Hart of Dixie Review: Two Hunks, One Lemon

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After a long hiatus, Hart of Dixie is back... and on a new night!

In related news, Lemon Breeland FINALLY returned after her extended break as well. Even Magnolia Breeeland made a brief return.

On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 14, Zoe tries to impress her mom while Lemon juggled two overly attractive men.

We can all rejoice now that Lemon has returned from her very noticeable absence. Just as it should have been, she made quite the dramatic entrance, not missing a beat. Her appearance here was perfect and incredibly enjoyable.

While Lemon was gone, she not only endured what I took to be torture taking care of her grandma, but  she also hooked two hotties! Carter (AKA Captain Awesome on Chuck), and sexy Latin poet Enrique. Since Lemon is now evolved, as she states, she had managed to keep two lovers without the other finding out.

As Hart of Dixie tradition goes, her lies were exposed. Luckily for Lemon, it didn't come out publicly, thanks to Lavon for pulling the fire alarm. Unfortunately, Grandma Breeland, acting so disgusting entitled, won't help Lemon reach her dreams.

Does anyone else feel the complete disdain towards grandma Betty that I do? She's terrible.

Regardless, Lemon is finally back. That's what matters. Bluebell can now function as normal. THANK YOU, WRITERS! (Sidenote: Congratulations again to Jaime King on the birth of her new son)

Elsewhere, Zoe was working really hard to keep her mom in her life and impress her. As it continued, I seemed to care less and less. Zoe Hart is becoming the most uninteresting character in Bluebell. She's not only predictable, she is almost too much to handle.

The writers need to give Zoe something new to deal with; not Wade, her family or the practice. It's all "been there, done that" at this point.

The most predictable part was when she let her mom take control and bring in reporters to get Zoe her practice back. We all knew that she wouldn't go through with it; Zoe loves Brick and vise versa. Trying to put Zoe against him is an unwelcome throw back from Hart of Dixie Season 1.

Overall, this episode was a pretty decent hour. It was funny and heartfelt. I think I am really bias, though, because Lemon is now back and in full force. The show was missing a key component without her.

As most of you may know, Hart of Dixie is in the brink of being canceled after three wonderful seasons on The CW.

As a former Chuck, fan I know what it's like to be a fan of a show that's facing cancelling so trust me when I say... there's always hope. The best advice I can give it to watch Hart of Dixie Season 3 live. Also: live tweet, re-tweet, blog on Tumblr, post on Facebook. Anything helps.

Spread the word of Hart of Dixie, the residents of Bluebell need us to watch live to keep them around. We have to fight for our show that has made us laugh, cry and - above all - feel happy. Dixie is worth saving, so do your part as a fan and a viewer.

Who do you think Lemon should pick?


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As someone who has struggled to live up to and get the attention of a high powered parent, I found Zoe's struggle to be very relatable. I have done stupid stuff to get my father's attention. Great man's son syndrome is the term (or great man's daughter syndrome in my case). By the way, I love Joel. I'm not a Zorge or Zade shipper anymore. Zoe needs someone like him for all the crazy in her life. Lemon is back! Enrique is sexy, a poet and singer (though what we did hear of his poetry was meh), but I'm rooting for Captain Awesome. I miss Chuck.


Umm... I'm going to write something very honest but it's my personal opinion of the show. I love light-hearted TV shows. They're a nice mix in the week. Hart of Dixie was never completely one of them. It was only moderately so and it worked because it didn't try to be too light-hearted. If it had some funny dialogue or a moment where you burst out laughing it was genuine because it worked with the overall story of the show. These days, the story of the show is to be light-hearted. It appears to be the sole purpose of the show so the comedy is lacking a bit. The authenticity of the show is lacking a bit. Instead of... yeah, that's a nice, relaxing and interesting show to watch - it just leaves me feeling... bored. I still watch this show because it was season one that made me fall in love with it. Zoe was an interesting character in a unique situation. Wade was a unique character. The story of the show had a purpose... we were tuning to see the story unfold and each episode led to that. Now, I don't really enjoy the show anywhere near as much as I did. And I noticed the character Meatball say something like "the Internet was wrong again" and couldn't help but think it was those in charge of the show who do see the opinions on the Internet... just wanting to say "we don't care for your opinion". :/


hope to see more of zoe and wade and more lemon and lavon this two much get back together wanna to see more of there feeling for each-other there are meant she love he and he love her more then AB wanna to see a wedding on season 4 lavon and lemon wedding george have his chance to marry lemon is now lavon turn to have her there are meant to be TEAM/LAV''MON .


AAAAAH! YES! Lemon is back! *Fist pumps*. My apologies had to get that out of my system. Now on with my comments. I was happy so to have HoD back, and to have not one but both of the Breeland sisters back. It was good to have Magnolia back. She is wild as ever. LOL. I like what she gives the show. I enjoy her. I miss her. I wish the writers would get her back on. (As well as Rose. Fix this HoD writers). Lemon. Well what can I say? She came back with a BANG. Well done writers, well done. Watching her story last evening was great. It was predictable, but oh so much fun to watch as it unraveled before our eyes. I laughed and laughed. Thank you writers for that. Zoe. SMH two times. I am tired of her. I never ever thought I would say that about Zoe Hart. It breaks my HoD loving heart. What have they done to her? I think the better question is what are they going to do to fix her? I like Joel. I like him very much, just not with Zoe. Enough said. Before I forget and end this, I must say I loved Wade coming to Lemon's rescue. They have great relationship. Let's hope the writer's don't find a way to make it otherwise.

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