How I Met Your Mother Review: Buongiorno Daisy

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With just four hours to go until the wedding, there was still time for plenty of drama.

Robin's surprise at her mother's arrival quickly gave way to panic on How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 20, as she began to see several disturbing similarities between her dad and Barney.

No I'm not okay, because apparently I'm marrying my dad in a few hours.


Meanwhile, downstairs at the inn, Billy Zabka told Marshall and the guys how he had seen Lily after he had gotten some late night dirt biking in on the sand. (Yet another great Karate Kid reference.)

Marshall Is Curious

From there, the episode took a slight turn toward the absurd, as Marshall punched The Captain before hearing him out and then challenged him to a duel. Learning The Captain was engaged to Boats Boats Boats - who Ted of course knocked boots, boots, boots with - was a nice touch, though.

We learned Lily showed up and went directly into The Captain's powder room for some time. Truthfully, my first thought was that she was pregnant, but then Ted made a pretty compelling case of his own.

After milking the moment for all it was worth, he finally began to explain his theory about what happened over the last day and a half. It was there the writers humorously took a shot at themselves and the recent pace of the show.

What followed was a long day and a half for Lily, a really long day and a half. It's kind of insane how much happened in just a day and a half.


Lucky for fans, Ted was wrong and, along with Marshall, we discovered he and Lily were going to have another baby. Then the episode got  back on track and picked up steam.

In what will be remembered as one of their best moments, Marshall found the perfect words to show Lily just how excited he was to learn about the secret she had been hiding.

Lily: We're not going to Italy.
Marshall: Of course we are. Lily we have to do this. You're gonna live in Rome and you're gonna get your dream because you're giving me mine, again.

It was their moment, but seeing Barney overcome with emotion as well, and hug Robin's mother the way he did, made it that much more touching. Then, jumping forward two scenes, we caught up with Marshall and Lily in Italy and met Daisy Eriksen for the first time. That face. 

Sandwiched in between the two scenes was one which may have hinted at a major development still to come, one which I myself had written off.

Robin's mother tried to reassure her that so long - as she had someone who she could depend on - she would be fine. As Robin answered that she did have someone like that, did anyone else get the feeling she may have been thinking of Ted?

Did they really reopen the possibility that Ted and Robin will end up together? I know many of you rolled your eyes, but something has been bothering me ever since last week's episode.

If the mother dies, like I thought was pretty apparent after How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 19, why haven't the kids seemed more forlorn all these years as they listened to their father's story? Instead, they usually look bored or impatient.

So now I'm wondering if after the the mother passes away, does Ted end up getting together with Robin? She and Barney could have still been together in Argentina in 2016 and only later got together with Ted sometime after 2022.

That would mean at some point, she and Barney break up. Can it be that they do end up together? "Just when I thought I was out..."

Either way, bravo to the writers for not only tugging at my heart strings, but also causing me to scratch my head in the same episode.

And kudos to Marshall and Lily on their bella figlia Daisy. Let us know what you thought, and have mercy on my Italian if I made any mistakes.


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I think Daisy will die because she was not present in the episode where Lily and Marshall take Marvin to college.


Ted's wife is now confirmed. Cannot be any more conspiracy on that one. But I feel there might be something we are missing here. One major Surprise.


Just when you think the show can't make you laugh, Tracy Ullman shows up, brilliant. I had to crack up with "Mosby Boys!!" There is something about this group that always gets to you. I will truly miss the show, especially since I came in on the show on season 4 or 5. Don't remember. I know its the one with the goat. They had me at "Just say no."
Yes, I knew Lily was pregnant when she asked to use the powder room. If she wanted to smoke she could have smoked outside. I am glad Lily and Marshall came to a resolution on how to pursue their dreams together. Not many long term couples make it through "I want to pursue my dream" discussion.
I believe it is well established that Barney and Robin are it, otherwise they would have wasted 24 episodes. Plus, the mother is perfect for him, who else will listen to Ted over a long term basis. Don't forget that while Ted has been waiting for over a decade to meet his soulmate, so has she.
Plus, Barney and Robin have not experienced that "OMG, This is my wedding day." moment yet. They established 2 years ago that would happen right before they walk down the aisle with both of them trying to jump out the window. What is also in limbo is the locket. I still believe that Barney will give it to Robin. Call me a romantic, just don't hold it against me.


Re: why don't Ted's kids seem more despondent if their mom is dead... They're teenagers. Since when have teenagers wanted to sit and listen to their parents tell stories?


I think Lily will die in 2030.. n on the last episode ted was crying for daisy..

@ Nadia

Or do you think Daisy will die? She was not around when Marshall and Lily take Marvin to college.

@ Nadia

i dont think so.. its nt confirmd yet..! it could b mother too..

@ Ramya

Gud English..duh!


Unelss something different is going around, all I've ever seen is that Bays and Thomas confirmed SOMEONE will die in the final 5 episodes of HIMYM. They didn't say who. I think they're just trying to make it look like it's the mother. And again, they said the ending would make fans extremely happy. I think people are mostly over Ted and Robin, so that wouldn't make a whole lot of people happy. Her and Barney are better together... Anyways, with that said. I loved the episode. I loved Ted's whole moment of feeling so great about himself while the others just listened in for the secret. The scenes at the Captain's house were pretty funny. I had a hunch she may have been pregnant again, and I'm glad she was! They deserve it! Their moment in the hotel was one of their sweetest throughout the series. And yes, I did also get the vibe that Robin was referring to Ted out on the balcony. But I really thought we locked and closed that door forever. I'm hoping we did! It's sad that there's only a few episodes left!

@ Amy Lynn

Where precisely did they say that? It hasn't been mentioned in any article about the show that I've seen.

@ kaymc

He mentioned meeting her in the first episode and the kids said "Aunt Robin? I thought this was gonna be about how you met Mom!"...paraphrased, of course.


Robin is definitely the kids' aunt! Future Ted said,' And that how I met your aunt Robin' in the very first episode!!


I got the impression when she was talking to her mom that she was having a moment thinking of ted, but I think that is so far over. Also, if you think back to the time traveling episode, 20 years into the future barney is wearing a wedding ring... implying that barney is married 20 years into the future, so unless he married someone else I'm assuming it's Robin, hence the Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney references throughout his narration


Good episode. My first thought was that Lilly was pregnant and that Ted was way off when he said he knew exactly what happened and then began to explain how she started smoking again. Lilly and Marshall's moment was so sweet when he told her they were going to Rome because she was making his dream come true again. I liked seeing Lilly Marshall and the kids in Italy and then finding out the babies name is Daisy. Can't wait till the next episode.


Cristin Milioti said in an interview just yesterday that the mother doesn't die. When and where have the writers confirmed that the mother dies? It wouldn't be much of a surprise if we knew in advance would it? I get that the Ted and Robin fans want them to end up together in the end, but from the first episode it was made clear that Robin was not the mother, and it was assumed that the mother was the one Ted ends up with. After 9 years of only getting clues when the mother was finally introduced they went to the trouble of making us care about her. If Ted ends up with Robin now the mother would look like a consolation prize and get all the sympathy. If this was the intention all along why not make the mother a random one night stand or a terrible person like Ted's college girlfriend who Ted loved but everyone else hated. If the mother is to remain alive I can't see Ted and Robin happening without both of them looking like terrible selfish people. And what of Barney?

@ Noorain

Actually, Milioti didn't say that. Read her words carefully. They are not a denial of the "mother is dead" theory.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 20 Quotes

Marshall: Well it's official. I'm going to be Judge Marshall Eriksen.
Ranjit: That is great. Can you help me get a driver's license?
Barney: A what?

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No I'm not okay, because apparently I'm marrying my dad in a few hours.