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Pretty Little Liars Picture Preview: Undercover Brides!

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On Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22, the Pretty Little Liars wondered about a new suspect in the A Game: Mrs. DiLaurentis!

With everybody on edge and suspicions raised, it looks like the Liars are taking control in Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 23 when they go undercover as charitable types modeling gowns for Mrs. D's event.

Was that her hand zipping up the wedding dress in preparation for her event or is Mrs. D just another red herring? With all the other red herrings, Rosewood must smell pretty fishy by now.

In the above promo, we see what happens after the event, but the accompanying photos shed some light on what happens before -- Spencer's brother and her blood tie to Alison, Jason, returns to town.

Word is he has a new secret to keep. Is that what sends her all dressed up into the woods?

Dean Checks in on Spencer
Dean drops in on Spencer in this photo from "Unbridled." He's been good for Spencer so far; can he be trusted long term?

While you're enjoying these pictures, maybe someone can share with the group exactly what is up with Aria's hair?!?! Ella has been gone a while, but surely she remembers how her daughter's hair is supposed to look.

Aching for more? There's no time like the present for a marathon, so why not watch Pretty Little Liars online to satisfy your craving?

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