The Blacklist Photo Preview: Hunting a Crime Lord

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A dangerous crime lord has escaped from prison. Who can help apprehend him? Red, of course!

Mako Tanida is one of Red's former associates and he's out for revenge after his escape from prison. The FBI and Red work together to find and apprehend him before the crime lord can enact his revenge plans. 

And Jolene's on the move after her meeting with Tom. He confronts her about interfering with his mission. Will Tom's secret identity be safe? Or will Elizabeth find out the horrible truth about her husband?

Check out the official photos for The Blacklist Season 1 episode 16

Team Discusses New Target - Mako Tanida
Red brings the FBI a new target, Mako Tanida, a crime lord.

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Heads up! This show is on fire! NBC hasn't managed something like this in a very long time! I hope they don't screw it up. It's edge of your seat all hour long.