Nashville Season 3: Who Got Promoted?

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Congratulations are most likely in order for a pair of recurring players on Nashville Season 2.

Oliver Hudson and Will Chase, who both came on board the ABC drama this year, will be promoted to series regulars on Season 3... assuming there actually is a Season 3, of course.

With most new ABC shows struggling, the renewal odds are strong, although no official word has come down from the network yet.

Hudson portrays arrogant Edgehill label executive Jeff Fordham on Nashville; while, Chase who was introduced on Episode 5, plays country singer Luke Wheeler.

This Nashville casting scoop was first reported by Deadline.

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I love this movie is they make season 3


Love this show and Luke and Rayna are great together. I agree that I was on team Deacon. But Luke has added to the plot.They should really stay together, great chemistry.


Great show- I'm hooked. Please keave it in the mix, since there are so few shows on wirh any real character development. Great music on this too, and interesting view of the cutthroat aspect of the music biz. Connie Britton is just such a great actress. Love all tbe characters, those we root for, and those we dislike. Makes it fun and keeps me watching.


I LOVE this show. Please keep it going for another season. The music is great and so are the actors. Having country music as the central theme, it is different from any other series. It's good to have variation in subjects to keep watchers interested. I wait every week for the new episodes.


I really like this series, don't cancel it! However, Scarlet really needs to grow a backbone.

Sarah silva

I like Will Chase and Oliver Hudson, however I can not stand his character of Jeff Fordham, not sure why he needs to be on the show, yes he has Luke on his label and for now Layla and Will but I am sure by seasons end Will is going to sign with Rayna.
While I think that Luke Wheeler is a good fit for Rayna at this time (we all know she will end up with Deacon in the end).

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Why do you assume she'll end up with Deacon? They hurt each other more than anything. I'm hoping this isn't another show that writes to fan opinion because that sucks horribly for the story lines. I was on Team Deacon until Luke Wheeler's 3rd or 4th episode. He is a great guy, in the biz, has kids too, supports her and isn't bad to look at...what else could a woman want? I like Deacon but this is no contest. Besides maybe someone else will come along for Rayna. You really never know with tv shows.

@ TvFan

This show really tests my patience sometimes. I go from loving certain characters one week to hating them the next. Juliette and Avery started to look like they were going to become a really good match and make some solid decisions but last night's episode made them both out to be extremely insecure and flaky. I have always liked Luke's character and now all I can think of is how are they going to ruin it before season 2 ends. I keep seeing Luke jumping ship from Edgehill and going full steam into Highway 65 as Rayna's business AND pleasure partner (I hope.) At least I can consistently dislike Teddy, Megan and Jeff. I can already see the showdowns/cliffhangers for the season finale...Deacon/Teddy/Megan/Maddie appears to be big time trouble waiting to happen, and by trouble I mean Deacon is going to punch Teddy's lights out, dump Megan and who knows what happens to poor Maddie. Rayna/Juliette/Avery/Scarlett tension is a given. Will/ Layla/Brent and a certain secret will cause problems. Gunnar and Zoey never seemed all that attached to each other so it looks ready to fizzle. Can they pull it off so every tense relationship ends up producing great songs? Most weeks that's all I have to hang onto.

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Deacon: It really doesn't bother you does it?
Megan: As you would say...nope.

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Deacon: Not everybody's as tough as you are.