Teen Wolf Review: Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves

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All of the speculation and supposition and even the hints within Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 23 didn't adequately prepare for the enormity of the death suffered on the series.

With swords actively slashing at Isaac as he fell to his knees, the woman he loved raised her bow with her newly minted silver arrowhead. And -- as Allison pulled back and released her bow, hitting her target to obliterate the army of Oni the Nogitsune was amassing -- one pierced her in the gut.

Allison Argent died in the arms of her first love.

It's OK. It's OK, it's OK. It's OK, it's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I'll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall.


How did this happen?! Let's take a look back at the episode.

The hour started out hopeful. With Stiles separated from the Nogitsune he was verified by Noshiko's Oni army to be his true self. Stiles recalled something from Eichen House that helped immensely -- that someone who exhibited a lot of behaviors much like Lydia's was housed there. Perhaps she could help.

Coach had a chance to shine and rise up beyond being the dork of the school when he protected Meredith (the Eichen House Banshee) by standing up to old classmates. Did we know his name before tonight? Even so, he prefers Coach. 

Noshiko was trying to teach Kira some new skills by playing the board game Go, where she was acting as the Nogitsune. While it made sense she was attempting to impart on Kira some sense of strategy, it hardly seemed like one game of Go was going to do the trick, especially after hearing everything additional Kira's dad added to the equation. 

Scott learned the "secret" that had been kept from him and if that's all there is to it, all I can say is what a disappointment. On a show where werewolves and kanima are the norm, McCall is concerned because he dropped his son on his head as a toddler. What toddler doesn't fall on their head? It proves how out of touch McCall is with Scott that he thinks that's something that would shake Scott to his core.


Does anybody care about any of this? Let's get back to Allison. 

When she had the moment with Argent, it was prophetic. Taking the time to talk to her father and tell him she loved him was important and pointing out that she never got that time with her mother should have given what was to come away, but I let it roll by.

Sure not to leave fans hanging, Allison and Isaac talked about their night together and whether it was really Isaac or the Nogitsune infused version of him. It was him. He later watched her die; heard her tell her first love that he was her only love as she slipped away.

That's sure to weigh on him, but I don't believe Allison truly meant Scott was her only love. Allison died in the arms of someone arms of one of the most important people in her life. It wasn't the time to be thinking about others, but I don't think it took away from what she had with Isaac. It was just different.

Lydia. Poor Lydia who apparently had a message for her friends to stay away, knowing her friend was going to die learned it was never delivered. She didn't get to say goodbye or tell Allison she loved her. She's left without her best friend. 

Argent arrived on the scene moments after his daughter slipped away, unable to move any closer. What will this do to him?

Will we see Gerard again? With the season finale next week, we're not likely to have a funeral. Is one warranted? Should they have one at the beginning of Season 4? Is Kira a worthy replacement for Allison Argent? 

There are so many questions and so few answers at this point. With one episode the issues concerning Stiles and the Nogitsune drained away, if only for an hour, while the loss of Allison and the hopes for a reconciliation of her and Scott were forever dashed.

Nobody wants to hear that a professional was caught off guard, but I was. Writing this is difficult. I'm unable to find an adequate expression of what Allison's death means to the series going forward because it honestly never dawned on me that Scott or Allison would be considered. 

The hour was relatively sedate and quiet for a series coming upon a season finale. The clues should have been obvious, but while watching Teen Wolf it sometimes becomes a game of searching for what you might be missing rather than what's right in front of you. 

Allison came into Teen Wolf Season 3B with a new purpose -- to protect those cannot protect themselves. No more killing. She and Argent came to an understanding that redefined their relationship. Hopefully his newfound friendship with Derek will help him through the incredibly rough waters he's about to experience.

If you want to remember the best of Allison watch Teen Wolf online to get your fix. Hit the comments and share your thoughts on the hour and be back here next week for what is sure to be an incredible finale.

Did Allison's death come as a surprise to you?

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If you watch season 3 episode 20 ending scene – Shelley Hennig (Malia) will replace allyson… Malia and Scott McCall hmmm.. Cayote and the Wolf together


I accidentally read a spoiler last week that made me sure that Allison was the one going to die, but it still really upset me and I tear up everytime I rewatch the scene or read reviews (esp. Price Peterson's). No one can ever replace her as the non-supernatural warrior princess. I don't get the hate fans give her, actually. But I hope Malia/Shelley Hennig would be a regular in season 4. I'm a big fan of the actress.


i cant believe they killed off a main star !!!


well the joke is on all the loyal teen wolf fans. as per usual the more we get invested in a show and its characters, someone always has to come along and kill off one of the characters that are integral to the storyline. case and point - game of thrones the red wedding. but such is life there are no guarantees. I wonder why we actually still even watch these stories, hoping beyond all hope that it would bring meaning to our lives on this earth. but its futile, because we end up looking like the fools, believing that fairy tales still exist. in truth everyone dies and there is no fairy tale ending for anyone.


I predict a very depressed season 4 , alisson's death is going to affect scott, isaac lydia who they will have a dark aura around them for a very long time , possibly scott or isaac will switch to the dark side and fight each other and scott becomes like peter. Then we have her father mister argent who will go into a killing rampage and start hunting scott and derek again possiply with new hunters and finally stiles is still messed up and will propably be the most depressed of them all because of the things he did , so there will be no one to deliver a humorous line anymore. I wonder where the show can go from this, what's going to be the purpose of season 4 ? the kids are already in a depressed mood due to their sacrifice to nemeton that gave all this darkness in their hearts, now that darkness will never be away. My only hope is to make scott relevant again because ever since becoming an alpha the focus was swithed from wolves to foxes and specifically styles , i would like to see some interaction between scott and his pack or accepting the twins , derek and peter as unofficially members of his pack because now he only has isaac and i doub he will stay by his side for much long. It was nice seeing isaac so compelled by scott as his alpha and now we have nothing


Great episode. I'm sad to see Allison go though. Her death and Lydia, Scott, and her dad's reaction to it had me wiping my face of tears like crazy. Don't even get me started on her moment in Scott's arms. The pain is still raw. I knew someone would die, but I never considered Allison. I just didn't expect the writers/producers to want to kill her off. Now that I know about Crystal's pursuit of other venues it makes sense though. I feel for Lydia, she literally felt her best friend die. So sad. Very powerful episode. Sidenote: I noticed the Sheriff's Deputy say he was drawn to Beacon Hills. I have a feeling he will join will Allison's dad and become a hunter.

@ Kamarra

I'm glad I wasn't the only one that caught that! Either he is going to join the "good guys" or maybe he is a supernatural person that got drawn to Beacon Hills after the tree (Nimutune sp?)? I don't know but I've seen the actor before and will not be surprised if he has a larger role in Season 4...

@ canastia

Agreed, I wanted to ask what sort of supernatural creature are you? lol


@Maxine Oh Okay!! Why? Does she have something else lined up?

@ Tamara

The writers/producers were asked by MTV to have someone die to keep things interesting on the show. When Crystal Reed told them she was looking to leave to pursue other endeavors they thought it made sense for Allison to die.


Really people!! We are talking about replacing Allison. Her body isn't even cold yet! How about them not replacing Allison and just moving forward...


I am at a lost a little. Was the actress Crystal Reed fired. I mean I was watching the after show and it looked like she had nothing planned after this. It also looked like it not only caught the actors but also her off guard?

@ Tamara

She asked to leave when they were filming the start of 3A, she wanted to go on and do other things

@ Tamara

I heard Crystal asked to leave.


I'm only new to the series but have marathoned my way here nonetheless. It's just... if they knew they would be writing her off the show why waste her character on a pointless story with Isaac? Her character didn't really do much else this season. She was once such a strong ass kicking character but her character growth seemed to stop until I guess this final episode. With the loss of Allison - I hope they continue on with even more interesting and capable female characters. I like the character Kira... that electricity scene! :O but yes, the show definitely needs more female characters that are just as competent and layered.

@ -

i agree with you on most things except the allison/isaac storyline... why wouldn't they have written it that way? i know its a show and they knew Crystal Reed was leaving, but if it were real life would she have shied away from all possible relationships? She wouldnt have known she were about to die (obviously) so she would have pursued an attraction nonetheless. I think it made the series more realistic (as realistic as a werewolf show can be ;) ), and the storyline more organic. I hope that isaac isnt over this in an episode or two though... he really needs to struggle with her death coz the writers made it seem like he had really strong feelings for her.

@ simon

For most tv shows when a season starts airing, not all of the episode have finished filming. Most likely Crystal Reed talked to the producers about leaving around the time they started filming season 3B, after they already teased the connection between Issac and Allison, so it made sense for them to see it through instead of scrap the whole idea. Plus they may feel it will make things interesting for Scott and Issac going into the next season.

@ Kamarra

Nope, she went to them at the start of season 3A, so they knew ahead of time

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

It's OK. It's OK, it's OK. It's OK, it's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I'll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall.


Coach: Sweetheart, do you want to tell me what insane asylum you escaped from?
Danny: Coach, insane asylum proper terminology anymore.
Coach: OK. Sweetheart, what nuthouse did you escape from?