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Hello and goodbye, Mark Cyr. It was nice to see you again.

Mark showed up on Parenthood Season 5 Episode 19 when he bumped into Amber. And, as soon as he phoned Sarah - cryptically asking her to dinner to discuss something unknown - it was obvious he was sailing away.

That leaves us with another dangling man in Sarah's life and another ominous commercial begging the question of whether Hank can win back the woman that got away. God, I hope not. 

Sarah's codependency has taken on new dimensions as she's added Hank to her budding photography career. I'm fairly certain I speak for everyone when I say we're ready to see what Sarah can accomplish on her own. She was doing fine for about one week this season as a super in her own apartment. Let's fly with that instead of taking her down a road well traveled.

Bless Ray Romano for doing the best he can with the character, but Hank isn't right for Sarah. Cutting him loose before the next season would be best for all involved.

Zeek had a last hurrah with Crosby as they set out to get the final piece needed to complete the 65 GTO. Finishing that car with his grandchildren will allow him to move on to the next stage in his life without fear. The scenes between father and son hit the perfect note, giving Zeek the strength to tell his Millie it's time to accept the offer on the house. 

It will be a really different show if we're taken into Parenthood Season 6, but it finally seems like people are making the decisions to move on in a positive direction and that's alright.

Julia getting the fraud alert for her credit card gave her the prod she needed to flat out ask Joel whether they were going to work on their marriage. She already knew the answer that he was too timid to tell her. That he felt it necessary to dredge up all of the business about disrespecting him again was painful as a viewer. They've just decimated Joel so that he's barely recognizable. 

Joel's all over the map with the disrespect, the texting, his violation for being a stay at home father, being the one to move out of the house; so many things and none of them mean anything because he had no intention of working on a marriage he didn't think was working before any of that became an issue.

And that's fine. Really, it's fine. I'd have more respect for his character if they would give him some backbone. Make a stand. I'm starting to feel sorry for Sam Jaeger for getting his scripts every week and thinking, "this again?" He has to wonder where Joel has gone, too.

I wish he would stop bringing up the same stuff over and over and just commit to the marriage being done. 

It seems that won't matter any longer because once she's given the green light, it looks like Julia plans on getting busy next week. By the way, I don't think she has had an affair with Ed, and I don't think she wants to. She was enjoying him as a friend when she needed one and his kiss really did take her by surprise. That doesn't mean they should throw their friendship out the window.

At least Amber had a great idea to get Sydney and Victor on the same page by sharing with them what she and Drew went through as kids and getting them to lean on each other instead of infighting. After all, no matter who's house they're going to the one constant will be each other. Seeing them smile and have a good time was a relief.

I guess Max is going to be home schooled in the traditional subjects and surfing until their new school opens. Kristina's scene in the conference room was fun to watch even though the topic was brutal. I don't think they're doing Max any favors right now, but he's their son so they can do what they want. If he's still living with them at 30, it won't be odd; his aunt Sarah lived with her parents long after that.

I'm looking forward to some shakeups. Julia and a new man, Zeek and Camille in a condo, Kristina and Adam as headmasters and if there is a higher power, Sarah on her own. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to wave the white flag to cut the awkward moments short and move on.

If you want to relive your favorite Braverman moments you can do that when you watch Parenthood online.

Should Sarah cut the cord with Hank?


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Thank god Mark is not coming back. I hate his whimpy personality. Joel is an idiot and an asshole. Great writing and great acting on this show!


No matter what parents do or don't do, an adult child with Asperger's or autism may remain dependent on parental support. Try walking in their shoes, you'll judge less harshly - believe me.


I don't see all this gloom that people are talking about. the fact that they are exploring something painful as the breaking up of a marriage, it's important, and of course it's sad. but it also brings something very positive, as Amber had explained to Sidney and Victor. I like that. That's life. people make wrong decisions all the time, and you need to learn to deal with them.
As for Joel, he could have said something when they were still together, you know? like: " Julia, I am not happy or can we please try to make it work? I have done this for a while, now I need your support.." .rather than saying nothing, and then moving out in a blink of an eye...that is weird! that is why we complain a lot! and the fact that I do not agree with the things he told her. she did not have an affair with Ed, she simply felt alone and she found support in a friend! that's it.
if she is sleeping with Mr. Knight...uff...I wanted him for Amber...I think she derserves someone nice and caring! About Max, sorry but I don't think Adam and Cristina are thinking it cannot protect your child for the rest of his life!!! no way! and now they are definetely setting the wrong example, although I was happy for Cristina when Max asked her to go together to the beach!it was a nice moment! Zeek and Camille...yeah, move on! I think it's awesome and very brave! good for them!


In the promo, it looked like Julia was making out with Mr Knight I think o.o


I don't think Sarah and Hank should be together because I wouldn't wish Sarah on anyone. She is the most indecisive person ever. She's had three guys who I all thought had their merits with Mark, Hank and the new guy from this season who we thought was an ass but turned out to be a great doctor who's helped a ton of people. I don't even know why she dumped him so fast she could have just said I'll pass on Africa. But How many seasons has Sarah been "working on herself." Remember when she thought she was going to be a playwright. I feel like she's been with so many guys whoever she ends up with is going to feel wrong. I do agree with you about the Hank promos though. I feel like the past 5 promos have started with and will Hank Finally tell Sarah how she feels and it never comes up in the episode just him saying the same stuff to his therapist. And I dont think the audience cares about Hank and Sarah. I like the dynamic between Hank and Max though I do like the notion that Max can be as functional as hank and that he would be a really good mentor for him. Am I the only one who's on Joel's side. Everything he said in his speech was true and he keeps rehashing them because Julia keeps acting like she's the victim. It was only a kiss, she and Joel know it was way more than that the flirting, texting, comforting that's the affair Joel is talking about. And I don't understand what you are saying when you say he had no intention of working on the marriage before any of those problems came up. The main problem was that when the roles reversed and joel had to be the breadwinner julia did not support him. That was before the marriage stopped working. And why is it up to Joel alone to fix it. The way I see it I blame Julia for 85% of their marriage problems even before Ed and then she's the one who looks for comfort from someone else. I feel like a lot of people are acting just like Julia their like this isnt the Joel I know wheres the guy who stood by me and was the perfect husband and never let anything affect him. He was all that to her because he loved her and his family and supported her passions and ambitions and he probably thought that if the roles were reversed she would feel the same way because she loved him too. Well he was wrong and its hard to still be that perfect guy after you feel so disrespected. So when he keeps repeating himself he's not beating a deadhorse that stuff is seriously hurting him and you can tell he wants to get over it but he can't. And if julia goes out with Ed you can't condemn her because she is single and she can do what she wants but it proves the fact of what joel suspects and the audience knows, that her fling with Ed meant something. We as the audience saw even more than joel, her and Ed had chemistry. I don't see any sparks between him and peete.

@ jerseyboy9085

We're not as far outside of the same argument as you think. Joel's unhappy. He admitted he's been unhappy for a long time. It I think back to when Julia WAS working, Joel always hoped he would find time to make furniture and do his own thing. He wasn't pleased being the stay-at-home father as much as it seemed. To try to fix what was already breaking, they decided on another child and with that Julia would take more responsibility. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned and the more drawn out that situation became the farther apart they went as a couple. They each married certain versions of each other and Julia was always a bit selfish. He knew that. He was always compassionate and caring. Is he allowed to grow? Yes. But they've grown apart so why try to stay together when they're not going to reach a good place? Joel turned down counseling. He's not interested in working on them. If that's his decision, I'm happy he's making one.


Super episode but... Yes we may want to see an end to the Joel destruction and even after last nite I still had hope for marriage. Joel was really hurting (I know and rehashing problems) but you could tell by some of his words that he wants to move back home. He didn't say he quit on the marriage but just not at this moment. He looked crushed. So what do we see sweet "we have to work on this"Julia do (next week) ? She jumps in bed with someone else. Iam sorry just because you take off your wedding ring doesn't make it not cheating. Unless because of clever camera angles that turns out to be Joel,Iam done with Julia tramp character
This is in no way going to make Joel stronger
ake it not cheating.


I couldn't disagree more with your positive attitude about the direction this show is taking. Yes, I know many marriages today, sadly, end up burnt to the ground like Joel and Julia's. That doesn't mean I find it entertaining in any way to watch, especially given where that relationship once was and the subsequent methodical dismantling of it over this entire season. While I understand Julia deciding to move on - given that they have chosen to turn Sam Jaeger's character into a shadow of the man he was before (one disappointment we do agree on), I am tired of watching the knife slowly sink an inch at a time into the heart of that marriage. It's just become too painful to see week after week. As for Hank and Sara, I'm not surprised that you and just about every other fan want this old, weird guy of modest means to just go away. Well, being an old geezer myself, I tend to identify more with Hank than Sarah's other near perfect suitors. So knowing he's ultimately going to have his heart broken, I have yet another reason to just back away from this show now. I have been a big fan of Parenthood until this season. If this is its last - and judging from the declining ratings, I think it will be - I will not be that upset about it. In fact, I'm done with it now.

@ Bill

Honestly, Bill, I'm happy that it's taking A direction, not in THE direction it's going. However, I gave up on believing any other direction was available a while ago. If they break up Joel and Julia and stop forcing us to watch the misery that they've become, maybe they can both become viable characters again. After the character assassination of Joel, he needs any help he can get to stand proud once again. I like Hank -- just not for Sarah. I think Hank would ultimately be miserable with Sarah and also that it's horrible of her not to have made it clear sooner of her intentions when she knows he's struggling. But, that last point relates back to the first. They're not a fit. This season has been so depressing that I have to finally lean into it and accept it's not going away and I'll take the white flag if they wave it and truly decide to move past the misery.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Carissa, I guess I have to agree that Hank and Sarah are not a good fit. Maybe what I resent is that they have to make him such a sad comparison to the other men in Sarah's life (except for her ex-husband I suppose, although he seems to be getting his life together now). Maybe if they came up with someone who was right for Hank, I wouldn't be so down about that whole story arc. I think he really is a decent guy and I hate to see him end up alone again. It's just another situation on this show where, for me, there can't really be a satisfying conclusion. It's the same with Joel and Julia. I find myself waiting longer every week to watch each episode (I actually haven't even seen last night's show yet and from what I have read, I'm not sure I ever will) because I know it's just going to be another trip down the road to self-destruction for those two. And now it has gone too far to get any real satisfaction of seeing them reconcile. So another story with no good ending. Then there's Zeek and Camille. They sell the house and Zeek is unhappy. They don't sell and that seems unfair to the reborn Camille, who doesn't seem to really need Zeek that much in her life anymore. So once again, it looks gloomy either way. Maybe they should break up as well. In the past, there were challenges and setbacks in all the relationships, which is to be expected. But there was always a sense of hope, maybe faint sometimes, but still a glimmer at least that things could work out. Whether it was Kristina's battle with cancer, Adam losing his job, Crosby trying to win Jasmine back, Zeek and Camille getting past both of them cheating on one another, or Joel and Julia's baby adoption falling through, I never stopped having hope that things would get better. But this year is different. I am just tired of all the despair. And I think where you and I differ the most is that I am not looking forward at all to seeing Julia with a new man (or Joel with a new woman), or Zack and Camille selling the house and moving into a condo. Maybe such events would end the constant bleeding we have been seeing all season, but for me it still would feel more like a sad ending than a hopeful beginning. I guess it would be a new chapter in those characters lives that I have no interest in reading. So I may check in to sites like this one now and then for awhile just out of curiosity, but unless I'm in a bad mood already and don't care about feeling worse, I probably won't be watching Parenthood anymore.

Sarah silva

This episode scored higher for me!
When I read that Jason Ritter was going to be on Parenthood I had hope that it would be left open for him to come back next season if they show gets renewed. However as soon as the episode started I said to myself: Mark will be engaged! I was right. Seeing Sarah with Mark made me realize that I like Sarah with him, he is funny and she is funny when and laid back when they are together. So that made me sad. I really to not want her and Hank to get back together.
Until last night I wanted Joel and Julia to reconcile, I had hope when Zeke talked to him before Aida's christening. After what he said to her on this episode that ended my hope, I do not want her to get back with Joel. I no longer like him. I had also said that when Zachary Knighton was first on that he was going to be Julia's love interest and I was not sure about that as I wanted her back with Joel BUT now I am all for it.
Amber is one of my favorite characters. I loved her talk with Max and I also love what she said to Victor and Sydney and the 2 kids finally had a good time.
I also love the scene with Max surfing, I had tears in my eyes when Christina looked on so proudly.
I also knew the school would have no clue how to handle the class trip/someone peeing in Max's canteen, so I was not surprised that they took the easy way out and said Max should stay home. Christina handled it way better than I would have!
So Zeke and Camille are going to sell their house! I was hoping that Crosby and Jasmine would buy the house, I am not ready to see that house go!


So tired of the Sarah storyline. So tired of Sarah! WHY are the writers so infatuated with this person? Ditto to your comment about Kristina and Adam. What happened to Max was terrible, but his parents aren't doing him any favors by continuing to enable him. If they are so smart and "evolved," why aren't they in counseling to help them figure out how to help him? They cannot unleash him on the world, so I fully expect him to be living with them when he is 40 and beyond.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

To keep my kid at home. Not the kid who pissed in his canteen. You're gonna punish my kid? This is asinine.


Really? You had a negative outlook about something? That's a shocker.