How I Met Your Mother Review: And It Was Legendary

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As hours became episodes this season, some may have wondered if we were ever going to see Robin walk down that aisle.

The moment finally arrives this week however, on How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 22. But not without one last dramatic sequence involving Ted and Robin.

With just over a half hour to go, Ted found a panic stricken Robin full of doubt. If even the smallest part of Ted still wanted to end up with his former flame, the chance to steal her away was there... but he was adamant in his belief that she was marrying the right man.

He was not going to go down that path again.

I refuse to be a part of a third runaway bride situation.


Giving Barney the locket to give to Robin was symbolic of him letting go of those feelings for her, but he also found the words to explain why he no longer was the right man for her.

Robin, of course, still wasn't sure she could go through with the wedding and fled on her own, right smack dab into the mother.

The mother showed why she and Ted are such a match as she helped Robin collect herself when he couldn't.  She also revealed how she, too, fancied herself a bit of a detective once, just like her future husband.

Barney, meanwhile, didn't have any doubts about Robin being the one, but he struggled to find the words to tell her how much he wanted her to be so. Enter Marshall and Lily.

There's no one I enjoy seeing deliver bad jokes more than Marshall, and Lily let him have his fun longer than most would have. Together they are a marital force to be reckoned with.

Barney's criticism of their wedding vows was spot on, though, yet it also helped him to see that more than anything else being honest with Robin was the best thing he could ever promise her.

Marshall and Lily were high-five happy, but realized Barney had a point. So before the guests began to arrive, they exchanged an updated list of vows and showed once again why they are the best married couple on television.

Barney delivered his one vow to Robin before the actual wedding, casting aside any fear of bad luck associated with seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle.

What he finally understood was that the wedding was just going to be one day in a long life together with Robin. This is why I was okay with the actually wedding ceremony taking up so little of the episode.

A wedding is in essence just a big party. You profess your love for someone in front of your friends and family, but when the cake is all eaten and the dance floor cleared, what remains is you and that one person. Getting to that moment of "I do" and the days, months and years that follow are what really matter.

Marshall and Lily showed us how things change and why vows need to be ever adjustable.

Like Ted said, it doesn't have to make sense to make sense, it just needs to be love.

Here's the secret kids. None of us can vow to be perfect. In the end all we can do is promise to love each other with everything we've got. Because love's the best thing we do.


Brief as the actual wedding was, it was not without its own highlights.

Robin walking down the aisle to "Sandcastles in the Sand," the adorable ring bear and seeing all the special people in the crowd who have been with Robin and Barney along the way, made for a great scene - and yes, it was legendary.

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I'm glad they finally made it down the aisle and that Ted realized going down that path again would be a mistake! He's really grown. Next week is going to be so sad! I loved that the ring bear was just a cute little thing though and that Robin ended up loving it. And anytime she freaks out on Patrice, even mid wedding, is pretty hilarious. Marshall was on fire with his cheesy jokes, but you gotta love him. I can't believe it's almost over!

C f ohara
@ Amy Lynn

I too love anytime Robin freaks out on Patrice. I forgot to mention that AND the final slap. I blame Time Warner for screwing up my recording. Thankfully a friend managed to record it and let me come over to watch, but as a result I was in a rush to get the review out.


Barney's and Robin's sisters were hiding in Rosewood due to A. Haha. Yeah I know a bad joke, but it's kinda cute that they are also in another show together. I like how the mother kept it real and didn't give Robin some crappy advice because evidently she doesn't know her. The only thing she said was something she knew that works, and because of that Robin and Barney had a great moment right before their ceremony. Omg this is truly going to end by next week. I will really really miss this show.

@ Kenley

I agree about the mother. From her history that we've learned this season her advice is something that she'd definitely know about.


i liked a lot but why was barneys sister and robin sisters were not bride maids


where was barney n robin sisters