New Girl Review: The Caboose of Life

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Much like the lamp in Schmidt's accidental home furnishings store, New Girl Season 3 Episode 19 was eye-catching, even if it wasn't quite plugged in.

But anyway, stop talking about lamps! After the epic undertaking that was the "Abby Trilogy" - New Girl Season 3 Episode 16, New Girl Season 3 Episode 17, and New Girl Season 3 Episode 18 - this light half hour was something of a place holder.

But it held that place very well, moving forward some plot points that had gotten dropped in the Abby tornado (Jess is a vice principal now! Nick is maybe a lawyer again!), dropping in some killer New Girl quotes, and re-introducing a lot of unexpectedly Looney Tunes-style physical humor (Nick on the bicycle, Jess getting hit in the head with the volleyball over and over) which New Girl Season 3 has been light on.

However, I'm most excited about the expanding universe of Jess's school - especially the creepy biology teacher, played with slimy aplomb by Brian Posehn - which represents a new and exciting playground for the show to develop in (since it basically has only 2 other backdrops, just like a Barbie playset).

The school represents not just a new set of wacky situations that the gang can get into (though I do look forward to the inevitable episode where everyone gets locked in a broom closet together), but a place to reveal new sides of Jess, a chance to flesh her out even more as a character.

Though her professional life has always been an element of the show, the school's increased profile represents an opportunity to have her work and personal lives collide, creating some much-needed dramatic friction.

At home, she's a sweet goof, but at work she's an authority figure who fixes people's computers? Who is that girl? And how will she reconcile the many contrasting aspects of her personality?

Of course, this could all be just another passing trend. I mean, do you think Jess is cut out for the administrative life? Or is she a sparkly balloon of a woman who needs to be free?

Will Jess stay employed as vice principal?


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I thought this was a pretty fun episode, especially for Coach. It seems like they're MAYBE starting to find a place for him. He's been a little more tolerable lately. I think because he's been more so helping the other characters on the show rather than having his own main storyline. But he was pretty likeable in this episode. I'd love to see more lawyer Nick as well!


You are a really good writer but you haven't done a proper review in a long time. You don't run through the events that happen in the episodes at all you barely mention them. You write speculating thoughts and what the show reminds you of and so on and I really like that part too don't get me wrong but I would really like a REVIEW!!!

@ Ana

I agree

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What do you call a lunatic who's only got one case and no hobbies? Your worst nightmare.


I don't like kids, I don't like teaching, I just like paychecks.