Resurrection Review: It's Just Beginning

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Alright! Does anyone have any theories about Resurrection?

During Resurrection Season 1 Episode 4, more mysteries were paraded out and there were ominous hints about what we've seen so far being just the beginning.

While I don't mind one person being returned per week, it leaves the bigger questions wide open. Is this only happening in Arcadia or is it worldwide? Where are the reporters? Aren't these people all just a little too calm for what's happening?

Things seem to happen in this little vacuum of Arcadia without anyone taking notice. Even Bellamy and Sheriff Fred are working together when only recently Fred found Bellamy to be a pain in the butt.

Bellamy and Fred work together to figure out what Caleb might have done to his friend and confiscate his hammer. They put together the facts from the bank robbery years ago and a duplicate happens as they study it. When asked, Elaine lies about what her dad said to her; a lie of omission. Sure, he said he loved her, but he also said he was going away for a while.

The returned are starting to make liars of the people they're returning to. Tom shared his past relationship with returned Rachel with his wife and like other residents of Arcadia, she barely batted an eye at the idea a dead woman is back in town. She just told him he knew what he had to do. What?! What does he have to do? I don't know.

When she said it, whatever the "it" she was speaking about sounded sinister. Tom, meanwhile, is having feelings for Rachel. Rachel is feeling badly that Tom moved on, even knowing she took her own life and that, apparently, their relationship wasn't great when she did it and which is what made her do it.

Still, Tom can't seem to get enough of Rachel, no matter what she might be now. I can't say I blame him. If a lover died and returned, it would be hard to look past the possibilities to what might be horror. But Tom isn't just anyone. He's a pastor. Doesn't he have some connection to God telling him to question why it is all happening?

Lucille, who opened her arms and her home to little Jacob is starting to fear him. He doesn't sleep and he eats voraciously -- she's finally realize this is not normal. It makes her wonder if she acted too soon in allowing this boy into their lives. 

Here's what we know about the returned:

  • They all died at different times
  • They returned from somewhere other than they died
  • They are most likely all replicas (given Jacob's remains and Caleb's ashes)
  • They eat a lot.
  • They don't sleep.
  • There is a possibility they're connected (based upon Jacob's feeling Caleb without seeing him)

What we know about the town of Arcadia is it's residents are relatively gullible, they don't question the impossible, they have limited access to the outside world, they have shoddy journalists (and/or their paper isn't published on the web) and haven't even thought to look at the internet to see if this is an isolated event.

Resurrection is a victim of the "giant promo" syndrome where ever commercial makes it appear as if the next episode will be mind-blowing. That hasn't happened yet. Or has it for you? Hit the comments and let me know your theories, where you stand with Resurrection, if you're even reading these reviews. If you don't comment, how do I know you're there? If you need to catch up, watch Resurrection online!

What's your theory about the returned?


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Same boat here. Wth? Carissa, will you do reviews if thettraffic or comments pick up?
I think most of us are on the same page. I don't need ANSWERS, but I WOULD like something to contemplate!


Hellllooooo.......Anybody there? What's happened to review of "Resurrection"?

@ SugarMagnolia

Sorry Sugar. There was a very limited readership interested in the reviews and nobody available to continue. I was shocked nobody came by considering it's popularity, but I assume that means the audience isn't ours! :-)

@ Carissa Pavlica

Wow, that IS surprising! Hope people will start stopping by here again...


OK, Carissa, I really don't have any answers at this point. I the only one that is creeped out by the fact that Veronica Cartwright is a bit player on this show, AND she also played in the 1978 version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? I am reminded more and more of that show every time I watch "Resurrection". I almost expect Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum to show up (shich would indeed be FABULOUS). Just sayin'. Cartwright was also a recurring character on the "X-Files", always has spooky connections.... I don't think her presence on the show is an accident. Hmmmm....Kurtwood Smith also played on the "X-Files". OK, I'm starting to creep myself out here. Any thoughts?


Every episode feels like its on the cusp of something great. You watch it thinking that it's about to get really good. Maybe the problem is the pacing, it's just dragging along so slowly. I haven't completely lost interest yet, but I am hoping that sometime soon the story takes the leap and gives us something great, something that makes us all gasp and cover our mouths as we hurriedly pull up twitter to see if everyone else had the same reaction.


I have no idea what these resurrected beings are...but not knowing is what keeps me coming back each week! Once you get past the unrealistic aspect of the show, it's pretty good! Just wanted to comment so you know people are watching and reading your review!

@ USA Fan

Thank you so much! Appreciate knowing you're out there. :-)


"Alright! Does anyone have any theories about Resurrection?" Oh ho ho.....NOW who's looking for answers? Gotcha!!! :-p

@ MrWriteSF

What's weird is I'm not so much interested in concrete answers as much as for them to give us a hint about the direction. Just a hint. Is it going to be an emotional journey without answers like the books or is all of this "connection" stuff, voracious eating and not sleeping (like in The Returned) meaning the show is drifting toward more standard TV fare? I'm up for either one, but not necessarily indecision. Does that make any sense?

@ Carissa Pavlica

love the show, and i gree with Carissa. i just want answers of to where the show is going. Are they going the they are aliens that are of reincarnated people in the town who died in/near the river? Or are they going with they are back to life? i am happy with any direction, just make it a little clearer, or MAYBe they have no idea either!

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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Look, ever since he's been back, he's eating nonstop. He hasn't been sleeping. Last night I don't think he slept a wink. He's different than before.


From the start, you accepted that child as our Jacob. But what if he's not the same?