The Mentalist Round Table: "Black Helicopters"

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You know Jane has made inroads with his new FBI team when he can call in the "Black Helicopters" and they actually show up.

TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by The Mentalist fans from Twitter @Nerwen_Aldarion and @SteeleSimz to discuss La Roche's death and why Jane didn't get a present for LIsbon in The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 13.

Gather around the Round Table now and let's dig in!


What do you think of the new team dynamic with Fischer and Abbott?

Robin: I like Abbott a lot, but I'm not really feeling Fischer, to be honest.  I enjoy when Jane needles her, and I cheered when he left her stranded...terrible, I know.

@SteeleSimz:  I personally like both Fischer and Abbott so far and with that being said I feel that the team dynamic is being forced. I feel like the writers are personally trying to maybe get used to like the characters all the while they have stepped away from the original team chemistry. I missed the chemistry that we used to see between Jane, Lisbon and Cho. 

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  I like Fischer and I'm glad to see some insight into her character. Abbot is still more unknown, I'd like to know more about him. 

Christine:  I don't mind Abbott but I feel as though we are being forced fed Fischer and I wish they'd back off a little. I don't dislike her but when I see more of Fischer than Lisbon on screen I'm not happy.

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised by La Roche's death? Will you miss him?

Robin:  I wasn't surprised by it, but it did sadden me. He was one of my favorite secondary characters.  He and Jane had a great dynamic.

​@SteeleSimz:  Surprised....more like still trying to recover from his death. I loved La Roche and loved him through the episode tonight. Those scenes with Rigsby reminded me of old seasons when he was their boss and had to deal with the team and all the problems that they caused. I will miss him because he was a big part of the show and his character was a big soft teddy bear that tried to come off a jackass. Plus he did have one adorable dog. 

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  Not really, it was so similar to what happened with Ardiles that it was painfully obvious where it was going. Sadly this death fell flat and I really wish he'd had a better more personal send off beyond about three minutes of screen time.

Christine: I've always liked La Roche so I was really disappointed to see him go. It felt like they brought him on just because they needed another disposable member of CBI to kill off. Please tell me that Wayne and Grace will take in his little dog.

Why do you think Jane didn't give Lisbon a gift too?

Robin: I think it's because Jane doesn't need to endear himself to or impress Lisbon. She knows him better than anyone else, and their friendship is solid without the gifts at this point.  Besides, she already got a pony!

@SteeleSimz: I think it was left out of the show or it happened off screen. I feel as if the writers were trying to get Jane to bond with the other people who are in life now. Each gift showed something from the person's past, something they loved or believed in. So this maybe was a way for Jane to show that you still need to believe in the magic that is life. 

@Nerwen_Aldarion: First the non shipper answer: it seemed like Jane was using the gifts as a way to encourage better relationships between himself and the team. Even Cho was obviously rather wary and upset with Jane's actions before and after joining the FBI so this was Jane proving he could be trusted and liked, Lisbon didn't have any problems with him so there was no need for a gift.

The shipper answer: This was about getting them what they wanted and Jane knows what Lisbon really wants, honesty about their feelings for each other. Sadly, Jane is still too afraid and/or still deems himself unworthy of giving her that.

Christine: The gifts were meant to make inroads with the rest of the FBI team and they worked, even with Abbott and Fischer. I just wonder how Jane figured out those specific gifts. As for Lisbon, getting closer to her will take a bigger step than a childhood toy and I'm not sure Jane is ready for that. 

Which present was your favorite?

Robin: Absolutely the Mexican jumping beans. I'm a fan of ANYTHING that will get Kimball Cho to smile and show those dimples!

@SteeleSimz: Oh, by far the wand is my favorite present because it surprised Fischer so much. She didn't think she could figure out what she wanted and he did of course. 

@Nerwen_Aldarion:   LOL Cho's because my sister starting freaking out because she had no idea that Mexican Jumping Beans were real.

Christine: I loved how giddy Abbott got over Voltron. He didn't even care that Jane had ditched Fischer because he was so happy. I never expected that.

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Robin: The scene in Abbott's office. Abbott was so happy about his Voltron action figure that he didn't even care Fischer was left stranded.  Then, to add insult to Fischer's injury, Lisbon comes in asking for a helicopter and motorcade for Jane...hilarious.

@SteeleSimz:  Okay I'm going to go with the scene with Rigsby, Van Pelt and La Roche because it so much reminded me of past episodes and him saying "drama free" was perfect since the team has never had a drama free moment. I also loved his look when Van Pelt told him that he owed Jane a favor, one which came at a high price. 

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  In a very boring and disappointing episode, my favorite scene was Lisbon calling the airstream the "Silver Bucket" beyond that the whole episode was forgettable and brought no real progression from the earlier cliff hanger.

Christine: I liked every time Jane checked in with Lisbon or offered her the seat in the Airstream to go with him to the farmers market, even if she didn't accept it. Lisbon is Jane's solid ground in a lot of ways. I only wish we'd had more scenes between the two. 

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I did not like the way the writers brought in the new characters.Fisher annoy me.The writers should have sent Lisbon with Patrick in the investigation.I do not like the way the show or writers are pulling Patrick and Lisbon apart


I liked the comedy of the show but I think the writers showed have made Lisbon go with Patrick in the mobile home.I do not like the character of Fisher. I think the reason the writers wrote for Patrick to give gifts to the new characters was for us to like them.They came in very abruptly and harshly. I well I did not like the way they brought in the new characters.


They have ruined this show. I didn't even finish watching. After I found out about LaRoche I went back and watched the very end. The best part was Rigsby and Van Pelt with LaRoche, felt like old times. Why the writers or creators or whoever felt this team would be better than the old is beyond me. Fisher is just really awful. Abbot is ok, but I miss the chemistry between Rigsby and Cho, I miss the chemistry between the whole team. I am really really disappointed and will probably not watch again this season. What is the point really? Lisbon was practically non existent and yes I want Jane her together, but I can wait until the end of the series, but this is just a mess. I hope Rigsby takes LaRoche's little dog.

@ Lisa

I am extremely upset about LaRoche; I was very fond of his character. And I love the actor who plays him. So I'm kinda hoping it was a red herring (no stupid "red") pun intended, and that he will make it through OK. I already stopped watching Person of Interest once they killed Carter off. What is it with killing all these people. Sheesh.


@sally I think its going to be hard the show kinda of throw their fan base under the bus in favor of the shipper and it made the show so bad that they are now copying three USA network show(Burn Notice,White Collar and Psych). What would be best for the Mentalist is to pull a Dalles and pretend like Jane was sleeping about a world without Red John.


I m sorry to say this but the epi was boring..I don t like Fisher..what the hell..she s the main character or guest star?where s Lisbon?we barely see her..i want the old team back.Jisbooonn!!!


First, can we get some more non-shippers to comment? Not everyone who watches the show is a shipper. It would be nice to hear a more well-rounded view of the show beyond the whole "Jisbon" thing. Personally, think the gift thing was a power play by Jane to show Fischer that his way of doing things works best and that he knows her. She was there when each of the people received their gifts making her wonder why she hasn't received her's. Finally she received it and he was spot on, nice read Jane. Jane didn't give Lisbon a gift because she's already on board with Jane's tactics, no reason to impress her.

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