The Mentalist Photo Gallery: Undercover Romance

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Jane and Lisbon may never have been under covers together... but the duo will go undercover on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 16.

In a couple weeks, a deadly gang of art thieves has Jane and Lisbon taking unusual measures to bring them to justice - and Jane certainly looks right at home living the good life. 

Jane may end up sleeping on the coach, but that doesn't mean that Teresa won't pay him a visit in the middle of the night. 

Unfortunately, there's a handsome FBI agent in the art squad who takes particular notice of Lisbon...and we're guessing it's not in a professional way.

Check out these photos from Violet," which airs on Sunday, March 30th on CBS.

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Im just glad its lisbon and jane going under cover together and that they didnt have kim go. the two of them need to work together again. I hope we see jealous jane....


why is this site not letting me post my user rating. I love the Mentalist, hate it being on Sunday.


huh.. airs thursday 20th?? its the thursday the 20th today!!


Oh I hope Teresa pays Jane a visit, and personal reasons only. As long as Jane and Lisbon are together, no other obstacle is needed, not even a barrel full.


Yeah I think this is the last season because that sound horrible right there.

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I hate to sound immodest, ma'am but I rarely fail.


He's alive as long as you're alive to remember him. He lives in you. It's a cliche, I know but it's true.