Justified Review: No Winners

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What an insane hour of television!

By the end of Justified Season 5 Episode 10, there were no winners. Everyone had hit a low point or was dead, even Raylan who ended up with the drugs.

After all their antics this season, I'm shocked that the Crowes have lived as long as they have. They are a crazy, messed up bunch. And, at this point, Boyd's not doing much better either.

Let's start with the heartbreak. Ava ended her relationship with Boyd. She didn't want him to come to see her any more and was moving on with her new life behind bars. He was devastated, because of what terrible acts he's done for her and for what he hasn't been able to fix. So much for a wedding and a Dairy Queen. 

Ava decided that she had to kill Judith. She followed her into the bathroom and was ready to do it until Penny convinced her to wait. By the time, Ava went to the the chapel to see Judith, she'd changed her mind. She didn't want to play someone else's game any more. Judith didn't care and attacked Ava. They fought and in the end, Ava shanked Judith several times.

For Ava's peace of mind, at least she killed her in self-defense.

Despite being ditched by Ava, Boyd went after the prison guard who falsely accused her of attacking him. When the guard refused to recant, Boyd thought about torturing the man, but he couldn't do it. The guard did it out of love for Ava. Boyd was tired and gave up. The epic outlaw romance was officially over. Though, I still hold out hope that they will find their way back to each other.

The real meat of the episode was about Dewey's attempt to make some money and take off. He was tired of being ridiculed and used. Unfortunately, Dewey just didn't have the smarts to play the game. He had a good run and caused Boyd, Wynn Duffy, and the Crowe family a lot of trouble, but he ended up on the run with nothing.

Dewey tried to get $250,000 out of Boyd for the dope, but he refused. It was hilarious that Dewey wanted the money he believed he was owed from Audrey's in order to give up the drugs. Darryl's plan came back to bite him. That figure was just a random amount that Darryl had planted in Dewey's head to con the money out of Boyd when he moved up from Florida. 

Raylan messed up Darryl's plan by letting Dewey know that there wasn't any money. He tried to be there for Dewey, but his plan backfired and Dewey confided in Dickie Bennett instead. In the end, it all worked out. Dickie's plan to rat out his friend for better conditions failed because Raylan knew how he would have helped Dewey.

Dewey ended up on the run without any money. Danny was left mourning his dead dog, Chelsea. And, Raylan was there to take the drugs. The always impulsive Danny attacked Raylan with a knife and fell into Chelsea's grave. The knife ended up going through his chin and killing him.

That was the death that Danny deserved. It was hilarious. I felt a little bad laughing, but it was so darn funny. After coming across as a fierce killer, he died by falling into a hole he asked Kendal to dig for Chelsea's grave. One Crowe down. How many more to go? Okay, I hope Wendy and Kendal make it out, but Dewey and Darryl. I wouldn't shed any tears for them.

Poor Wendy. She tries so hard to help her family and Darryl is stubborn, greedy, and ruthless. The fight between Wendy and Darryl was excruciating to watch. Every time he kicked her in the stomach I wished death upon him. He's cruel. And, now he's taking Kendal away and used a family blood bond to do it.

There wasn't any light or happiness in the hour at all. It's sad when the only laugh comes from someone's death. And, what's worse is that it's going to go downhill from here. The Crowes are going to retaliate against Raylan and Allison is a likely target. There's only 3 episodes left in Justified season 5. I really hope that things turn around to let a little happiness in.

What was the most brutal moment?

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This episode seemed transitional, no real comment on it except the killed the funniest Florida Crowe first.
Stand corrected on the Bennett and Crowe clan. I have the DVDs and still couldn't remember them correctly.


What made this such a good episode was that Danny Crowe met his demise at his own hand. Poetic justice as it were.
It was good to hear that Agent Miller made it, even though he ended up with a broken pelvis courtesy of Dewey Crowe.
People don't get sent to prisons until after a conviction, That's just one thing that bothers me about Ava's storyline. They might as well have Raylan riding a unicorn too.
What's Katherine Hale? Lawyer? Psychologist? Palm Reader? Regardless, Wynn Duffy will choose Boyd over Picker, hands down.
Darryl won't make it past the finale, beating up on his sister might have lost him a fan or two, if he had any left.
I can do without the arrogant and extremely stupid Dickie Bennett. This is an idiot who will never know his limitations.
I'd like to see Art work his way out of his tantrum over Raylan, considering that he beat the crap out of someone to get information.
These are my opinions and thoughts and I'm stuck with them.

@ Hooligan

Even Art has a breaking point. Raylan being involved in the execution of Nicky is his breaking point.

Justified Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Daryl, we got a serious situation here.


Boyd, I'm saying goodbye.