The Vampire Diaries Review: Oh, Hell

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Let's get this out of the way up front:

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 has run out of new stories to tell.

There was very little plot to the latest installment, with the entire hour dedicated to luring Katherine to the Salvatore mansion in order to kill her. Once and for all. Seriously. For good this time. They mean it.

And while the ending was unexpected and beautifully executed (more on that in, like, half a minute), where did it leave us?

With Katherine dead (a storyline point that's been teased to, well, death for years now) and with Elena injected with the Ripper Virus, meaning we now get to see her act like Damon has been acting (times werewolf) and now will witness yet another character deal with some sort of odd transformation.

There was Matt with Gregor inside him... Stefan struggling with PTSD... Damon going all Ripper... Katherine being Elena... this season has been a constant loop of characters acting out of character for one reason or another. 

We're in desperate need of a new twist here, of raised stakes, of a new villain. You can't come quickly enough, Markos!

(Quick nit to pick: Wouldn't Bonnie have known Katherine was never really dead because she never passed through her? This is clearly why the writers kept Bonnie away for so many weeks... but wouldn't her friends have expected her to go running to them with a high-five or something once Kat went to The Other Side? Wouldn't they have checked with her to make sure Kat was a goner?)

Okay. Sorry. The general complaining portion of this review is now over and we can focus on this episode purely for what it was... because it was extremely well done.

We got to hang out with our favorite heroes and heroines and listen to them playfully banter with each other (don't worry, Katherine used a calculator) and not-so-playfully taunt each other (You're a joke, Damon/Says the guy pining for the girl who slept with Klaus.)

The Katherine-Nadia farewell was touching, perfectly acted and expertly made viewers feel sympathy for the vampire who was about to finally die.

And Katherine's goodbye to everyone? What is there to even say?!?

  • Matty Blue Eyes is the "best night she never had."
  • Bonnie, she'll see on the "flip side."
  • She really did make Caroline better by turning her.
  • Damon will see her in Hell.

And apparently he really will.

It was a bit strange and a bit forced to have her talk to Bonnie before departing (is this what happens to all supernaturals? We know they pass through Bonnie, but they can just dilly and dally and chatter away until then?), but then it was a bit AWESOME to see her sucked away.

Producer Caroline Dries has confirmed that Katherine was taken to a "dark" place and that she isn't coming back.

It's a bold move, considering how TVD focused so much on Katherine over the past several episode, seemingly trying to redeem her. 

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 made it clear: not even all the snark in the world can save a lying, manipulating murderer who will do anything to survive. It can't save her from an eventual death - or from a very dark, permanent fate.

Heed that lesson, readers, and, in closing, heed this one, Caroline: You made some decent points in your speech and all. But saying you made a mistake merely "weeks" ago - especially when that mistake entails scorching hot forest sex with the hybrid who killed your ex's mother - isn't exactly a strong defense.

So... what did everyone else think of this outing? Are you shocked Katherine is actually gone? Happy? Relieved? In stunned silence over how it went down?

Are you glad Katherine is dead?

We have two weeks now to let it sit in and, in the meantime, check out this promo for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 16:


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I love Katherine's character so so so much but I also missed Elena a lot and I wish if there was any why to get Elena back without killing Katherine but it's not so I guess we must say R.I.P Katherine or wait we can't say that either because what ever that thing that suck her in ,it doesn't sound like peace , and it's kind of weird ,I mean we can't call it hell because the other side isn't the heaven either.
I am Statherine's fan but I found that Stefan the one who stab Katherine is very convenient because when he thought that she's gonna die he want the peace for her ,and he kind of give her that when he raise the bad memories from her head and tell her that she deserve to feel peace ,and after every thing he did to her ,she lied to and took advantage of his feelings for Elena to her own benefit and I think that must really hurts him.
I loved Katherine and Nadia's scenes ,it was very touchy.
And what a nasty way to kill Dr. Wes but he kind of deserve it . And I realized some thing this episode ,that the most or maybe all the new characters in season 5 are dead :
Megan, Sails, Katsia, Amara, Jesse, Aron, Nadia and Wes .
I just hope that Enzo survive until the season finale at least because I WANT MORE OF DENZO .


I bet whatever you want that Katherine didn't go to hell. That was an open ending to bring her back in the future.
I cried for Nadia, it was a really emotional scene. But it's this season I have problem with. Unless the wrap everything in the finale making sense of all the storylines, otherwise what a waste. All characters are not themselves, plot is all over the place and story archs just end abruptly and pointlessly ... Let's keep on whatching and see where we go ...

Sarah silva

Such a great episode!
So many great one liners!
This was probably one of my favorite episodes.
Glad that Bonnie and Jeremy were back.
I am also happy that Katherine is dead and Elena is back. I know many others do not feel the same way and that is fine, but I am an Elena fan.
I guess Katherine did so much bad in her many lifetimes that she was not allowed into heaven. Very fitting for Katherine as she loved to raise hell and now she is in hell.
Caroline used the calculator NOT Katherine!


Caroline has been such a hole in the butt about the entire klaus/tyler situation. She sleeps with his arch nemesis, goes to a party at his house and talks about how great the betrayal sex was, refuses to leave when he doesn't want to talk to her afterwards, gets pissy when he says they can't be friends after this, calls him out for killing Nadia (conveniently leaving out that she got bit while he was saving Caroline's ungrateful behind), and then tells him it's time to get over it because SHE'S done feeling guilty.
Part of "living with your choices" is being held accountable for your actions, actions which effect other people's lives. Telling tyler to "get over it or get out of her life" because she doesn't want to look at the mess she made anymore is as far away from that philosophy as it gets.


Great episode AND a return to form for the Vampire Diaries. Still, it wasn't perfect. I HATE the way they arbitrarily ended the Augustine storyline. They should have thought it through more, and made them more of an actual threat. LOVE the way Katherine went to Hell at the end. That was the perfect ending for that character, although I'm a bit surprised other characters didn't end up there too (such as Kol, Ketsia, etc).


I agree. Should the same thing be for people on heaven. Jenna and Alaric should went to heaven because they kill when they were vampire. Jenna was a vampire for a second before she died.


SO glad Katherine's finally dead and gone... but then I was only ever able to tolerate her in small doses anyway. Somehow I just feel like Nina doesn't do dark side very well... I've always found it inexplicably annoying when she tries. This show could use a major female villain that isn't Nina, actually... don't think they've done that yet. But presumably Markos is a guy... next season maybe? Jury's still out on that whole pulled-off-into-darkness thing - it was either really dumb or really interesting, depending on whether it gets followed up. (And holy hell - sorry for all those ellipses. Kind of a stream-of-consciousness thing. :p)


I love how no one even mentions Wes, one of the main villains this season, being brutally killed by Damon. I guess no one liked him anyway.
Katherine's one liners before getting stabbed are the best. This scene was one of TVD's best.
I'm SO sad Katherine is gone. But that was her time.
PS can someone explain to me how someone can hate karherine? You just can't but love her character


Are you glad Katherine is dead? Is she really dead? Where did she go? Sadly I bet she is not dead.


I hated this episode. The only beautiful thing was Kat and Nadia. Stephen being the one to kill Kat was just cruel but then again TVD always likes to make Stephen take the shit while Damon is idolized always. Tyler needs to leave MF it makes no sense that he always gets knocked around, I mean c'mon he was Klaus's first hybrid. For Elena to just come back and be all over Damon is ridiculous. They all sit there and judge Kat yet they used her own daughter as hostage. Ridiculous, don't even get me started on how Kat "died".


I liked the episode and what they did with kathrine injecting Elena at the ending I think andi was pointless with out kathrine but I hated the ending I really hate what they did with Katharine's death it was the stupidest thing they have ever done kathrine is NO worse then any other one of them that has died and if the producers are trying to defend this by saying she took the cure so she was no longer super natural there for when she died she did go to the other side she went to hell that is just as stupid because regardless of the cure or not she is still and will always be a doppelgänger there for will always be super natural they really should have put a lot more thought into that ending because it was just stupid and I really hate that Stephen killed her as well I really thought that the two of them were really starting to genuinely really have feeling for one another
This episode was just a real let done for me

@ Amber

Where did you hear the writers say that's why she didn't cross over because she was human??? I can't believe it. That's ridiculous. They are just making shit up as they go along. She was a doppelgänger AND a Traveler which means she was supernatural.

@ Amber

That was suppose to say I thought Nadia was pointless without kathrine so killing her of was a good choice

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