Helix Review: Hatake's Dilemma

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Tonight's penultimate installment of Helix Season 1 is bound to upset fans that still believe their favorite characters are safe.

I realized early on that the body count would probably outweigh the survivors on this show.

Helix Season 1 Episode 12 gave us some insight into the immortal assassin known as The Scythe. I had a feeling Constance Sutton was his mother and this was no ordinary mission, it was personal for him.

Though The Scythe definitely caused some damage this episode, he just wasn't as menacing as in Helix Season 1 Episode 11. He came across as a brat, used to getting his way and pitching a fit when he doesn't.

The mission was clear:  deliver Narvik and its cure to Ilaria, as well as Hatake alive. Everyone else was to be terminated. Of course, once The Scythe learns via security surveillance footage that Hatake killed his mother, Constance, the mission takes a back seat to revenge.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure if the actor's performance didn't work for me or if I had a hard time accepting this kid as a killer. Either way, I was very disappointed with The Scythe overall. I found him to be one of the weakest characters Helix has given us this season. Perhaps the kid should have kept the mask on or been a creepy vector like Peter. At least that would have been scary and way less campy.

Our survivors are gathered in Hatake's underground bunker/cabin and Alan tells a silver-eyed Sarah that they have to stop Ilaria.

What we've seen of the virus so far, it's small scale. Ilaria has world wide ambitions and we can't let them succeed. There is no running or hiding. Either they survive or we do.


Daniel/Miksa returns from his search for the remaining scientists and reports they're all dead, slaughtered by the masked Scythe (the cool guy). Peter feels an intense guilt, as he was the original Vector that caused so much damage and infected the others.

Julia and Sarah's conversation confirms what I suspected, that Sarah is now immortal. She will look twenty six forever. It was also interesting to learn that Hatake was born in 1501 and is five hundred thirteen years old. I think it was wise of Julia to recommend they keep their secret from the world. Full disclosure would only lead to testing the immortals and who knows what else.

We check in a couple of times with Balleseros, Anana and Tulok (the twin). Where were they headed anyway? Back to Arctic Biosystems? Anana's crushin' on Sergio and trusts him 100% now, but Tulok thinks she's crazy. The guy is only out for himself.

While The Scythe (who's real name is Spencer) obsesses over the footage of Hatake killing his mother, there's moaning coming from a large container. What did they inject the woman inside with? Morphine to quiet her down?

Hatake knows The Scythe and his team are listening in on his conversation, so he misleads the kid. They talk about creating a diversion to incinerate the Narvik. In reality, the Narvik and cure are stored in a small fridge in the bunker/cabin.

Hatake and Alan head outside to The White Room to get the fake Narvik when they're met by The Scythe. Hatake throws the tube, the woman, Thea, runs after it and the ice collapses beneath her. The effects work here was questionable. Was the budget running out? There have been instances where the visual effects are not up to par, other times things are rendered quite beautifully. It hasn't been consistent, that's for sure.

Going over the surveillance footage, The Scythe learns that Julia is Hatake's daughter. Naturally, he goes after her and somehow manages to pull her out of the elevator emergency hatch. I'm not clear how exactly this went down, and will have to watch that scene again.

Soon a tube tumbles down into the bunker with a note to Hatake. It reads "she has nine fingers left, I only had one mother." Yep Julia's lost a digit. Hey at least she's still immortal. I'd give up a hand to live forever, wouldn't you?

The air duct plan was much less interesting than The Scythe placing a bomb collar around both Julia and Daniel/Miksa's neck. Why Daniel decided to take the Narvik to The Scythe and how the scrawny teen overpowered him is beyond me.

So who will it be? The miracle that is your biological daughter? Or your loyal son, who dedicated his life to you?

The Scythe

Though Hatake begs and attempts to reason with the kid, I think we all knew Julia wasn't going to lose her head. Daniel understood, despite his love for his father, that Julia would always come first. He bravely removes the collar and... boom! Farewell Daniel/Miksa, we hardly knew ya.

I'd just like to say that Meegwun Fairbrother did a wonderful job on this show. He took a character we were all suspicious about and made him likeable. So much so, that I read several tweets tonight from fans saying they plan to skip Season 2 since Daniel was killed off. For me, that's the nature of this show and I accepted that early on with Doreen's death. A second season has not yet been ordered, but will I watch it? ...hell's yeah!

The Scythe is easily overpowered after Daniel loses his head and the nearby monitors reveal that Julia's mother is the woman inside that container. Why did the immortals have her? As a bargaining chip to make sure Hatake and Julia cooperate? I guess we'll find out next week.

If you missed something, like that elevator scene and want to check out tonight's episode again, Watch Helix online right here at TV Fanatic.

So tell me, who do you think will be the first casualty in the Helix Season 1 finale?


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Wendy michele

I agree with you like always Henry. The first few shows I wasn't sure I was going to like Miksa but he ended up being a better actor and it was a shock he died. You know me, I am ready for the bad actors to die off in a snap. :D I thought his departure was shocking. The Scythe is one of those horrible Canadian actors that just stick out. He comes across as a bratt and not strong at all. It did go from being smarter to B horror. I still want to see what will happen and think it's on of syfi's better shows.
You know I have noticed many shows now don't think twice about killing off main people. Game of Thrones has really changed the way things are written. Teen Wolf is another example of that new trend.
I hope that kid isn't in season two or I can't see Helix being that good like it was in the beginning.


I really love most of this show, but there are a few things that are getting hard to ignore. The writing has been weak at times. The conversation Julia and Alan had in Fushigi at the abandoned satellite station was ridiculous, considering they were under fire at the time. There were other moments for a serious conversation like that, but that was definitely not it. Billy Campbell is supposed to be the star, and yet the writing for his role is (and his whole role) makes him seem more of a secondary character. They haven't done the best casting, either. I like the character of Sarah Jordan and I like the actress, but as a sometime lover of Alan's? It doesn't work for me. The Scythe is another one. I agree totally that he should have left his mask on or they should not have made him Sutton's son. While I started out loving this show for the action and intelligence from the beginning, it has really started to fall short of my expectations. I'm still watching every week, but after killing off the character of Daniel Aerov this past week, I'm not so sure that I'm interested in a second season. Meegwun Fairbrother was exceptional in the role of Daniel and that character was the true hero of the show. You just don't kill off the hero and I can't see his brother as replacing him. It was the whole story of Daniel that made him an interesting character and a hero, not just the actor who portrayed him. I also have a problem with Balleseros. It seems that fans (and writers) have completely forgotten that he killed Doreen and a couple other people in less than a week. Now that he appears to be interested in Anana we are supposed to be okay with him killing Doreen? Just the fact that Anana goes from being this strong female character who doesn't fall for any of Balleseros tricks, to a lovesick girl defending her man is not believable. I can't cheer on this couple when it is so ridiculous a story line, when the heroine is so easily won over, and when the antagonist has done so little to redeem himself. He has made no sacrifice worthy of all the forgiveness that fans are bestowing on him. Anana and Balleseros could be a great story line, but it would have to play out for more than just a season to get it right. The way it's going it is nothing more than a story for love sick, love deprived, teen fans and middle aged unhappy women and men. I'm hoping for a well-written, believable season finale, otherwise I won't be tweeting for a second season. Some of these actors are really fine actors and they deserve better. It's a true testament to their acting skills that they can bring these characters to life despite the writing and stories with which they have to work.

@ Fringeite

I agree completely with your point of view, though Daniel/Miska's death won't stop me from watching Season 2 if it's greenlit. The writing has gone from interesting and smart, to B-Movie horror clichés. Alan is a terrible protagonist and Billy Campbell's talent has been wasted in this role. The character has made such ridiculous decisions that ultimately led others to their doom. Sure, no one's perfect... But c'mon, he's got to be smarter than that. Balleseros is a murderer, don't care how you slice it or dice it. You've probably noticed I hardly touch on the Sergio/Anana B-story because I have very little interest in it. He can't be redeemed, he should have met his end by now in my opinion. I'm also hoping for a well-written finale that closes up the Arctic Biosystems storyline. If there's a season two it should follow Alan/Julia stopping The 500 who end up with the Narvik and cure at the end. It was fun while it lasted, but I wouldn't be devastated if these 13 episodes complete the series. Thanks for always leaving your comments and taking the time to read my reviews. You rock!

@ Henry A. Otero

I'm so glad it's not just me! I had such high hopes for this show. Well, there's always Orphan Black. My other Fringe replacement. I just hope that show stays strong.

@ Fringeite

Orphan Black is the perfect example of consistently great writing. I can't wait for the new season... Tatiana Maslany never fails to blow my mind.


In point of fact Miksa didn't take off his collar he just tipped it up to activate the mercury switch.

@ Charles

You're right, those collars were locked on tight. Daniel had no way of removing it. I write these reviews after the show airs and sometimes wonder if I'm awake and making any sense at all. Coffee is a beautiful thing! Thanks for pointing that out Charles ;)

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Helix Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

What we've seen of the virus so far, it's small scale. Ilaria has world wide ambitions and we can't let them succeed. There is no running or hiding. Either they survive or we do.


So who will it be? The miracle that is your biological daughter? Or your loyal son, who dedicated his life to you?

The Scythe