Rizzoli & Isles Review: Secret's In the Sauce

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It was a whole different type of food truck war on Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 15, as the head chef ended up face down on the  pavement with blood oozing from his nose. All of that over some secret sauce. 

What was scarier was Maura coming down with the same nose bleed just from sniffing the dead body. 

Dr. Isles went through a lot in this episode. First, she was nearly poisoned by a neuro-toxin; then, she believed she was holding a bomb.

Frankie really stepped up when Maura needed him. How many people would offer to help someone hold a bomb until help arrived? He also made sure that Frost got his mom out of the building. And the stubble scratching moment was absolutely adorable. 

All I can say is that better be some amazing coffee.

But all of that led to an interesting questio : Is Frankie's crush on Maura more than that? Is there any possibility that Maura could have feelings for him and, if so, is it worth the risk to their friendship and the family dynamic? 

To be honest, I'm not sure about the answers. At first I thought they were completely mismatched but the more I watched the two interact, the cuter they became. 

Maura: Thanks for holding my hands today.
Frankie: Any time.

When Maura told Frankie that sometimes we think something is more than it is, he took that as subtext that his feelings were not reciprocated. But was that actually the message Maura was trying to get across or was she talking about something else entirely? 

As if all of that wasn't enough, Hope was back in town. I just loved how Jane reacted in this Rizzoli and Isles quote

Jane: Hey Hope, what are you doing here?
Hope: It's about Maura.
Jane: What, you need another body part?

Jane's still ticked off over the way Hope treated her best friend and I don't blame her. Hope hasn't done much to endear herself to anyone. She's extremely lucky that Maura has such a big heart and capacity for forgiveness. 

Finally, it looks as though Tommy is on the right track, even though becoming a plumber is a long road at least he's started the journey. I wonder if we'll get to see him propose to Lydia? Hopefully the girl says yes.

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics, do you think Frankie and Maura should give romance a shot?


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I would love to see Tommy propose to Lydia,,it would seal the break in the family...I like seeing the family issues that we all share get solved.. it gives stability to the crazy world we live in..Jane & Maura always see their difference through,,with their lovers, parents and siblings...Good examples are set...


As a regular watcher of your show, I was greatly disappointed by the total misrepresentation of the facts on GMO’s. None of the world’s major science institutions or regulatory bodies have found evidence of harm to public health from agricultural biotechnology. The European Union concluded (after spending more than US$300 million on biosafety studies) “that biotechnology, and in particular GMOs, are not more risky than, for example, conventional plant breeding technologies”. Similarly, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) declared that, “consuming foods containing ingredients derived from GM crops is no riskier than consuming the same foods containing ingredients from crop plants modified by conventional plant improvement techniques”. The Royal Society in Britain, the World Health Organization, and the American Medical Association, among others, concur. Our family will no longer be a follower of the show.

@ Dr. Scott Fleetwood

What of the large life expectancy difference between GMO in food eaters and bio (GMO-"free") food eaters? is that just a coincidence? (coin-ki-dinky) ? And last of it, this is an "independant" website, reviewing shows from all (kind of) networks,
I doubt your complaint (with the little validity it holds) will reach any of the show's team... Dude! It's TV! It's made so that you tune in, follow the pretty people on screen, take your mind off your worries, and then off to bed you go! Not some "political" agenda!


Good episode. Maura and Frankie would be cure together but I can't see them as a couple it would be way to weird. The food truck case was interesting. I'm glad that Tommy's going to propose to Lydia and I hope we get to see it because I don't like it when big things like that happen off screen. Can't wait till the next episode.

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