Psych: Watch Season 8 Episode 8 Online

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An epic return of all the shenanigans that make Psych what it is were the hallmarks of Psych Season 8 Episode 8.

Shawn and Gus attend consultants convention, but end up solving a murder instead. When Lassiter is forced to hire a new head detective at the behest of the mayor, he finds himself enlisting Shawn and Gus to force out the new hire.

The combination of circumstances made for a delicious "Touch of Sweevil" - and you can relive it all when you watch Psych online!

Sit back and enjoy!

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Psych Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

I get to watch Brannigan crash and burn publicly.


Lassiter, did you just hear that? Bernie's in the interrogation room! He's not supposed to be ...