!!! Cristina was never as passionate about Owen as she was with Burke. He molded her as an intern and I hope she leaves to be with him. That's what I predicted when I first found out she was leaving. I knew they'd bring him back for that.


I hope that Cristina doesn't leave to be with Burke! He treated her like crap when they were together, and I little hope his narcissism will have abated.


I'm not surprised she's bringing him back. I'm surprised it took so long. She sided with him over TR Knight who was the wronged party.


I hope the show doesn't kill off Christina and Burke shows up for her funeral...


I personally don't really understand or like the idea of bringing Burke back.... I mean the guy left her at the altar years ago, let him go. Plus didn't the actor leave the show because of anti-gay comments made towards T.R. Knight (George)?


bringing back Burke is a good idea, but it better be a GREAT episode with Christina & Burke with at least three episodes of them, if not, i'll stop watching GA for good, all this seasons has been very lame & boring, it is not the same like the first three seasons, after that, the rest of the seasons it SUCKS: i am only waiting for Burke to come back with Christina...what it is up with "WATCH ABC app" it SUCKS!!! i cant see my shows waiting for a week to pass by, it SUCKS!!!


I agreed with Edna, it took so long to bring Burke sad!


I loved that Burke is back. He is a great actor and the couple with Cristina was superb. Any other problem that happened should be left in the past. Let's learn with this and try every day the feeling of compassion. Burke and Cristina together are perfect, the passion, the humor even so their fights are fully of charm...great couple!


we knew at some point and time Burke would be back .Cristina's relationships, have never been as smooth as it was with Burke.However the story ends, they look like they should be together. like a hand to a glove. I really am sorry it took you so long to bring him back.


What on earth would Cristina want with this old man 7 years after he left her standing at the alter? He was probably using Viagra back then, Lol.

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