Parks and Recreation Review: Saracen vs. Riggins

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So, who's the Parks and Recreation department's player of the week?

I believe that goes to Ben! On Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 17, Ben was the first character to really fall on his sword in defense of poor, poor Larry, AKA "The Fartist Formerly Known as Jerry."

I know that making fun of Jerry/Larry is the series running joke, but it is sometimes hard to watch for such a light-hearted feel-good sitcom.

It's possible I'm being oversensitive, but this show just has such a massive, throbbing heart. Everyone's attitude toward Larry/Jerry can be hard to take, which brings me right back to awarding Ben this week's most valuable Parks Department player award.

And I had to award my favorite couple on the series a second place tie. April gets it because of her Zodiac killer bear and Andy gets it because he thinks robots give us money out of the ATMs. 

As for Leslie, well, it's pretty clear she misses Ann quite a bit. And it's true: No man can fill a woman's shoes when it comes to friendship. Especially when it comes to discussing Sandra Bullock's skirt lengths and Saracen versus Riggins.

I'm with Ann on that one. No one can touch Riggins's sex appeal. I mean, Saracen's definitely attractive, but Riggins is a rugged male. Sigh. I digress.

I liked the main message of this episode, though. Leslie has great friends right in front of her. I would kill to be Donna Meagle's friend. I'd stay up all night tweeting with her about Scandal, travel with her to Asia and get a mid-morning mani with her. And April is caring, responsible and terrifically funny! Who could beat that?

Anyway, great episode. Funnier than last week's, I'd argue. But I'm a bit biased. Any television references and I'm immediately sold.

But really guys, Matt Saracen or Tim Riggins? 


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I find it really funny that although I was never a huge fan of Ann's, it was really nice seeing her pop up in this episode, for Leslie's sake at the very least. And I'm glad we got to see her with her baby and getting some actual closure on that whole storyline. And her reasoning for Chris not being in her room? Completely believeable! That was hilarious! I'm glad they kept moving forward with this Ben and Jerry/Larry storyline, ever since his man date episode with him. It is nice to see someone stick up for him once in a while. And everyone's reaction to it was priceless. I love how good of friends April and Donna are, to everyone in the office really. I mean, especially after we saw what they went through just to try and keep Tom around. I also would like to be best friends with either of them! Andy's scenes were hilarious as usual. Shawna was even tolerable in this episode too, so that was a plus! I loved the opening on this one too, and love that Leslie and Ben still cannot keep their hands off each other! So excited they got picked up for season 7!!

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Leslie: What’s the 411? Who you crushin’ on these days?
April: Ew, my husband, weirdo.

The only thing I’m crazy about is a magnificent pregnant manta ray named Ann Perkins.