NCIS Photo Gallery: Murder on the Bayou

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When the dead body that washes up on shore in New Orleans turns out to be Congressman and former NCIS agent, things get complicated on NCIS Season 11 Episode 18.

The upcoming installment will find Gibbs and his team heading south to team up with the former's ex-colleague, Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride (Scott Bakula) to catch the killer. 

How will Gibbs' team fit in down in The Big Easy? How much trouble can Tony get into down south? And when the FBI and a possible copy cat killer get into the mix, just how crazy will things get?

Check out these photos from a two-parter that kicks off this Tuesday and which will serve as a backdoor pilot for the NCIS spinoff:

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Zoe McClellan... sigh... I just wish she hadn't cut her hair short. I hope they do pick up the show for a full series, just for her :)


FINALLY a carry over story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Terrie

About time


I've heard that Mike Franks is making an appearance is this episode as well.

@ PatrickC

According to Muse Watson and his facebook page, NO he won't be making an appearance a flashback sequence or otherwise........He stated this last week.............

@ Terrie

It was a good thought while it lasted.

@ PatrickC

An appearance no, but he was mentioned a few times. So technically...

NCIS Season 11 Episode 18 Quotes

Pride: Laissez les bon temps rouler.
Gibbs: Let the good times roll.

Bishop: Where can I sit? Is the floor clean? Do you have any sugar? Lots of it?
Brodie: Err.
Lasalle: Huh?
Brodie: Three-letter word for mistake. Err.