The Good Wife Season 5 Preview: A Lot of Hurt Ahead

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Brace yourselves, Good Wife Fanatics.

There's a whole lot of hurt to come.

So Diane teases in a showdown with David Lee, which is one of many intriguing scenes featured in the following video.

It takes us through the rest of The Good Wife Season 5 and makes it clear that the shocking death of Will Gardner will impact various characters in various ways.

Cary is lashing out. Diane is taking control. A returning Louis Canning is being disrespectful. And Alicia is having a major throwdown with Peter.

Check out a number of upcoming scenes below and then follow this link for your first look at The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 16, aptly titled "The Last Call."

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Good Wife Quotes

Jackie: I know what happened in hour house! I was your housekeeper, you know.
Alicia: I have no idea what that means, Jackie.

Alicia Florrick: The last time I was in Court it was 13 years ago.
Kalinda Sharma: Wow, I was twelve!
Alicia Florrick: Thanks.