The Tomorrow People Review: Who Do You Trust?

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Please tell me I wasn’t the only one left in a complete quandary at the end of The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 17.

At the conclusion of The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 16. Stephen had found his father’s body and confronted Jedikiah to ask why he’d lied to him. I never expected that conversation to lead where it did in this episode.

I figured Jedikiah would find some way to smooth-talk his way out of it, but he surprised me when he started opening up instead.

Someone From Her Past

All along, I’ve been hoping that maybe, just maybe, Jedikiah would have some honorable motivation behind everything that he’s done thus far. He just couldn’t be the killer that he appeared to be most of the time, not after seeing glimpses of his humanity.

Lo and behold, Jedikiah opened his mouth and suddenly he was talking about secrets beneath secrets buried so deep so as to keep everyone from Stephen to John safe. It was like me dream come true. He said that the Founder was the one behind everything and that they needed to kill him in order to bring Roger back.

A life for a life. What do you say?


It all made sense, too. The Founder was a powerful guy who had that ugly, devious machine that was designed to use paranormals and turn them into weapons. Of course Jedikiah would want to protect his brother from that and of course he’d have to keep the whole thing a secret from his nephew Stephen and his practically-adopted son John.

All of that worked for me until Stephen and John had the Founder at gunpoint and the man began spouting off a story that made it sound like Jedikiah was the bad guy. The trouble was, both stories made sense, so who do we believe?

You have an enemy, but it is not me.

The Founder

Even in the end, when Stephen found Jedikiah packing up in his office, I wasn’t completely sure if he was the good guy or the bad guy. My heart – the part of me that loves Jedikiah and wants to believe there is good in him – thinks that he was telling the truth. But my head wonders if I too have been fooled.

Your powers make you very strong, but only your humanity can save us.


My favorite bits:

  • Jed telling Stephen about the time Roger saved his life.
  • Finding out that Jedikiah did indeed have a plan for Roger.
  • Cara feeling a breakout similar to Stephen.
  • Jedikiah fighting the Founder by cutting into his own hand. Brilliant.
  • Finding out that Jedikiah engineered John to kill the Founder and bring John back.
  • Russell and his little bucket of popcorn.
  • Jedikiah throwing the pencil at his brother. Such a cute moment.
  • Cara discovering the new breakout was her sister. Whoa.
  • Sophie accidentally jumping in front of a cab.
  • Jedikiah apologizing to John for lying to him. The “kiddo” killed me.
  • Jedikiah telling John that he let the Tomorrow People catch Stephen so they could turn him. WOW.
  • Jedikiah begging John to help him stop the war. Whoa.
  • Russell jumping half out of his skin when he heard Jedikiah’s voice. It is kind of wrong how hard that made me laugh.
  • Russell telling Jedikiah and Tim to stop stroking each other.
  • Stephen and John vs. the Founder’s guards. Fantastic battle.
  • Wait. The Founder is the good guy now? I am so confused.

Who do you trust? Jedikiah or the Founder?


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The founder didn't hold up his end of the deal with Stephen when they traded Cassie for Astrid, he still sent his kill squad out for her. Jedikiah though, his actions contradict themselves. He also told Stephen that he had never lied to him but he had, and he could have just saw that Stephen found out the truth about his dad so he pieced stuff together about Stephen and the TP and made up the story, and used the founder as his scapegoat. But then again, the founder just "accidentally" pushed that bullet towards his daughter, then cried when he has done worse to her before? If I was about to get killed I would try to talk my way out of it too


I would trust neither of them, however it is easier to eliminate the founder from the picture, not only is he hard to find and get close to, but he has vast potential powers, Jed on the other hand is easily accessible and only human, he can be monitored with more caution and they still have Morgan as a bargaining chip, should Jeds motives be shown in a negative light. whereas the TP no longer have leverage over the founder with the death of his daughter.


I really don't know who to trust, jed has shown a variety of emotions, he says he loves his brother, he never really hurt him, he claims to love morgan, and we've always seen him to actually care for her, there's been only one exception when he felt morgan in his head and tried to sorra manhandle her into telling what she was actually doing, but no harm was actually done, thanks to john, but I don't think he would have actually killed her anyway; and then there is the founder, who in last night's episode claimed to have actually been on the tomorrow people's side all this while, but if he really was then why take away their powers, and hunt 'em down, and why hurting his own daughter who also is (now was) a tomorrow person, not to mention a nice one? And he damn well could have stopped the bullet, but he instead push it towards her, and she died.
So I don't really know whom to believe since both their stories sound believable, but I'm more inclined to believe jed


Why did the founder deflect the bullet. Stephen's mother froze a hail of bullets in place and his father did the same thing with Jed. In both cases the bullets fell to the ground. Cara's sister needs to wear that bracelet full time which will infringe on her costumes.
I really like this show and hope it is returned.


We know very little about the Founder. It's hard to judge how trustworthy to find anything he says. We know far more about Jedikiah - though, to be fair, it's a bit difficult to figure him out, too, given the incredible layers of deception he's woven. On the other hand, it could be that neither Jed nor the Founder is telling the truth. Or, at least, the whole truth. All that being said, I'm far more inclined to believe Jed. Is there an element of jealousy and envy regarding his brother's powers? I'm sure there is, but one thing is clear: Jed is protecting Stephen. Jed also took a Tomorrow Person lover, potentially risking his life. The Founder, meanwhile, as others have pointed out, has demonstrated that he is untrustworthy and doesn't care about human lives. "Saps", indeed. Side note: Has anyone considered that Jed might be a Tomorrow Person, too? Could his abilities simply be turned inwards instead of outwards? We've seen that he's extremely skilled at blocking telepathic probes, for instance, even those of the Founder. Just a thought.

@ Dreamrose

Blood or water blocks the telepathic connection he took a tiny risk. Jed isnt a TP


My only question is when is CW going to renew this show for a second season? Practically all the other shows have been renewed. If they don't get on it quick it's going to make me think the show will be cancelled. I really hope we don't end the season with a cliffhanger and then never get a resolution. Also we finally found out that The Founder's name is Bathory.


Loved this episode. I'm not sure who to trust so I trust neither. What both I them said sounded like the truth but they've both done many things to make us not trust them. Whenever I hear there's going I be a new breakout I hope that it will be Cara's sister I'm so happy it finally happened I've been waiting for this since we found out she had a sister. I'm upset that Cassie died I liked her and was hoping she'd stick around for awhile. Russell's reaction to when Jedikiah came into the lair was funny. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


I don't trust either one of them. I wish one of the TP could get in their heads to see, but that would take all the fun out of the story the writers have created for us. This was a great eppi from start to finish. I was pleasantly surprised the breakout was Cara's sister. The only part I hated was Cassie's death. I wanted her to stick around to help the TP. My favorite parts: Astrid and Cara's sister time together.
Jed opening up to Stephen
Jed finding out Stephen's mother is TP.
Cara finding her sister.
Astrid helping Cara and her sister to help Stephen


devil you know. what The founder did that to his daughter did not keep his word about astrid


I wouldn't trust either of them to be honest and I wouldn't be surprised if there is some truth to what each other says about the others.

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Sophie: We were seconds away from being road kill. How are you so calm?
Cara: Practice

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A life for a life. What do you say?