NCIS Review: To Err is Human

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As the first of two parts, this NCIS installment was fun to watch.  

NCIS Season 11 Episode 18 introduced us to the Louisiana two-man team of Special Agents Dwayne Pride and Christopher Lasalle.

The catalyst for this meeting was the discovery of the dead body of a congressman named Dan McLane - a man who had once been a member of the "Fed 5." This former NCIS team was comprised of Gibbs, Pride, Mike Franks, Felix Betts and McLane.  

Once Pride saw who it was, he decided to pay Gibbs a visit, with the hope that together they would figure out who killed the congressman and why.

Except for the misdirection of the boorish D.C. lobbyist and his equally disgusting nephew - neither of whom turned out to be involved in the killing - it seemed that most of the episode was spent introducing us to the new characters. This includes New Orleans, a character with colors, sounds and wonderful sights all its own.

That's not a bad thing. 

The opening scene, with Pride role-playing with his estranged wife in the heart of New Orleans, was captivating. The music created an invitingly lazy atmosphere that would provoke anyone to drop their cares and head out for a night on the town.

Throughout the hour, we got to hear hints of the same type of music, while getting glimpses of a more laid-back atmosphere than we usually see in NCIS stories.

Even the home office reflected this dynamic: the front didn't stand out as being different from the rest of the town and the boss liked his desks all messy, with a big double door opened up to let the sun in sometimes.

We eventually got to meet the third member of the Louisiana team: Special Agent Meredith Brody. She's a woman who may or may not be running from something or someone in her former Great Lakes office. I liked the fact that she didn't get a chance to answer Pride's question about that.

It's clear that Lasalle almost worships his boss for something that happened a while ago; Pride saved his life during Katrina. This affords us another back story which can be brought  to the fore at some point. Maybe it'll happen in the second part of this arc, or maybe it's something to be answered in the NCIS spinoff.

We've seen so many instances of Gibbs meeting up with former colleagues - most of whom he can barely tolerate. This episode of NCIS Season 11 showed a rock solid friendship between Gibbs and Pride, with each man exhibiting a lot of brotherhood and respect.  

It was good to see. Equally enjoyable was the way in which Gibbs stood back and said "uh oh" right before Pride polished the car with the lobbyist. 

The way in which Pride did a slow but steadily increasing burn right before he assaulted him was viscerally cathartic. We've all met boors like this guy. The safer route, in fact the more legal route, is to try and ignore their trolling. Pride had no such inhibition.

Of course, it helped that the guy grabbed Pride's arm right before the launch. That assists, in much the same way his nephew invited his own head-plant by caressing Special Agent Brody's hand. You can say and boast all you want, but the minute you physically make contact, all bets are off. Kudos to the writers for including those little details.

Speaking of details... did you notice how polite Special Agent Lasalle was? It was "yessir" this and "ma'am" that. After walking down the street with Brody, you couldn't help noticing that he opened the car door for her.  

The dude's a gentleman, through and through.  (And he knew she needed no help from anyone. It was just good manners on his part.)

Final notes:

  • Tony has a "friend with benefits." Her name is Andrea.
  • Lycek's belly tattoo: double rainbow leading to a pot of gold. I don't know how anyone could not laugh at that. It was a thing of beauty.
  • Gibbs stole the whole "stopping elevators" thing from Pride. Maybe.
  • TMF = Too Many Federal officers or Tony, McGee and Fornell.
  • We got to meet Doctor Loretta Wade (played by CCH Pounder, who you may remember from The Shield). Hopefully she'll be more of a presence in the next episode.
  • We also got to meet Pride's estranged wife Linda, played by Paige Turco. She also played as Zoe Morgan opposite Reese in Person of Interest. She didn't seem nearly as dangerous this time.

Update: This episode's Round Table discussion is now up!  Come over, check it out and add your opinions.

Who was your favorite character in this episode?


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Thanks, I'll try that.


I loved visiting NO again. It's such a cool town. I see they got a glimpse of Cafe Du Monde on camera. That's a great place for morning coffee (cafe a'lait) with benets. Soooo good. I like the new girl. She's adorable. I'm still having reservations about Bishop, though. Something just doesn't click with Bishop and the team. I like her, but I honestly can't figure out what's making her feel wrong for NCIS. I've always liked Scott Bakula, but now his partner is starting to grow on me. He's the only one that's actually from NO, and I think he's a great character. I can't wait until they visit some of the old southern mansions. I got to see 3 or 4 of them when I was there. Awesome. And, of course, Voodoo, the river boat, and the swamps. It took me a few episodes to warm up to NCIS: LA, and now it's one of my favorite shows (next to NCIS, of course). I have a feeling this one will be, too. Sorry for rambling.


Pride is losing agents right and left. Gibbs gets permission to go to NO and takes.....Bishop! Let us hope that when the case is concluded, he returns to DC.......alone. NCIS NO is a great place to dump Bishop.

@ Zack B

What agents was Pride losing left and right? He started off with him and LaSalle and ended up having 1 extra in Brody .Going from 2 to 3 is gaining agents. In an backdoor pilot,when you are promoting the new team why would you have Tony or McGee there? Gibbs and the 3 NOLA agents were/are doing the field work while Bishop is at the office reading case files .And I'm guessing if either Tony or McGee had been dumped at that 'office' we would have people saying why drag 1/2 trained agents all that way and not have them do anything/


I really like this episode it was pretty funny. Brody looking for a 3 letter word for mistake and then meeting Bishop and coming up with her was funny. Not a lot of progress was made in the case but that's probably because they're saving it for part 2. I wasn't overly excited about this spin off at first but now I am the cast is cool and so much can happen with them. I've never been to New Orleans but I really want to go it always seems like an amazing place. Bishops comment about how she doesn't get drunk and how it's actually physically impossible and she tried in college was funny and the faces of Tony and Pride were even better. Can't wait to see part 2 I'm really excited for it.


Must admit I was disappointed when Gibbs took Bishop to NO. I remember the days when the whole team used to go on a case. After all Gibbs' team isn't the only DC team. Maybe it's not in the production budget to have too many actors on the screen at any one time! And if only part of the team were going then I needed a good reason for whoever stayed behind - something really meaty, e.g., one of the team is seriously injured on a case and Gibbs and another go to NO to chase up the perpetrator. Just a thought .... and perhaps Abby and Palmer could have gone to help with the evidence... Not seen enough of either character this season.

@ Julia64

Judgment Day and Jet Lag, Neither Gibbs nor Tim went. Ziva and Tony did. Legend, Gibbs and Tim went. Neither Ziva nor Tony did. South By Southwest, Gibbs and Tony went. Neither Ziva nor Tim did. Engaged, Gibbs and Ziva went. Neither Tim nor Tony did. So most of the cases that go out of the area involve two agents with the other two left behind.

@ Julia64

I think the reason Dinozzo and McGee stayed behind is because the case might be politically connected, and Fornell wanted two veteran agents to help him. Can't say I disagree.

@ Julia64

We have seen way too much of Abby and Palmer


Totally unrelated, but I really wish they'd bring back Fornell's beard. Just sayin'... He looked cool like that.


I really enjoyed this episode. Loved the NOLA scenes, brought me back to my visit last fall. It's a good case and who would;t like to throw a lobbyist into the path of, oh, over a car. Didn't any one get the joke about the three words for mistake? When Brody looked at Bishop was when she got the answer. Err. At least the show hasn't lost its sense of humor. MH and SB played well off each other. Hey how about trading Brody for Bishop. Kiddin I really don;t mind Bishop, just trying to find peace


Just wondering: who else figured out the crossword puzzle answer almost as soon as Brody mentioned it? (Three letter word meaning "to make a mistake")

@ Douglas Wolfe

Me, first time she asked.

@ Douglas Wolfe

Yeah it was dumb

@ Douglas Wolfe

Slam dunk.


dean-------------no one has been bringing up zivas name but you.-- do you look in the mirror at your self & say im going to say the same thing that i always say when it comes to ziva---BECAUSE you have nothing good to say about anything in your comments there is no need people to remark on his comments thats what he likes--its a no brainer--just like him a no brainer. thelly


I hope we get the spinoff I really enjoyed it.

@ j

Me, too. As long as they're going to film in the Crescent City, we're good. Shooting anywhere else than New York City for a stand-in for New York never makes it if you know that New York feeling. Making Ziva an Israeli when she wasn't was a bit of a stretch if you ARE one or know some. New Orleans, too, has an unmistakable ambiance of its own that cannot be replicated. LOVED the funeral procession, just like Abby's recording leaving Ziva's funeral. What a great connection!

@ Fan-dango

You mean Kate's funeral .

@ Humbugged1814

Ha! Yep! Didn't realize I've still got Ziva on the brain.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 18 Quotes

Pride: Laissez les bon temps rouler.
Gibbs: Let the good times roll.

Bishop: Where can I sit? Is the floor clean? Do you have any sugar? Lots of it?
Brodie: Err.
Lasalle: Huh?
Brodie: Three-letter word for mistake. Err.