Switched at Birth Review: It's Not Up to Chance

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As the midseason finale, Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 11 delivered a rather satisfying end point to get us through to summer.

Everyone was busy making choices for their future and setting up scenarios to play out during the second half of Switched at Birth Season 3. What more could we want?

Bay Is Skeptical

Up first is Regina when she stands up to Wes. When he discovers she tells a shop owner to see an attorney to get the best deal for her property, he kicks her off the project, demands she return her car back as well as a $50,000 cashiers check by the end of the next business day. That's not going to be easy for Regina to pull off.

Of course, Angelo is no help, but he does have a point about sucking it up to make money for the family. Regina should have known she was going to be playing in the big leagues when someone handed her $50k up front for her services. If she seriously thought she was going to be calling her own shots on K&D, then she doesn't deserve to own it.

Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner, and it's possible Regina is not. Especially not the type of owner who needed cash up front to purchase a business to keep it running while she came up with clients. The decision making process was all askew and now it's catching up with her.

While we're discussing the adults, a draft of Kathryn's book was leaked and got a really bad review. She immediately threw Renzo under the bus because of his love for tabloid gossip, putting their friendship in jeopardy. It eventually came to light that her publisher, Lydia, purposefully leaked the pages to get tongues wagging. It worked. Thankfully Renzo is a loving man and forgave Kathryn. She needs him now.

Toby broke down at the thought of losing Nikki. It was horrible to witness him crying at the realization he'll be divorced at the age of 19, but even worse to think he was willing to throw away his own dreams to follow Nikki to Peru. 

Kathryn reminded Toby about what she and John had just gone through and how likely it would be that Toby would regret his entire marriage if he allowed Nikki's dreams to determine the course of their life. If they can't come to a compromise together, then they probably aren't meant to be together. Toby trades in his ticket to Peru for one to Iceland! He must have just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Be free Toby!

For Daphne the choices were twofold. First, she was firmly planted with Campbell and engaging in some PDA at the clinic, making Jorge feel a little uncomfortable. His hope that he'd only have to worry about it for another week before her public service ended was squashed when Daphne decides she wants to stick around because of her interest in the field of medicine.

Because of promise she has shown and no doubt influenced by her part in saving his life, Dr. Jackson offers to find her a paying part time position so she can carry on learning about the field. That all sounds great until the dude who attacked her shows up and sends Daphne fleeing, even considering working for Angelo in the restaurant lest she be faced with the likes of him again.

But Daphne is made of stronger stuff than that, as we all well know. Her attacker comes back and he's clearly in the midst of a gut-wrenching drug withdrawal. When there's little time to find someone to help Jorge stabilize him, Daphne sticks around and instead of seeing a criminal and someone who hurt her, she sees a person. Her calming influence and staring into her attacker's eyes greatly aids Jorge and soon the patient is stabilized.

Jorge remarks that Daphne will make a great doctor and for the first time it makes sense why she would want to change from her passion for food to the field of medicine. It's not just about he cute boys and the one time she got lucky saving someone's life, she's really good at it.

Finally, there's Bay. When Bay discovers something is very wrong with Emmett's online girlfriend, she gets Tank’s help and they find out some information on her using a reverse image search. While they're doing this together, Bay also takes the time to tell Tank, again, how horrible she finds it that his pledge brothers would consider blackballing him over the dogfight party when he's about as involved as you can get with that fraternity. Surely they see how much it means to him? 

Bay doesn't understand why he would want to be friends with a group of people who cannot see his value beyond the fraternity, but Tank doesn't want to hear it. Instead of hearing someone who cares about him, he hears Bay telling him he's an idiot and stalks off.

Bay goes on to discover Mandy is Matthew’s cousin and he has set up Emmett because he got him suspended. Matthew, meanwhile, is filming Emmett and the romantic rendezvous "Mandy" had planned for him and beating him up. It's a mess. Bay is on her way, of course, just as Tank realizes she’s right and de-pledges the fraternity. He’s totally excited, and tells Mary Beth.

Bay is in the arms of Emmett after learning he has been searching in Mandy for what he shared with Bay. There is undressing involved and Bay it appears that intimacy is going to follow. Will Bay become what she so disliked in Emmett by cheating on Tank with Emmett?

Bay wasn't willing to go the distance with Tank, and she didn't put into words that she still loved Emmett. Her attachment to him was clear, however, with how concerned she was about what was happening with Mandy. But is it for real this time? Is Bay sure she's in love with Emmett any more than she was sure Tank might never be the person for her? If she's not sure about Emmett, what will being with him do to any possible future with Tank?

We'll have to wait a few months to find out. You can, of course, watch Switched at Birth online to analyze every detail before the series returns. 

Is Bay ready to commit to Emmett?


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What do you mean she doesn't tell Emmett she loves him? She DOES. She says "you know I love you. I never stopped. "


Sometimes we need to remember, we are talking about seventeen year olds. Of course she doesn't know what she wants, but she does know what she doesn't want. When you are young, you tend to go with feelings. Tank is a friend, what she was trying to do was something new and give people a chance. She doesn't realize that she wants Tank to be Emmit or Ty to be Emmitt. She probably didn't realize until now. Emmitt is tough to compete against. If the writers hadn't sullied him with the sordid affair, I'm afraid he would sparkle in the sun. I'm disappointed with Toby and Nikki. I don't know what people think marriage is but sacrifice does come into play. So Toby goes to Iceland but he cannot go to Peru. WTF. Sure, he is going to find himself. I get it but he could have tried spending some time in his wife's world before deciding to quit his marriage. His parents should have stayed out of it. In ten years, if he meets her again can honestly say that he tried. Now the parents will have the issue of talking him out of it hanging over their heads. Which he may end up throwing back in their face. Hopefully, It won't come to that. Toby could easily had an adventure in Peru especially since he liked helping people just like Nikki did but more importantly he would have tried.


Just as I was beginning to like Tank! I wish Bay hadn't cheated on him with Emmett, it cheapens their re-union, especially after what she's been through. Weren't we supposed to get a stronger, wiser Bay out of all this? It's one thing for them to confess their mutual feelings but it's another to hurt someone else in the process. As for Daphne, I've been having trouble backing her as a character. I don't really like Campbell, he's just so smug sometimes! But at the same time, Jorge is a bit old to be hitting on a high school girl. Meanwhile Daphne is basking in the attention, it's kind of annoying. I think Daphne should be single for once, her boy drama just makes me want to smack her. John is still an ass, I don't think Kathryn would have accused Renzo if it wasn't for John weighing in. Instead she would have called her publisher right away. I know people don't change over night but John has had so many opportunities and Renzo even helped him save his marriage...AFTER JOHN BASICALLY KICKED HIM OUT OF HIS HOUSE! Ugh. As for Regina, I feel really bad for her. She wants to be successful and keep her integrity in tack...Good luck with that. Yet, I think Adrianna was being a bit harsh. But this is why you don't mix personal with business, if Regina hadn't brought in East Riverside this would never have been a problem. Sure, her boss still would have been an asshole but he would have been far away from her friends. As for Toby...Why isn't he in college? His marriage fell apart but Nikki wasn't living with him so he could have at least have completed a semester in the six months she was gone and then after she extended her stay, he could have finished off his freshman year. I get his decision to take a trip after a crappy heartbreak but what's stopping him from re-applying to Wash-U? He would make a great teacher.


Bay most certainly DID put into words how she feels about Emmett. You need to correct that mistake in this review. She cannot be any more clear than saying (and signing): "You know I love you. I never stopped." That's as clear as it gets. And yes, Bay's attachment to Emmett is also clear by how concerned she was about what was happening with Mandy. In the last episode, Tank said to Bay, "Oh, come on, bathroom humor's always a home run with the ladies." Do you really think he is The One for Bay? I sure don't. He will never be her soulmate. Emmett is.

@ Aby

I believe everyone knows that Emmitt is for Bay. They just didn't expect it to happen so soon. They expected them to grow and explore other relationships before finding their way back to each other.

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