Justified Review: Greed and Betrayal

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The deaths just keep on coming.

The thrill of attending fancy parties and dream of opening a Dairy Queen are both far behind the Crowders. Instead, Boyd and Ava are separated, unhappy, and tired. How much more can either of them take before they collapse?

On Justified Season 5 Episode 9, greed and revenge ruled. The result was death, demands and disappointment

Instead of heading to Florida and spending time with Winona and his daughter, Raylan went on an unofficial mission to track the drugs coming from Mexico. He found an initially reluctant ally in DEA Agent Alex Miller, who was just as familiar with skirting the law as Raylan. They followed the dead bodies to victory.

The trail of bodies they left behind was sad to see, but this is the dangerous world of drugs. They just seem to pile up when greed and betrayal take over. The risk to life isn't enough to get them out of the business and then others like Daryl are clamoring to get in.

Daryl Crowe wanted to make a name for himself and his family. He manipulated Boyd into using the route that Daryl had previously set up to bring the drugs into the United States. I have to give Daryl credit, he proved he wasn't an idiot.

Daryl may have a blind spot where his kin is concerned, but he got himself a spot at the table. The problem is his brother and cousin may not be able to hold up their end of the deal. Whether Daryl gets 10% or 20%, it will be enough to take care of his family ... if the drugs arrive.

It's a mistake to leave anything to Dewey and Danny. They both make more mistakes either out of stupidity or impulsiveness. The fact that they didn't know how to get home was pathetic. With the amount of illegal drugs they were transporting, how could they not have proper directions.

Oh, right. It's Dewey and Danny. When Agent Miller spotted their tow truck, he made the mistake of stopping the Crowes without any back-up. He probably assumed that they would be mindful and fear a gun pointed at them. Instead, in Dewey-style, he ran over his cousin and the agent with his truck.

Crazy! Hilarious! Will Dewey go back for Danny? It could easily go either way. You never know what Dewey's going to do.

In addition to dealing with the drugs from Mexico, Boyd had to help Ava. I miss the loving Crowder couple. Even though, Boyd and Ava are criminals, they were the heart of the show. With them separated, whatever light  is gone. It's depressing to see what's become of them. They are tired, bitter and angry.

There was never a doubt that Boyd would kill the Swain man for Ava's "friend." It was a surprise that Boyd had Jimmy get his hands dirty. And, it all ended up being for nothing. Ava was played. No drugs for her inside, unless she kills Mother Superior. I can't imagine a scenario where Ava will go through with killing Judith.

Ava's not a killer. And she'll put herself at greater risk by betraying Judith. And, there's no guarantee she could do it without being caught. If she is, then she won't be in a position to bring in drugs anyway. Ava need to find a way to turn this situation around, perhaps using it as leverage to get out.

Overall, this was a depressing hour and that's saying a lot for Justified.. Raylan had a victory, but it came with even more disappointment and anger from Art. It was all about mayhem and death. Even Kendal and Wendy didn't get a moment of happiness. Their goal of getting out was shut down by Daryl and Kendal lost his money stash.

With only a few episodes left in Justified season 5, the future seems to hold be leading towards more trouble and not less.

Should Ava kill Judith?


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I get the sense the writers are setting Ava up to be a completely new character. If she kills the Mother Superior, that's going to change her, big time. In fact, she has already changed quite a bit - witness her cold meeting with Boyd, where she cut him off mid-sentence and then turned away. If Ava becomes the new Mother Superior, and then Boyd gets her out of prison, she's not going to be willing to be his side-kick anymore. She'll want a partnership. Expect things to get chillier for the Boyd-Ava couple after that. Really really cold.


Raylan and Art and their banter back and forth is what really hooked me on this show, now I'm not really feeling it...Ava and Boyd together works, them being apart doesn't! Please bring what used to be a GREAT SHOW BACK!!?


I am not happy with the storyline at all!!! I don't like Art and Raylon mad at each other, and not working together, TOO MUCH ANGER AND HOSTILITY!!! PLEASE GET Ava out of prison!!!


Is it me or has Justified become weirder? This used to be a straight shooter show. It is starting to resemble Sons of Anarchy and their bumbling attempts to become an organized crime group. Only a few criminals seem to understand that organized is the key word. Poor Boyd like Jackson, he is starting to realize that good help is hard to find. I am not sold on the Florida Crowes, because they can never see past their noses. The sister wants a cut of her money, for doing exactly what? If she wants to leave, she should do just that. Her brothers have never made any money and they won't make any in the future. Dewey Crowe, BTW is their Kentucky cousin his brothers the Kentucky Crowes are dead that is why he ran Danny Crowe over, no allegiance. Remember Mama Crowe ran the marijuana trade through Kentucky that Boyd wanted a piece of during that mountain debacle. We all love Boyd so we already know that big brother Darryl will be dead now or in the future. Save us the wasted episodes and get rid of him now. Never has Ava appeared more fragile than in prison. The nurse (not a doctor) who runs the drugs is setting her up. All medical people tend to know the sentences of convicts and the reasons behind them. Medical and guards are tightly entwined. The nurse knows that Ava has a chance of leaving.However, if she kills an inmate, she will end up with 20 to life. Ava growing up in a poor mining town must know this as well. What will she do? I guess we have to wait and see. The conflict between Raylan and Art needs to be settled with good old fashion case. A big case where they take down hugh crime bosses and kill a bunch of people. You know like the first few seasons. If they are trying to build Boyd up to that level, it hasn't happened yet. Boyd still has a ways to go, so they will need another arch nemesis to fight together. As to Raylan and the social worker, you had to know that was going nowhere. Every other line is someone mentioning him going back to his wife and kid in Florida. The social worker never had a chance.

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